Who Wears Short Shorts?

Not me.

I seriously hate the way I look in shorts. I avoid shorts like the plague and only make an exception for running shorts because it’s too hot to wear anything else while running outside in Florida.

I always evnvied the girls who would prance around in itty bitty shorts and look so cute and carefree. Daisy Dukes? Ummm, no thanks.

Last week while chatting with Meghann over dinner, I mentioned my aversion to shorts. She said she loves shorts and wears them all the time. I instantly felt envious and thought about the three pairs of shorts I bought last summer with my mom and sister in an attempt to triumph over my hatred for the silly half-pants.

This morning, I dug a simple pair of brown J.Crew shorts out of the back of my closet and slipped them on. My first thought? “Ugh, these are terrible.”

My second thought? “Get over yourself. They’re fine.”

Ahhh! Shorts! Run for Cover!

I hated the negative thoughts that ran through my head when I put these shorts on. (I even look a little stressed in the above picture!)

Sure, I could easily toss the shorts aside and put on some jeans or a skirt and feel more confident, but I am determined to wear these shorts with pride today. My appearance and how I look in shorts does not define me.

There are some days when no matter what we put on, we feel unattractive. I think that we should get a free pass to wear sweatpants to work on those days. “Sorry boss, feelin’ a little bloated today. Hope you understand.” πŸ˜‰

I think everyone has some kind of clothing or trend they avoid because they just don’t feel right in it. I think that’s completely okay and totally normal, but I also think most of the negative thoughts are in our own heads. Today I am determined to overcome my negative thoughts about how I look in shorts.

Is there a trend or certain type of clothing you avoid? Is there something you used to avoid wearing but have now made peace with and will wear again?

Though shorts are something I steer clear from wearing most days, you will never catch me in high-wasted pants. I tried them on at Express once and had an instant granny booty (You know, the booty that appears to go on for daaaays? Not cute.).


Enough of the shortie shorts talk and on to brefkist (as a kid I used to babysit for would say).

Chococlate PB + Apples + Yogurt

Today’s morning meal featured a cup of Greek yogurt topped with a fresh chunks of apple and a dollop (<– love that word) of chocolate PB2.

Thursday (Oh My Gosh, It's Already Thursday!) Breakfast

Sweet, Salty, Crunchy, Smooth

Stirred, Not Shaken

This combo was tasty!

Shockingly enough, I do not like peanut butter stirred into my Greek yogurt (blasphemy, I know), but the chocolate PB2 was a whole nother story!



Ooooh yoga, why did I hate you for so long?

In just one short month, I went from yoga hater to yoga craver. So weird, but so lovely. Now that I make sure to pay attention to my body and do the poses as they feel right for me, I find yoga challenging, soothing and relaxing. I leave a class feeling like my body is grateful for what I just put it through.


This morning my workout included a yoga class (the most challenging one I’ve taken to date), as well as 10 minutes on the stair master and 20 minutes on the elliptical with the latest issue of Shape magazine.

Special Day

Today is a special day for someone in my family! Stay tuned for a birthday shout out at lunch time… πŸ™‚

72 Responses

  1. Cute outfit! I love wearing shorts too… I have a hard time finding jeans that fit just right but shorts always fit. Plus I like my legs- even though they aren’t perfect they look pretty good from running if I do say so. On the other hand, cap sleeves or wide shoulder tank tops make me self-conscious of my arms. We all have our “things” but good for you to try the shorts anyway!

  2. You look great in your shorts:-) I only wished I looked as cute as you!! Today is my first wedding shower!! YAY, I can’t wait!

  3. For some reason, I’ve always loved shorts.
    But something I’m really weird about: necklaces. Chunky ones. I love them on other people but I feel like “chunky necklaces” = “chunky cheeks” on me. And yes, it’s probably all in my head, but it’s the one thing I’m not wild about on myself.

    • awww… yes, i think it’s probably all in your head! πŸ™‚ still, we all have something we feel funny wearing!

  4. I never wear shorts. 99% of them literally do not fit my thighs, and if they do, are too big around my waist. I live in skirts and dresses. πŸ™‚

  5. haha with your adorable body you should ALWAYS wear short shorts πŸ˜‰ life’s too short lol

    i used to HATE jean jackets in high school (loved them as a kid/tween) and now i am starting to like them again

  6. You look adorable – as always! I hate shorts also. I used to wear them when I was smaller, but now that I’ve gained weight, I actually don’t have ANY shorts. I do have shorts for working out and running, but that’s it. In the summer I stick to sun dresses and skirts.

  7. I am the SAME way with shorts! I have a long torso and shorter legs, so I’ve always felt weird and uncomfortable in shorts.

    I did buy like 4 pairs last year so I need to dig em’ out and wear em’ proudly πŸ™‚

    You look great in your outfit!!! You have nothing to be worried about, you’re adorable.

    • yessss – i have an abnormally long torso (seriously, my dr. said i should be like 6 ft. tall if i was proportional), so i’ve always felt like my legs look stubby in shorts!

      • How funny — I have a short torso and super long limbs, and I’ve always been so jealous of girls with long torsos! I guess we always want what we can’t have πŸ™‚

  8. I thought I was the only yoga hater out there! I might have to give it another try. If you can wear shorts, well, I should break out and try yoga again:)

  9. I never wear shorts, either. They make me feel fat. My husband always asks, “When are you going to wear shorts?” once the weather starts warming and says I’m nuts but I feel like my thighs are ginormous. That, and I get self conscious about them being so short. They make them SHORT now.

  10. Hey Julie, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now … and see, I myself envy YOU as you look just grrrrrreat in a bikini!
    This is MY type of clothing I try to avoid (next to shorts :-)) as I absolutely do NOT like my legs. I am naturally on the slimmer side (thanks, mom and dad & thanks healthy food that I love to eat)but inherited my dad’s rather not so pretty leg shape and length … very stumpy and not very woman-like.
    And the worst thing for me is to run around in a bikini as there is no way to hide my legs at all!

    Yoga definetely has helped!! It gives me the feeling that I am stretching my legs, making them more toned and slimmer … and I simply HAVE TO embrace my legs there … standing strength hello?! πŸ˜‰

    So when I went to Turkey on holiday – I decided to walk around the beach and the pool in a bikini!! No shorts, no skirt to hide those stumpy legs … actually felt quite liberating after a few days!

    Well, let me say it again: You have awesome legs and should definetely show them off in your shorts! πŸ™‚

    chocolaty hello from Germany!

  11. I avoid board shorts or bermuda shorts. I feel like they somehow enlarge the size of my calfs. The apple-chocolate-yogurt mix looks Ah-Mazing!

  12. I really admire you for fighting your negative thoughts and wearing shorts today (which look very cute, by the way!). Way to go! πŸ™‚

    I avoid low cut shirts, revealing tank tops, and backless tops like the plague. I am super self-conscious about the moles on my back and look like a 5-year-old when I wear low cut shirts if you know what I mean! πŸ˜‰

  13. I can’t stand myself in shorts either and much prefer skirts or dresses! I think we all have a piece of clothing that we’d rather not wear!

  14. I don’t like shorts much either. I have muscular legs and I think most shorts are made for women with stick-thin legs and shorts on me end up looking too tight on my thighs. I have a few pairs that I think are “looser” and don’t look too terrible, but I am very much a capris girl.

  15. OK that explains your endless number of cute dresses! =)
    1. You look GREAT in shorts, so hush that brain of yours. πŸ˜‰
    2. You get to wear shorts to work? I’m jealous!
    3. High-waisted pants do that to ALL butts. Ick.
    4. We are opposite – I have always been weird about dresses because I like my clothes fitted and have this thought that dresses make my bottom half look bigger than it is because they usually flow out. Or I think they make me look pregnant a tad (I hate flowy tops for hte same reason!) BUT I’ve bought 4 sundresses lately and am detemined to embrace them. =)

    • my work environment is very casual – i’m a lucky girl! πŸ™‚ & i totally agree about the flowy tops. i always think they’re cute, but they definitely make me look preggo so i avoid them, too.

  16. everyone has “those days” but i think your outfit looks cute! i think everyone looks different in shorts (or jeans, or shirts for that matter) but wearing whatever it is with confidence is key!

  17. I’m not a shorts girl either. I, too, wear them to workout and have no problem with those for some reason. I am only 5 feet tall and for some reason I think shorter shorts make me look squatty. I tend to go for skirts when its warm out, but I will wear shorts occasionally.

  18. You look fantastic in shorts, it’s funny how the mind can skew things isn’t it!

    I’ll never catch myself in a strapless top, I just hate my shoulder and decollte region, which is a shame really now it’s sunny!!

    I hear you on highwasted trousers though!


  19. You should wear shorts simply for the fact that you’re allowed to wear them to work!! Lucky girl! Also you look great πŸ™‚

    I avoid anything that clings too much to my stomach. It is seriously the only part of my body that I’m self conscious about – even though I know it’s mostly in my head!

  20. another fun post . i have to admit (i dont comment much) but love your fun posts.

  21. I absolutely stay away from anything that would cut my apple shape wrong. Since my legs are great, I love shorts, but a lot of them are SOOO short. Short shorts? Not for me.

  22. You rock those shorts! They look great on you. I love shorts; I don’t wear anything else (besides breeches for horseback riding) from May to September! But I do hate skinny jeans. I hate the feeling of them clinging to me! It makes me claustrophobic.

  23. Not much of a shorts girl. I always like my shorts to be a little longer, and then I love em!

    You look cute, so shut that brain up!

  24. I use to avoid shorts for a long time also. I always felt like my thighs were to big and i had bad cellulite. Now the cellulite has lessened with good diet and consistant workouts and so have my thighs. I still have dimples but who doesnt right? I think as ive gotten older ive learned to let go of the silly things and just be happy. Last summer i wore shorts to the gym for the first time ever and i LOVE my legs! They are my favorite body part.. So now im a huge Short wearer. I still prefer the longer boyfriend esk shorts tho. Im not into cheek cleavage.

  25. I LOVE shorts but not daisy duke shorts! haha! I hate my legs too…but I hate them less in shorts than I do in capris. For some reason I feel like capris make me look squatty. (is that a word) but the trend I HATE is skinny jeans…seriously I looks ridiculous!! I am proud of you for wearing shorts today though. Really I am. We all have those things we don’t like about our bodies and sometimes the only way to cure our fear (no matter how irrational others may think it is) is to embrace it and take control. πŸ™‚

  26. I love shorts! Cute shirt, by the way. Growing up in AZ it was too hot not to love shorts. πŸ™‚

  27. I hate shorts too! I only own ONE pair, and they are for running…and even that was a stretch for me. I would rather be in skirts and sundresses any day.

    I give you a lot of props for wearing yours out today! rock em lady!

  28. I don’t like shorts either..I can even remember some summers where I didn’t even put on a pair of shorts! Now that I live in AZ and we are already in temperatures above 100, I have to put my jeans away so I don’t suffer from heat exhaustion! πŸ™‚ The main problem that I have is finding some that are the right length on me. They are either super short or extremely long and make my short frame look so out dumpy. I also have a problem wearing skirts and dresses in the summer because I feel my hips are too wide. Ughhh I can’t win!

  29. I love shorts, but oddly enough the majority of the pairs I own are for running. And girl, be honest you look fantabulous.

    I have a huge issue with shirts that are dresses, or mistaken for dresses. My hubs gave me a bit of complex bc in a way, fluffy shirts do nothing to flatter a figure. So I try to make peace by belting it. Alas, a girls work is never done.

  30. I am the same way with shorts. Running shorts are actually the only shorts I own. I have a goal to feel comfortable in shorts this summer. Here’s hoping!

  31. I really like shorts, but the clothing I would always stay away from is high waisted skirts. But now I bought a few & I really like them. They are super comfy & can be dressed up or down.
    I’m still not a fan of wearing jeans without heels. I feel like I look weird if I wear jeans with like flip flops or flats…so I always buy ‘long’ jeans so that I can wear them with heels. For some reason I can’t get over the must wear jeans with heels…

  32. I like shorts, just now short shorts! I feel more comfortable if they hit mid thigh.

  33. Happy Birthday to the special person today!!!!!!!!

    Julie I am with you all the way, I hate how I look in shorts too!!!! I like sweat shorts from vic secret but jean shorts I do not wear!!!

    I do not like my chicken legs, lol!!

    Have a great day girl! xoxo

  34. I don’t like shorts that are really tiny, but I did buy my first pair of shorts this summer in about…oh, ten years? I love them! I got one of those pleated pairs and they are very roomy in the thigh.
    I try to avoid super skinny jeans (the dreaded jeggings) and empire waist dresses- they make me look pregnant! Besides, I like my waist and want to show it off. πŸ™‚
    You look great, by the way!

  35. ugh i have major fears for skirts! i’m tall but i feel like my legs are stubbalicious so i’d much rather where pants or shorts hahah does that make sense? i’ll wear shorts but not skirts…

    mmm i love pb & apple!!! such a good combo πŸ™‚

  36. I actually don’t mind shorts…when I can find a pair that isn’t attempting to swallow my butt cheeks!!! Seriously, I swear shorts are getting shorter and shorter every year. It’s a good thing there are stores, like J. Crew, that actually acknowledge the fact that not every girl wants to wear shorts to show off her entire rear! πŸ˜‰

  37. I used to despise yoga as well! I don’t mind it as much now. I may change my mind after the Bikram yoga class I am taking next week. It’s 90 minutes and 100 degrees. YIKES!

    by the way, shorts look great on you~!


  38. Girfriend you are crazy! You have a great body and look incredibly in everything including shorts.

  39. I’m definitely a shorts girl, but I’ve always had serious issues with any piece of clothing that’s tight around my tummy, or worse, exposes it even a little. It’s like I’m not allowed to wear fitted tops because my stomach isn’t 100% flat, which is ridiculous. Thank you so much for bringing my attention to how silly I’m being- sometimes we all need a reminder that most of it is in our heads, and as long as we’re healthy and our clothes fit well we can wear whatever we want!!

  40. Long-time reader, first-time commenter!

    Thank you for this post. It’s not only a nice reminder that we all deal with body image issues from time to time, but that it’s possible to use positive self-talk to challenge the negative thoughts! Thank you!

    P.S.: You look great in shorts! πŸ™‚

  41. I feel the exact same way! I’m slim but have pretty wide and a long torso which is why I get so self conscious wearing them. I do have a couple of shorts that I like and do where though.

    I don’t think I’ll ever wear skinny jeans either unless I have boots tucked into them.

  42. I definitely won’t wear high waisted pants either… or high waisted shorts… ahh scary. I also won’t wear leggings EVER!

  43. I think the outfit you’re wearing today is 100% adorable. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t like shorts. You have such a cute, fit body, I think you could rock anything! What don’t you like about the shorts look? Are you a fan of capris? : )

  44. You look amazing! If I had amazing legs like yours, I would rock shorts in winter! Think of it as a skirt/dress in terms of length! Seriously, you should be so proud of the shape you are in! Furthermore, your legs are supermodel-esque!! I’m not even joking!
    love, B

  45. i hateee shorts aswell! ick! but your legs are tiny! they look great! xx

  46. You shouldn’t feel self conscious in shorts because you’re gorgeous! And dint take this the wrong way but you have amazing legs:)

  47. I know how you feel because I avoid pants at all costs! It makes it pretty difficult, and I usually have one or two pairs of jeans that I can wear but they are always hard to find. Give me a skirt any day!

  48. Julie,
    I’m proud of you! You stepped out of your comfort “bubble” and worked those shorts! You are beautiful inside and out. It does not matter what anyone else thinks about how you look. This does not define who you are as a person. If you want to wear shorts b/c they are comfortable then by all means wear them. (Easier said then done. I know. I need to practice what I preach! πŸ™‚ ) Hope you’re having a great day!

  49. i can work a maxi dress for the life of me!! πŸ™‚

  50. I can’t wear short shorts, tiny mini skirts or bathing suits! Although at my age (34), I think the first 2 are out. Still working on being able to wear a swim suit.

  51. Wow, for someone who has had to work at toning up my thighs, I’ve always loved shorts…and I don’t even look as great as you do in them! LOL. You look awesome and I love your shirt, where did you get it?

  52. Ahh I hate wearing shorts too! Still getting the courage to wear them this summer, since the weather is hotttt. You look so gorgeous and I love your outfit!

  53. I totally feel the same way about shorts. I’m trying to break myself in because it’s going to be a HOT and LONG Texas summer πŸ™‚

    It seems like everyone is loving yoga lately!! I need to jump right in and make myself love it πŸ˜‰

  54. […] I’m actually wearing shorts! […]

  55. you go with your bad self in those shorts! i am glad to see you doing that. maybe i can get over my issue with tight shirts. i hate the way my belly is shaped, even though it is not fat, i look pregnant because of the shape of my stomach and i NEVER wear tighter fitting shirts!

    Do you have any idea how much it sucks to wear shorts for us women who are decidedly NOT a lean 100lbs of conventionally hot?
    There is no one on the planet who would think you look bad in shorts, and reading about how self-sconscious you are about your thighs makes me want to curl up into a little ball and cry because I could never hope for mine to look like yours.
    This sounds incredibly brutal because I occasionally find myself getting incredibly frustrated and upset with how many people are like you. They are utterly gorgeous in every sense of the word (and a lot of them know it), and yet they cannot stop finding flaws. Goddamit, if these flaws are so clearly imagined to even you, they don’t need to be published on your blog, which I usually adore. I guess it just disappoints me that someone like you can feel that way. What hope is there for the rest of us?

    • I’m really sorry this post negatively affected you, Mel. I posted this because I’m a real person and I do have insecurities. I try to be open and honest on my blog, and sometimes that means sharing personal feelings and self doubt. I think everyone, regardless of their appearance, weight, body shape, etc. experiences self esteem issues at some point and I am not immune. 😦 Again, I apologize for any anger or irritation this may have caused you.

      • Despite how angry I definitely sounded in that moment, the frustration that comes out when I hear things like that is directed more towards that part of society as a whole- not just you. Beyond all the Operation Beautiful, the “Perfection is a social construct, Perfection is unattainble” mindset and pre-photoshopped pictures we see, it is so, so hard to gain any sense of realistic body image when beautiful, slim, athletic women like yourself (and your goddamn self-loathing commenters, who chime in with “I hate this, I hate that!”) pick apart flaws only they notice.
        I do realize that behind the images we’re presented of you every day, there is a real person, a person who writes a lovely blog every day. But self-doubt is just that- of the self, and some of your readers (like myself) are simply more sensitive to it than others, and unwilling to bond over a shared hatred of our bodies by chiming in.
        I don’t know why I even bothered commenting, or what I expect you to say. The problem is much, much deeper than a simple comparison trap between women- it’s a huge, immense, horrifying, wrong disconnect between modern women and the standard they think they have to live up to.

        • i 100% agree with your last sentence… i think there is a very, very unnaturally large disconnect between REAL women and what women imagine they should look like. it’s not realistic and, try as we might, it’s so hard to get out of that midset and truly accept ourselves when, if compared to models and photoshopped images, we’ll always find a flaw. in the end, i guess it’s all about embracing our flaws and finding THEM beautiful. it’s a constant struggle and one that the media doesn’t help in the least. also, i apprecaite both of your comments. they’re heart-felt and come from a good place. thanks for sharing your opinion and thoughts. πŸ™‚

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