Lesson Learned

One should not indulge in happy hour after drinking only 20 ounces of water throughout the day, the night before going for a long run in the morning.

Lesson learned.

After work yesterday I headed out to happy hour with some of my coworkers.

(For those of you who follow me on Twitter, and are wondering if I took my greaseball hair out in public, oh yes I definitely did…


My hair was so greasy yesterday, I swear I was a brunette.)

Annnnyway, at happy hour, I only had two drinks and was home by 9:30 p.m., but I think the alcohol coupled with the lack of water in my system left me quite dehydrated.

The Run

This morning, I leashed up Sadie to conquer a 6 mile run, the first “long run” of my half marathon training plan.

For the first mile and a half, I felt fine. Strong and solid.

Around the two mile mark, a light cramp set in. By 2.2 miles, the cramp was debilitating and I had to walk. I walked for three minutes or so before attempting to run again. Major cramp again. 😦

This pattern went on for another 10 minutes or so, before I finally threw in the towel on this run and walked home.

Here are our stats for the 6-mile run that never was:

Not Quite 6...

Crampy Camper


I was really disappointed because I know that with the proper fuel and adequate hydration, the cramping would not have been an issue.

You live and you learn.

I am glad this happened to me right at the start of my training, because I now know how important it is to make the effort to drink a lot of water the day before a run. Noted. 😀


As I finished up my pseudo-run, Ryan was arriving home from the gym. We took Sadie on a quick one-mile walk before heading home for breakfast.

I made both of us egg sandwiches on honey wheat bread with spinach and roasted red pepper hummus.

Open-Faced Sandwich



Ryan and I both really liked the combination of flavors from the eggs and hummus. The pop of green color from the spinach made it look extra purdy, too!

Saturday Morning Breakfast

My Plate


Giveaway Winners

Thank you so much to all of you who entered the Monterey Pasta Company giveaway yesterday!

The winners are:

  • Sarah Jayne “I don’t discriminate when it comes to pasta- I chow it ALL! Except puttanesca. HATE olives!”
  • Kelocity “I could seriously live off of pasta. I really love any kind of pasta in a sweet tomato sauce. With a little fresh Parmesan on top. I was in heaven when I went to Italy on vacation. It never gets old!”
  • Kelly B. “I’m a simple girl and LOVE meaty marinara sauce with angel hair pasta! But, I’d have to say my all-time favorite is lasagna! My mom and grandma make the best! Now I’m hungry…”
  • Gabriela “My favorite pasta dish goes way back to my childhood- Pastina with butter!!”
  • Gina G. “I’m bad but I have 3 favorites… my momma’s unhealthy alfredo bowtie pasta, spinach ravioli’s in my mom’s delicious soup, and my grandma’s meat sauce pasta with meatballs and a hard boiled egg on top!”

Congratulations!!! Please email me at pbfingers@gmail.com with your mailing address so I may send you your coupon for a free Monterey Pasta Company product of your choice! 😀

25 Responses

  1. Like you said, good thing you learned it now, early on before it can really affect your race. NBD, go at it again tomorrow 🙂

  2. Cramps are my problem with running as well. I’m just starting out, but I remember getting them during sports in high school too. I have no clue why, because I drink water like crazy during the day. Maybe I’m just crampy, but I hope it goes away with time.

  3. First, “Crampy Camper” cracked me up. Second, I want to make your breakfast for my lunch today. Third, I don’t even think your hair looks bad at all. Do you do the “sprinkle baby powder in my hair to sop up grease” thing? I totally do! It works for light-colored haired individuals. 🙂

  4. I have recently found the super duo of hummus and egg. I put either roasted red pepper or spinach artichoke hummus on my egg whites or when I do poached egg on toast and LOVE it!

  5. eggs and hummus! I never would have put those two together but that sounds wonderful! Sorry to hear about your run- I hate when that happens! Good for you for listening to your body

  6. hmmm that’s an interesting idea to wear your Garmin on the inside of your wrist. I got mine semi recently & haven’t found it to be extremely comfortable so I think I will try that. When is your 1/2?
    Also, I am a blonde as well but always feel like a brunette when my hair gets greasy!

    • i totally agree. it is so big & bulky. i really like wearing it on the inside of my wrist b/c i feel like it’s more protected & doesn’t look like i’m carrying a calculator on my wirst. 😉 i’m doing the chicago rock ‘n’ roll half on aug. 1.

  7. I wondered a little bit about that when you mentioned happy hour and then a run. But like you said, lesson learned! And you can always do better next time. =)

  8. oh man, i had major cramps yesterday too for my run; hopefully today will be better!

    like you said, lesson learned, next time will be better!

  9. Ah that is disappointing. Sometimes ya just gotta listen to your body and wait til next week. I’m sure you’ll conquer the 6 miler next saturday!

  10. i missed my 6 mile run today too expect that was because of thunderstorms! o well, next time right? :0)

  11. Aww, sorry about your run, but at least you figured that out now instead of later when it could have really affected your training! Hah, I washed my hair this morning for the first time since Sunday. You know its summer when you forget to wash your hair for a week…

  12. I was having some of the same problems this morning…but mine was also coupled with extreme heat and humidity. I barely finished. No worries though, you’ll get the training in!

  13. Ahh yay so I excited I won! My family will be happy as well, I’m sure 🙂 I’ve psyched myself out for so many runs by not sleeping enough/drinking too much, etc, and then my best runs always happen when I’m least expecting them. You’ll get that six miler done and rock it! Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

  14. I had two drinks last night also, my run this morning as not as lovely as I would have hoped. I’m blaming the humidity tho.

  15. I am proud of you for not beating yourself up over the run and just moving on with your day! 🙂

  16. Your breakfast sandwiches look DELISH! 🙂
    I’m also a big fan of the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo…works awesome!

  17. I’m sorry about your run! At least you know now! 😀
    I was just wondering: what program are you using this time for your half?

  18. I’m sorry your run wasn’t good, but I guess that every mistake is useful, if we learn something from it 🙂
    love your sandwich today!

  19. sorry about your run… at least it will help you prepare better for the next one! no one’s perfect either.. sometimes even the best runners have off-days.

    cute sports bra! and holy ABS 😉

  20. Great Sammie combo!

  21. That egg sandwich looks divine! 🙂


  22. […] learning that happy hour coupled with not drinking enough water the day before a long run is a recipe for disaster, I made sure to hydrate properly yesterday and – wouldn’t you know – it made a […]

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