Coffeefied Green Monster

Today’s breakfast = A coffeefied green monster!

A green monster isn’t complete without the key ingredient…


I added two large handfuls to my smoothie, which changed the color to the nasty Army-green color that we all know and love.

Lots o' Leaves

Fresh Spinach

My smoothie contained:


Filled Up

The J Cup Means this Smoothie is Mine πŸ˜‰


Bridesmaid Dress Thank Yooou

Thank you all for your compliments on my bridesmaid dress selection.

The process of selecting the dress was a long one that had me feeling a little anxious. I wanted to pick a beautiful, classy dress that everyone would feel comfortable and confident in, which is so much easier said than done.

I hope all of my bridesmaids like the dress and feel beautiful on my big day!

Also, for those of you who expressed concern about the color, I held the cashmere-colored dress up to my bridal gown and I promise the color looks deep and doesn’t look white at all when compared to my ivory gown. My bridesmaids will carry bouquets of yellow, gold, white and ivory flowers which will brighten the look a bit as well.Β  Have no fear, it won’t look like there are seven brides at the alter. πŸ˜‰

Question of the Day

  • In your opinion, what is the most memorable part of a wedding?

I always remember the ceremony and the exchange of vows. I get weepy every time. I just love love. πŸ˜€

34 Responses

  1. I make my green monsters with coffee and whey too. I add bee pollen too. YUM!!

  2. The exchange of vows gets me EVERY TIME too! I could be at a wedding for 2 strangers and still get teary eyed!
    For me, the most memorable part of my wedding was the 5 minutes that Jay and I stepped aside right in the middle of everything that was happening, and just took it all in. Watching all of those people, there to celebrate US…it was such an overwhelming/ exciting/ emotional moment.
    Julie, make sure you guys do that too! Step back and take it ALL in! πŸ™‚

  3. To be honest, there are a few things that I remember about my wedding but mostly it was a blur. You’re just so excited and there are so many people, the whole thing flies by and it’s hard to remember it all. The most memorable for me was the moment right before I started walking down the aisle–and then when I finally got to my husband.

  4. the bridesmaid dresses are BEAUTIFUL!!!! what color shoes will they be wearing?!?! I cant wait to see it all come together

    coffee in the green smoothie is a fabulous idea!! i will never turn down a cuppa joe πŸ™‚

  5. My favorite parts of a wedding are cocktail hour and the introduction of the bridal party and newly married couple.

  6. Most memorable:
    The hubs and I both laughed so hard we could barely contain ourselves when it was time to say “in sickness and in health.” No clue why we laughed, other than that the stress was finally leaving because we were nearing the end of the ceremony. But honestly, being a fiance is so fun, and getting ready with your girlfriends the day of your wedding!!!

  7. I always remember the first dance. The bride and groom always smile and look SO in love.

    I love the photos of my husband’s and my first dance. Such happiness and love plastered on our faces.

  8. My favorite part of a wedding is when the bride walks in for the first time. I will immediately look at the groom…I love seeing his face!

  9. I always remember when the father gives the bride away-nothing like that very moment! Best of luck to you and yours

  10. I always remember when the father gives the bride away-nothing like that very moment! Best of luck to you and yours.

  11. The part I remember most about my wedding was leaving in the limo. It felt like a dream. Everyone stood outside with sparklers, it was amazing.

  12. The first dance is always my favorite part! You can always see the couple whispering to each other and I picture them saying something about how much they love each other or they’re so happy or they can’t believe all of this is real. It seems like that might be their very first chance to be by themselves for a moment and it’s so sweet!

  13. I was recently married in April and the most memorable part was when my husband and I managed to step back for a minute at the reception and just observe the whole occasion and really take it in. It was unbelievable to be with eachother and look around at all of the people who we love most in the world surrounding us and sharing in our special day. A friend of mine told me prior to the wedding that we need to make sure to take the time to soak it all in, and I am really glad that we did. πŸ™‚ Honestly, the whole day was a blur…but it was amazing. I cannot listen to Taylor Swift’s “Today Was a Fairytale” without recalling my wedding. You will be a gorgeous bride and the dress you chose for your bridesmaids is beautiful! I put my girls in J. Crew dresses because I also wanted them to feel pretty. πŸ™‚

  14. I think the most memorable part of a wedding is the first dance. It is usually a very tender moment between the new couple and that song is theirs forever. I still cry when I hear Crazy Love and one of my favorite pics from our wedding is us danceing and I have my head on his shoulder and both of our eyes are closed. It was our moment.

  15. the most memorable part is probably the first dance and/or the recession (I think anyway) πŸ™‚ i can’t wait to see the photos of y’alls wedding!

  16. How’s the SBux Via?? I’ve been curious, but not enough to actually go out and buy one…. haha awesome.

  17. My sister had bridesmaid dresses that were a cashmere/champagne color, and they looked SO pretty with her dress! They really complimented the white nicely and the whole overall effect was very classy!

    I am dying to add coffee to my GMs, but every time I make one, I forget until it’s too late!

  18. The last wedding I went to the priest did a really awesome homily about the bride and groom and questions he asked them and made them answer separately and then talked about their answers. It was super personal to them and we all cried.

  19. the dress is BEAUTIFUL !! oh, maybe it’s the person wearing it… πŸ˜‰

    really a great choice, I’d love that dress.

    I keep meaning to put coffee into my green monsters! ah, early morning autopilot…

    my favorite part of a wedding? one would be the vows GAAH gets me each and every time!! and second, the party. I love when the bride & groom can kinda ‘relax’… and enjoy… and it’s always very festive and fun.

  20. Okay, here is by far the MOST unforgettable moment of the entire day!
    You are going to be crazy all day. A mess of emotions. Most of it will be a blur and as hard as you try to savor every single moment. it’s truly a whirl win. But the best and most amazing moment of the entire day will be the minute before you begin to walk down that aisle. Your heart will be racing, you might start to hyperventilate (like I did) but the very second you look across the room at your groom staring at your beauty, with tears in his eyes, you will connect and just know that everything is going to be perfect! It’s indescribable!

  21. A lot of it is a blur. For me, the most memorable moment was getting up to the altar and finally seeing and taking my future husband’s hand. Our priest even commented that once I reached him and took his hand, my nerves seemed to melt away.

  22. I’m getting married in August; only 80 days away so I loved seeing what the most memorable moment is for everyone. It definitely seems like it’s just one single moment that stands out to someone and everything else it just a blur…which is exactly why we got a videographer to capture the moments I might forget.

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  24. What was the verdict on the coffee GM? Good? I’m planning to make a coffee smoothie today: 1/2 banana, chocolate, soy milk, instant espresso powder + a few choco chips – yum.

  25. This is such a great idea! I dont drink coffee but I love the flavour…hmmmm…..

  26. I think the most memorable part of the wedding is everyone turning to watch the bride walk down the aisle!

  27. I thought I was the only one who would put coffee in a smoothie! I have been known to do it with my fruit smoothies, though, and my friends often give me a hard time about it. They think its weird… but I’m like, it’s good! Lol. I will definitely try this green-fruit-coffee fusion you got going on here.

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  29. I’m so behind on reading! I can’t tell you how beautiful you looked in your bridesmaid dress picture! I think the dress is beyond gorgeous- as are you! I would wear and buy that dress on my own, and I think they will look stunning in them! It’s a dress they will wear again and again- it’s elegant, classy, timeless and just beautiful! Your wedding should be in a magazine! Everything you have pictured so far look amazing! Do you have your cake yet?

  30. Regarding Smoothie:

    Regarding Wedding Question:
    Best part was the ceremony itself. Saying the vows, and knowing that was the exact place on earth I wanted to be more than anywhere else at that exact moment.

    • haha – the smoothie isn’t for everyone. πŸ˜‰

      p.s. please tell your wife to come read your comment. i think you’ll win some major brownie pts. for that one.

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