Off to California…

…Pizza Kitchen, that is. ;D 

California Pizza Kitchen

After a good workout yesterday, my sister, Ryan and I had some grumbly tummies. I suggested grabbing dinner at California Pizza Kitchen because I recently received some “pizza dough” from the company to sample their new small cravings menu.  

Apparently they got wind of my intense love for CPK frozen pizzas and figured I might enjoy some of their restaurant fare as well. 😉   

Smilin' Sisters at CPK

We sat down in a comfy booth and immediately ordered two items off the small cravings menu to share: the Mediterranean plate and the crispy artichoke hearts. 

Mediterranean Plate

Mediterranean Plate: Our original recipe of Tuscan white bean hummus, Feta cheese topped with extra virgin olive oil and a Greek salad with cucumbers, red onions, fresh Roma tomatoes and Greek olives in our homemade lemon-herb vinaigrette. Served with our traditional pizza-pita bread. 

Hummus + Feta + Greek Salad + Pitas

 Crispy Artichoke Hearts: Artichoke hearts lightly fried with Japanese panko bread crumbs, then sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Served with our homemade remoulade sauce. 

Crispy Artichoke Hearts

Both small cravings items were light, flavorful and would pair perfectly with a bowl of soup for a light lunch. 

The Greek salad included on the Mediterranean plate was my favorite. The saltiness of the olives and the fresh, crisp flavor of the cucumbers and tomatoes really complimented each other. 

For dinner, the three of us ordered two pizzas to share. 

Margherita Pizza: The classic Italian pizza. Made with imported Italian tomatoes, Mozzarella and fresh Mozzarella cheeses topped with fresh basil and Parmesan cheese. 

Margherita Pizza


Greek Pizza: Mediterranean spiced grilled chicken and Mozzarella cheese topped with a chilled Greek salad of cucumbers, red onions, fresh tomatoes, Greek olives, Feta cheese and a lemon-herb vinaigrette. Served with our homemade Tzatziki sauce and chopped Italian parsley.  

Greek Pizza

Lots o' Veggies

Both pizzas were really tasty. I loved all the veggies on the Greek pizza and CPK’s homemade Tzatziki sauce was fantastic. 

The Margherita pizza was prepared on a thin crust with lots of cheese and fresh tomatoes. It tasted the way a gourmet classic pizza should taste. Very good! 

I had two large slices of the Greek pizza and one slice of the Margherita pizza, but still had room to share a dessert with Ryan and Leslie. 

We opted for the hot fudge brownie sundae, which, according to the menu is an old fashioned chocolate brownie, served warm and topped with Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream, CPK’s triple-thick hot fudge, fresh whipped cream, pecans and a cherry. Are you drooling yet? 😀 

Ryan's "I'm Full but Still Have Room for Dessert" Smile

Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae

I think the sundae lasted about 60 seconds once it was placed in front of us, and that includes the time I took to snap a quick picture. 

The warm, fudgy brownie was moist and perfectly sweet. When paired with the creamy, cool vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream, we were all in dessert heaven. 

We all agreed our meal at CPK was a-okay! 🙂 

After dinner, we walked around the mall where the restaurant was located for about 10 minutes before heading home to relax for the evening. 

Today’s Plans 

Today Ryan, my sister and I are hoping to head out to some nearby trails with Sadie for some Memorial Day hiking. I’m hoping to bust out the grill for a classic Memorial Day BBQ when we return for lunch! 

What are your Memorial Day plans?

27 Responses

  1. I have been to CPK once and it was delicious! I do love their frozen pizzas, too. Have a great day, girl!

  2. I love your blog and have made some of your great peanut butter dishes. I also enjoy the PB. So, that pizza looks really great. I don’t think we have that chain anywhere near us (just the frozen stuff). Have a wonderful day. Also, I give your props for camping. I wouldn’t last a minute.

    I have a new blog and added you to my blogroll.

  3. Do you believe I’ve never been to a CPK? I sure do love their frozen pizzas though, lol.

  4. What a great night out! CPK has some tasty pizza’s. We usually end up at one when we are at the beach.

    Glad you are enjoying time with your sister. You two are so beautiful!

  5. You and your sister look so much alike!!

    I’ve never been to CPK but that greek pizza looks right up my alley!!

  6. That Greek pizza looks wonderful! I wish I had a CPK in my area!

  7. That is the best pizza place food I have seen! So nice to dine with your sis!

  8. The Greek pizza looks great! Sounds like you’ve got a great Memorial Day planned. Unfortunately it’s not a long weekend here in Canada so I’m super jealous!! Have an awesome hike 🙂

  9. I had pizza for dinner yesterday too, it was delicious 🙂 That greek one sounds delicious!

  10. now you’re making me crave some CPK too! and regarding ryan’s picture, my family’s philosophy is that you have two stomachs: one for the meal and one for dessert!

  11. I haven’t ever eaten at CPK…you are making me regret that! 🙂

  12. Despite living in CA, our CPK got shut down 😦 Seriously, I used to go to that place MONTHLY haha and yes, fell in love with the Greek salad pizza the last time I went as well.

    My plans today include a “morning house party” that will kick off at 10 a.m. My bf and I are inviting friends/coworkers over for morning drinks (mimosas, screwdrivers and tequila sunrises) and then we’re making eggs, muffins, fruit, etc.

    So excited 🙂 Enjoy your day off!

  13. ummm. yumm! Everything looks fantastic, esp. that Greek pizza. I think I am going to go make one for myself 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Oooh I love CPK! My favorite pizza is the Thai Chicken. 🙂

    Hope you enjoy hiking and BBQing!

  15. I miss CPK!! We had them in Dallas when I was in high school and college, but since I got married and moved away there has never been one near us. 😦

    I am also going hiking with my dogs today! 🙂

  16. hhmmmm….pizza! All the food in your blog looked sooooo good. I’m hungry now and want pizza!

  17. OMG, that pizza and the fried artichokes look AMAZING! We don’t have a CPK anywhere nearby. I do like their frozen ones, though! I might have to pick one up sometime soon. 😀


  18. I’ve heard great things about CPKs hummus but have never tried it! The Morrocan Chicken salad is AMAZING as well. Love it!

  19. Oh. WOW. That meal looks fabulous!!! And I’m almost drooling over that brownie!!
    I went to a CPK while at the beach last summer and it was probably the best pizza I’ve ever had!

  20. I went to Long Beach for the day with some girl friends! It was a nice way to spend the day. That food looks delicious!

  21. I didn’t know they had a small cravings menu- that’s awesome. I’ll have to try some stuff out the next time I go there 🙂
    Your choices look great!!

  22. Love your blog Julie! When I saw this pic of your sis I totally thought of Blake Lively. Pretty girls!

  23. Ugh – wish CPK was here! I would DIE for that Margherita pizza – amazingness.

    I love your attitude toward food and life and exercise! Stellar 🙂

  24. Those pizzas look fantastic! I wish I had a CPK near me!!

  25. i’m sorry but cpk is MAH FAVORITE PLACEE…I dunno why but I love their combination of cheeses with the toppingss!!! ahhhh.

  26. The appetizers look amazing! But I have to say the pizza looks awful. But I’m a pizza snob as I can’t STAND thin crust pizza. I like pizza that you bite and chew on, not toppings on what constitutes a cracker. To me, that just isn’t pizza!

    I have never been to CPK, but I know of one that isn’t TOO terribly far away. I might have to stop by and see what all they have.

    • the greek pizza was not on a thin crust… maybe that one would appeal to you more.

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