Once Again Wowed

For the second time today, I was wowed by a recipe from The Pioneer Woman‘s cookbook.

Since my sister dogsat Sadie while we went camping on Friday night, I wanted to make her a sweet treat as a thank you for being such a good aunt to Sadie!

I had all the ingredients for the angel sugar cookies featured in the book and got to work making the cookie dough while Sadie (and Ryan!) anxiously awaited licking the beaters clean. 🙂


Sugar Cookie Dough

The dough had to sit in the fridge for an hour before baking the cookies, so we wasted time by hanging out in the backyard, reading our books and soaking up the sun.

Once the dough was adequately chilled, I placed the cookies on an ungreased cookie sheet and flattened out the dough balls with a glass coated in sugar, per the recipe instructions.

Flattened Out Cookies

Within 8 minutes, we had light, buttery cookies.

Ready for Eatin'

I cannot praise these cookies enough!

Not only did they smell like heaven as they were baking, but the crisp sweetness of each sugar cookie made them a nice alternative to the thick sugar cookies I usually make.

Angel Sugar Cookies

Light, Sweet, Buttery

This recipe will definitely be my new go-to sugar cookie recipe.

I hope my sister likes them! She’ll be arriving soon and we’ll be hittin’ up the gym for BodyPump.

Gotta work off those cookies. 😉

12 Responses

  1. Okay, I need to get the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook! These look so good!

  2. i think i need to get this cookbook!!!

  3. Sounds like a great cookbook!

  4. I love sugar cookies…just plain with no extra frills! They are my number on favorite! 🙂

  5. I’ve heard great things about THe Pioneer Woman’s recipes. Glad you’re having a great weekend!

  6. They look so good! You should try corn meal cookies- I think you would like them

  7. yummmy I LOVE sugar cookies! and those look great so I’m sure your sister will love them too!

  8. those sugar cookies look so delightful 🙂 light and airy just like angels haha 🙂 it would be for real hard for me not to sample the dough though while it was cooling off!

  9. they look so light! cookies are my favourite! xx

  10. I love the smell of sugar cookies in the oven! So good!

  11. First the pancakes and now these cookies. They look delish!

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