Working Out: Solo or No?

Working out is something I like to do on my own. I enjoy the time to myself, listing to my iPod and thinking about the day ahead.

I do, however, have one workout buddy that I absolutely adore:

My Running Machine

Lots o' Love

Sadie is the best running partner because:

  • She is always in the mood to run
  • Her pace is faster than mine, so I never have to drag her along (Quite the opposite, really)
  • She takes time to jump around, pick up sticks and enjoy the run
  • I never feel pressure to run faster or slower than I want to with her

"Oh, Hello."

Pretty Giiiirl

Her energy is unsurpassed by any human or animal I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. She really is a non-stop dog, and while this can get annoying at times, it makes her the perfect running, hiking and walking companion.

This morning I leashed Sadie up for a 5-mile run in the dark.

I felt really strong in the beginning, but was definitely ready to be done by the last mile. I felt my tummy grumbling!


Post-run, I made myself a strawberry banana smoothie.

Smoothie Time!

I was craving something cold since my body was dripping in sweat.

Into the blender went:

This smoothie hit the spot! I drank it rather quickly as I drove to my Invisalign appointment.


Cold + Creamy

I think drinking my smoothie so fast made me feel extra-full. I wasn’t all that hungry when my morning snack time rolled around. Still, I love my morning snack time, and made myself a quesadilla (Colby jack cheese microwaved on a Joseph’s whole wheat tortilla) anyway!

Question of the Day

Do you prefer working out alone or with a partner? Who is your favorite workout partner?

37 Responses

  1. I definitely prefer working out alone. It is my time to myself and I relish in it!

  2. My sister has a pitbull named Sadie! That is one of the reasons I want a dog so bad – to run with!

  3. If I’m going out for a run I like to have someone with me, I get bored and lose motivation when I run alone.

  4. I personally prefer working out alone. I run a lot, so I use the time to plan everything out for the day/week ahead and think about loads of other things (like what recipes I want to test out next!!) I do like group ex classes too though, and I often find that the more people are in the class, the harder I work and the more fun it is. So I suppose it’s a combination of both! On a side note, I would LOVE to have a dog to run with! 🙂

  5. I love running alone too but aren’t you afraid of running when it is still dark outside? I live in downtown Orlando and it makes me really nervous to run in the dark whether it be early in the morning or in the evening. Maybe I need to get a big dog like Sadie for reassurance 🙂 She seems like such a sweetie.

  6. I usually like to workout alone but if I am going to fo a run longer than 13 miles I like to have a buddy to talk with!

  7. I need a partner. I need to be accountable to someone else or else I won’t do it. That is why I am really good when I have the trainer. Alone I just find a zillion excuses not to workout.

  8. I love running with my pup – it’s something I am really looking forward to once my fracture is healed. She is like your dog. She has so much energy that sometimes its a little much. I will run 3 miles with her and she won’t even break into a pant.
    Otherwise I don’t exercise with other people that often, but I like going on long non-training runs with friends and chatting.

  9. what a sweet girl! i’m definitely an alone person…it’s so peaceful and one of the few times i can really just be by myself!

  10. I have a question about your smoothies, does adding the protein powder make a difference? Ive never used protein powder and im wondering if it makes you stay full faster? How does it change the smoothie? I dont have a problem getting protein in….but I see this commonly added to smoothies. Your smoothies always look so good! So I want to recreate them!!

    • i honestly LOVE the addition of protein powder to my smoothies. if i leave it out, i am starving like an hour after drinking a smoothie! 🙂 however, using greek yogurt also works well and keeps me full… it’s the sugary yogurts or plain milk that make me feel hungry too quickly. i think the protein powder also adds to the smoothie’s creaminess and makes them taste richer. hope this helps!

  11. My dog is my favorite workout partner too! He gives me just enough space and alone time. 😀 I love Sadie’s pictures!

  12. As far as running, I like to run with my dog. I’m not good enough to run with another person yet lol. Molly is like Sadie, always ready to go, and will drag me in the beginning for sure. Her enthusiasm rubs off on me as well I think. I’ve been running once without her and didn’t enjoy it as much. But if I am going to spinning or yoga, I like to have a friend there. I like the “in it together”feeling.

  13. I generally like to work out alone and just zone out to my music. It’s my time to focus on myself and my workout, and I love having that special “me time”. If I’m hiking though, I like having partners for both safety and motivation! 🙂

  14. I agree! i definitely like to workout by myself, i really love it if im the only person in my house doing my workout dvd aerobics! xx

  15. I love to run with my boyfriend! We trained for a 10 mile race together, and now when I run without him, it’s not the same! I also love going to spin class with one of my girlfriends. When it comes to just going to the gym to use the machines, I like to go alone so I don’t feel rushed or like I have to hang around for someone else!

  16. I would much rather work out alone!!! I like my “me” time!

  17. Alone with my ipod and magazine. My husband is often there at the same time but we are not chatting or working out together.

  18. I’m a solo worker-outer. It’s my quiet time. My husband and I did go to the gym together the other day, though (first time in 7 years, I think) and it was nice to know he was there. We worked out separately, though.

  19. I like to workout alone, really. I like being on my own time, and not having to worry about whether the other person is ready to leave the gym or not.

    That being said, I’ve never really had a running partner, so I might really like it if I can ever find one!

  20. awwww she is soo sweet! best running partner EVA!!!!
    love it 🙂 I am def an independent workout woman.. i dont like waiting on people!

  21. I usually prefer working out alone. I rarely get a good workout when I workout with other people. The exception is when I run with my Dad- he’s a lot faster than me so he makes me pick up the pace. Also, he never lets me stop running when we’ve reached our predetermined mileage. He always makes me go a little longer!

  22. I’m like you: I prefer working out alone or with my dogs 🙂

  23. Heyyyy, that smoothie made an appearance at my house this morning! 😉
    I also prefer to work out alone….love the time to myself!

  24. I completely ADORE your blog. I just found it, and am making that protein brownie asap! Your puppy is super cute…I have a little monster of my own, and beside my hubby she is my world!
    I prefer to workout alone..I have a self confidence issue. I think people will make fun of me lol. I play soccer as well though, so I LOVE to play sports with others!!

  25. I wish my dogs were less Dachshund-ish and could run around. They have such small legs though and are so curious that I end up tripping over them and dragging them to and fro!

  26. hey! i have that dress too!

  27. I always workout alone so I don’t have anything to compare it to! 🙂


  28. I run alone. Im a terrible runner so its nice to go at my own pace. But i love running with pups too!

    Im SOOO afraid of needles also. Im 23, and to this day i cannot get a shot. I cry, i move my arm.. I still need my mommy to go with me. I have no idea why, i literally panic and pass out.

    I got some of that Xanthan Gum or whatever today on my lunch break! Cant wait to make a dinner protein shake with it! Massive Fiber!!

  29. lifting i’m on my own. i love running with other people though. i like chatting and it makes the time pass by like no other!!

  30. Look at that dog… too cute!

  31. Julie, what kind of blender do you use? My smoothies never seem nearly as creamy and smooth as they should be! My blender doesn’t do a very good job of breaking up the ice, I think! Ha!

  32. I run alone, unless you consider my iPhone a partner. 🙂 Love to go at my own pace and if I want to stop by a creek while running and sit by the lake on cool down I dont feel rushed.

  33. Hey Julie, a friend sent me this contest this morning and I thought you’d be interested in it! I think I’m going to send in a picture too — let me know if you decide to send one of Sadie as well, I’d love to know!

  34. Hi Julie, I love your blog! I wanted to tell you that I tried your three-ingredient peanut butter cookie recipe yesterday night, and obviously adore it. (As does my boyfriend). Delicious!

    Your dog is beautiful! What is her breed? My 10-month-old puppy is the exact same color as Sadie–he is a pit bull/hound/vizsla mix.

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