Bob Marley Barley

Barley is the jam. Not only does it rhyme with Bob Marley who is responsible for some pretty jammin’ music, but it tastes fantastic to boot!

I cooked up some barley last night while I was making dinner and placed the hot grain in the fridge overnight so it would be nice and cold today.

This morning I added Greek yogurt and fresh pineapple (Chopped by Ryan – Thank you!) to the barley for a pineapple barley breakfast bowl.

Vibrant Yellow

Pineapple Barley Breakfast Bowl

The pineapple Ryan picked up at the grocery store that I included in this bowl was perfectly ripe and oh-so-sweet.

Wednesday Breakfast

Stir it Up

I listened to Bob Marley and made sure to “Stir It Up,” before digging in.

This pineapple barley yogurt bowl was tasty! It now has a new place in my heart next to my strawberry barley breakfast bowl and my raspberry barley breakfast bowl.


This cold, creamy breakfast was the perfect thing to come home to after a good workout this morning.

I took a BodyPump class (upped my chest weight!), followed by 25 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical with OK! magazine. Trashy celebrity gossip magazines are terrific for gym reading since they’re basically picture books and I don’t have to feel dizzy as I try to read the articles. I’m in it for the pics! 😀

National Running Day

I saw this little tid bit of information on yesterday and had to share it with you runners and non-runners: Today is National Running Day!

In honor of this special day, check out these running-related tips, articles and posts:

Assuming you are not injured, I believe running is something anyone can do. Seriously! Even you, the reader who is thinking “I don’t know if I can even run a mile.” Well, you can! It just takes time, patience and practice. Check out the tips for new runners link (above) for some thoughts from me and blog readers on how to ease your way into running.

Question of the Day

Is running a part of your regular workout routine? How often do you run?

37 Responses

  1. Hi Julie! I started running in April. I ran in my first 5k two weeks ago and got 3rd place in my division! I was shocked!

    I now love running, something I once thought I could never do!

    Jocelyn in the STL

  2. Now this is why I love food blogs. Barley for breakfast? I never would have thought of this but it’s genius! A nice alternative to overnight oats.

    Running is not a part of my regular workout routine. Maybe some day!

    • i just LOVE barley – i’m a texture FREAK, so i like how it’s nuttier and seems to hold its own more than oats in a yogurt mess of a breakfast. 🙂

  3. Um, obviously, I run, lol. It’s great though to encourage everyone from pros to newbies to get in the game and participate.

    Pineapple is where it’s at! My brother actually got his first bloom on his pineapple tree, cutest little thing ever.

    If you like Bob, I’m telling you -> Jamaica for your honeymoon!

  4. I used to hate running, but now I love it. I try to run about every other day and crosstrain on the others.

    Have a fabulous day!

  5. i’ve ALWAYS wanted to try barely! it sounds like it would be great with yogurt and berries or pineapple like you did 🙂

    have a great day girrl

  6. Running is my passion! Oddly enough today i have to take a rest day after many hard days of running in a row, bummer to do it on national running day!

  7. working out the kinks but running almost every other day and have a long run on saturday mornings! How do you fit in a running routine before work, I’m always so exhausted!

  8. Running is my workout routine…its my favorite cardio! I always love your barley bowls, I keep meaning to try it and one day I promise I will!

  9. Love your breakfast this morning, I need some pineapple in my life! 🙂

    Running is not in my routine at the moment. Since I sprained my ankle in Dec. I just have not gotten back into it. I think once I get some new shoes and take some time to ease back into it, I’ll incorporate more runs in my week. Right now I am fine with good ol’ walking! 😉

  10. Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever even had barley but it looks delicious. Definitely going to have to look up a recipe unless you have one?

  11. Every single day! 🙂

    • you’re a machiiiiine. i’m starting my half marathon training & hope to bust out some longer runs like you do miss kelly!

  12. I just saw it was National Running Day this morning, too. I did my part! 🙂
    I try to incorporate running into my workout routine 4-5 days a week. I used to hate it, but now I’m loving it!

  13. I kid you not, my mouth just started salivating when I saw the picture of your fresh pineapple. Looks great and now I’m gonna go have to track down a pineapple b/c I have a serious craving!! 🙂

  14. I have gone through phases of being a runner, but it never lasted too long. My max ever was running 10K… but it always took me ten minutes or so before I started enjoying the run. Now, I’m an elliptical addict because it lets me study at the same time. Gotta multi-task sometimes!

  15. For some reason, I just can’t get into the running groove…I try sometimes and it’s just not something that I enjoy doing. And for me – exercise has to be fun and I want to keep doing it!

  16. I LOVE running but only do it about 1-2X a week. The rest is cross training : )

    I run a few 10K’s a year and am actually thinking about running my first 1/2 this November!

    Barley is fabulous in cold salads & I love it in soups!

  17. I love to run! It is a regular part of my workouts as in I do at least some running in every cardio session 6 days a week. I agree anyone can run as long as they ease into it and go at their own pace.

    I just recently used quinoa as an oatmeal replacement/breakfast food because I had some leftover from another recipe.. I had never tried grains other than oats in the AM and I was really impressed. I’ll have to give barley a try, too.

  18. Not only is it National Running Day but its also National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day! So, how does a jog followed by some ice cream sound?!

  19. I run about 5 times a week! I love it. Honestly though, I should cut down because I’m training for a marathon and I’m definitely favoring running over the other two legs… uh oh!

  20. Running is the ultimate stress reliever! I love it. Now only if my knees would cooperate . . . 😦

  21. I have just started running and it is SO hard! I am slowly working my way up to actually be able to run without walking every minute or so.

    I LOVE pineapple, but my stomach refuses to let me eat it. So sad! But your bowl looks beautiful.

  22. I LOVE running! My recent races have only been 5k’s. I am more of a long distance runner, my legs dont like to go too fast! I will be doing a half marathon again in the fall and cant wait to start training!

    Your blog is amazing! I look forward to reading it!

  23. Hooray for national running day! I love running, too bad it hates me lately, hopefully I can do 2.5 miles later!

  24. I just finished a run this morning, as a matter of fact 🙂

    I love the combo of pineapple and yogurt in the summer. Yum.

  25. Mmmm looks yummy!! Can’t wait till my summer break begins Friday and I can have those kind of breakfasts!! YAY!

  26. I love to run, but I don’t have much time for it! Or I do, but the weather is too cold/rainy.
    Years ago, when I tried running, I had the hardest time because of my bronchitis. Now, I have much more lung capacity because of the other workouts I did, and I can run without stopping for more then 3 min. like I did before 😀
    till now, my longest run was about 50 min, and I think it’s amazing, with my lungs and little hole in my heart 🙂
    mhm, barley…I should eat it more often, this looks yummy!

  27. I’ve been slacking on the running as of late because I’m in an awkward period between having just finished a half marathon in April and waiting to begin marathon training in a couple weeks. I’ve been focusing on cross training so I don’t fall into the runner burnout trap…but I do love running in spite of how slow I am. It’s perfect for destressing!

  28. Yay for running! Running is most definitely part of my exercise routine. I start training next month for my 3rd half – can’t wait!

  29. I love running and truly believe nothing compares to the adrenaline rush of lacing up some shoes and hitting the road. I don’t love competing the way I used to, but I still love challenging myself and testing my limits.

  30. Aww, darn, I was thinking about going running today too, but I decided to bike instead! Oh well. It was really hot anyways, hah. Your breakfast bowl looks amazing! Mmm… I haven’t had yogurt in… 4 days? Eep! I must fix that tomorrow morning!

  31. Goodmorning Julie!

    Just wanted to let you know that I listened to ‘Stir It Up’ by the one and only Bob this morning as well. Bob sure knows how to put a smile on this girls face 🙂

    I am looking forward to my SPIN class (taught by some major eye candy) followed by a VEGGIE filled Lunch. Need to fit in all the nutrients I can before my first half marathon this weekend.


  32. […] It reminded me a lot of one of my barley breakfast bowls, but it was easier to prepare since the rice was pre-cooked thanks to good ol’ Uncle […]

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