Foodie Friday

Today was the inaugural Foodie Friday at my work.

What is Foodie Friday?

Allow me to elaborate for ya! 😉

Last week, a few of the women I work with and I decided to take turns making new homemade treats for the office to enjoy every Friday. The idea for Foodie Friday surfaced when we were talking about how excited we all get for office birthday goodies. We figured why not make office treats a weekly occurrence?

I signed up for the first Foodie Friday and after much debate settled on a recipe I thought would be a crowd pleaser.

Peanut butter pretzel truffles, a la Jessica!

I jotted down the recipe that Jessica followed from and doubled it to make the truffles.

Follow Me to Deliciousness

In my truffles I used crunchy peanut butter and Rold Gold honey wheat braided pretzel twists because they’re my all-time favorite pretzels. They’re salty, slightly sweet and 100 percent addicting. I definitely ate a couple of servings while making the truffles.

PB & The PB Gremlin (Can You Spot Her?)

Best Pretzels Everrr

I combined the peanut butter with the chopped pretzels and placed them in the freezer to chill for a bit.

PB 'n' Pretz

After dipping the peanut butter/pretzel mixture in melted milk chocolate, I placed the truffles in the freezer overnight (they’re sweating off the cold in the pictures below 😉 ).

Sweatin' Truffles

A Peek Inside

PB & Chocolate: A Match Made in Heaven

These truffles taste so much like Reese’s peanut butter cups to me!

I popped one in my mouth as a breakfast appetizer and will be having one for dessert after lunch today as well.

Recipe success!

A platter of these truffles and Oreo balls would be one heck of a contribution to any party. Something to keep in mind for Memorial Day weekend! 😀

35 Responses

  1. So glad you made them! I think I need to make them again this weekend. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, these look fantastic!! I was craving chocolate covered pretzels last night actually, I wish I’d had this recipe on hand!!

  3. These were great…I made them though I got them from a different blog…”How Sweet Eats”. I find her recipes to be amazing. She did red velvet pancakes not too long ago…you should check her out. She’s right up your alley Julie!

  4. Wow those look good, and those pretzels are the best evaaa!

  5. Those look like they’d be right up my alley… 😉

    I wish our office would do things like this- I’m aware that I’d be the one to organize it (hello- I’m the office marketing coordinator and I think this would fall in my territory more than anyone else…). But in an office dominated by men, this could be an issue…

  6. Yummm…wish I worked with you!

  7. Those look so good! I remember seeing them on Jess’ blog, and thinking “HOLY YUM”…which I am thinking again, looking at yours! 🙂

  8. i’m impressed you can only have one! if i made those babies they’d be gone the second the chocolate hardened 🙂

  9. Mmm, they look great!!

  10. You can never go wrong with the pretzel + PB + chocolate combo! They look fantastic!! Can you ship some of them up here to NY? 😉

  11. That’ll be fun to have to look forward to every Friday now : )

    Your bio says you’re a writer/editor. What do you write/edit? Did you major in English or Communications in college?

    • i do writing & editing for a large website (internet marketing company). i was an advertising/public relations major in college.

  12. Yummmmmmmmmy! I’d love to be one of your co-workers on a Friday! 🙂

  13. WOW! I willdef be making this soon! Sooo easy and looks awesome!

  14. I saw when Jessica made these as well…yum! We make oreo balls often for occasions as well!

  15. You camera takes such good pics! I actually want to eat the photos 😀

  16. Pretzels, chocolate and PB are the 3 most perfect ingredients in my opinion!

  17. LOVE these… those are also my favorite pretzels.

  18. i love that you used the back of an old paper to write down your recipe! tehe 😀

  19. Those are the BEST pretzels- I totally forgot about them- might have to get some the next time I head to the store 🙂 Love the honey wheat taste.

  20. Honey wheat pretzels are the best! Those truffles look great!

  21. oh myyy, i need to try those ASAP. its like chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels! (ahh pb filled pretzels are heavenly enough!!)

  22. Oh my gosh, I could never make something like that because I would want to eat every single one!

  23. Oh wow! I really want to make these but I’m a bit concerned that I might eat them all. 🙂 Have fun camping.

  24. THOSE look so good. Those also would be hella dangerous is they were in my townhouse. I am obsessed with each and every ingredient in those suckers.

    I assume everyone at work loved them, right?!

  25. Just a little FYI, but oreo’s contain 1.5g of trans fats PER COOKIE. I know it says 0g on the box, but that’s because the food corporation duders have decided that less than 2g of trans fat per serving is not enough to matter and can be marked as 0g… but who stops at one oreo (which is what one serving is)

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  29. […] think Peanut Butter Pretzel Balls are in my near future! Thanks Julie! Can’t wait to try […]

  30. I made these for a tailgate I went to yesterday…HUGE crowd pleaser! They ain’t pretty, but I wasn’t taking home leftovers. Thanks for the post!

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