What Once Was Hot, Now Is Cold

Many things that were once hot, are now, um, not so much:

  • Scrunchies
  • Slap bracelets
  • Pogs
  • Hooked on Phonics
  • Super-Soakers
  • Tamagotchis
  • Beanie Babies

I think I dabbled in all of the trends listed above, especially Beanie Babies. My mom, sister and I had more bean-stuffed animals than anyone in their right mind should own.

Hey, Baby

I am deathly afraid of needles (I don’t even have my ears pierced), and as a reward for not hyperventilating at a doctor’s appointment when I was younger, my mom would give me a Beanie Baby. I wish Beanie Babies still had the same calming effects on me!


My lunch today contained something that was once hot, but turned cold, kinda like a skip it.

Broccoli florets –>Tossed in olive oil + garlic salt –> Roasted at 400 degrees for 20 minutes –> Chilled in the fridge for four hours

Cold Salad

Cold roasted veggies are the jam!

They add so much flavor to salads, sandwiches and side dishes.

Today I made myself a salad using the cold roasted broccoli as the base.

Into the mix went:

  • Cold roasted broccoli
  • Thawed frozen sweet corn
  • Cucumber
  • Goat cheese

Eat Me!

I planned to toss the salad in a light olive oil and balsamic dressing, but nixed that after realizing the broccoli and goat cheese made the salad extremely flavorful.

On the side I enjoyed a cup of Greek yogurt for some filling protein and a Sargento Colby-jack string cheese because string cheese = fun to eat.



All Together, Now!

Questions of the Afternoon

Were you into any of the no-longer-hot trends listed above?

What is something you used to think was hot, but now is not?

Please don’t say Jessica Simpson, because I love her. 😉

44 Responses

  1. Ah, skip its! So much fun! There have been a lot of late 80s/early 90s trends coming back, maybe some of these items from our childhood can be a hit again!

  2. I have a soft spot in my heart for Jess Simp too, haha! I was totally into all of those trends above! Minus, the Hooked On Phonics. Does anyone remember those Rhythm Sticks? I was terrible at them but it was fun trying!!

  3. Oh my goodness. I chuckle when I see scrunchies now. But I used to rock them. And tying your shirt to the side. hahahaha. And about pogs – no one ever knows what I’m talking about when I bring them up. I’m glad to know I’m not alone!
    And I saw your cookies on Carrots ‘n Cake….I still need to try them.

  4. Oh girl, me too!!!! I looved Beanie Babies! And I was way into Pokemon, pgs, Tamagotchis,… basically everything you said! And I’m also with you on the ear piercings.. I JUST got mine pierced like 3 years ago!

    • as a pokemon lover, you may appreciate this joke:

      why should you never shower in the same house as a pokemon?

      because he might pikatchu!

  5. i love pogs and to this day i never “played pogs” just collected them, traded them and coveted them. they were to cool for being a small circular piece of cardboard.

  6. hahahaha i love the trip down memory lane. i remember when pogs got banned in elementary school!

  7. hmmmm. . . butterfly hair clilppies! Remember howwe used to pull tiny sections into butterfly clippies and the more you had the cooler you were- SO amazing

    • ahhhh i totally did this! i would literally wear like 10 at a time. stylin’.

  8. Goat cheese and corn is a flavor combo I am currently OBSESSSSSSED with!! SOO good!! I just found your blog a couple weeks ago and have been totally hooked!! I love it- and your pup…I still think my pups are the cutest, but your girl is in my top 5 🙂

    I was definitely hooked on ALL of your above listed hot trends that have since gone out of style- ESPECIALLY pogs & tamagotchis!! Ohh man.

  9. Scrunchies & slap bracelets were DEINITELY my thing. I can remember when the slap bracelets were “banned” in my elementary school because they were considered too dangerous!

    I used to think layering my socks halfway up my calf was super hot – at least 3 on each foot, 3 different colors, over leggings so you could see all the colors. Oh yeah, that was hot back in the day!
    How about “pinch rolling” your pants – did anyone else ever do that?

  10. does anyone remember hypercolor tshirts?!?

  11. Dude, skip-its were so much fun. I bet that thing would give me an awesome workout now. Also: pogs, slap bracelet, and BEANIE BABIES. Heck yes. I had such a huge collection… probably should have sold them while they were hot.

  12. Beanie Babies – geeze, I almost forgot about my epic 80-count collection in our attic, hehe.

  13. I loved tamagotchis and beanie babies!! My sister and I had a huge collection of beanie babies and my mom and her friend got a little crazy helping us build our collections, hehe! 😉 I’ll never forget my most exciting beanie babie purchase was the princess diana bear. My mom’s friend owned a store that got one in and while other stores were overcharging, she let us have it sticker price!! You’d have thought I won the lottery! 😉

  14. LOL, I still wear scrunchies everyday!

    I used to think wearing my socks over my pants was hot, LOL 80s.


  15. I loved the skip-it! I had a bright pink one! And a bright pink hula hoop!!! haha!

  16. oh wow I had all of the things on that list!! and I have a humungous chest full of beanie babies…maybe one day they”ll be worth lots?? haha at least they’re cute!

  17. Haha! A walk down memory lane right there.

    What about Paris Hilton? That’s (not) hot. 😀

  18. I lovvvvvved slap bracelets (until they got banned from my elementary school). Never did get into Beanie Babies…I was more of a trolls kinda gal. 🙂

  19. Slap bracelets WERE so cool! I remember begging my mom to let me get one because everyone else had one. Ha!

  20. haha i totally used to think that stirup leggings with matching plaid shirts was hot. and playing oregon trail while wearing stir up leggings and a matching plaid shirt was even hotter.

  21. Oh my gosh, I was into so many of those things. I even used scrunchies to tie my long shirts up and I would sport this with my stir-up leggings and of course my keds..Oh yeah 🙂

    Does anyone remember Hypercolor shirts? And pump shoes? I remember I was always obsessed with pumping that little basketball!

  22. Jessica Simpson will never go out of style! LOVE her! 😀

  23. I was soo into beanie babies it was insane! And I used to have my mom “babysit” my tomagotchi when I went over to friends’ houses. Wow. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!

  24. Hi! I just found your blog! Your adorable! I just created my own blog today 🙂

    But anyways, I used to love beanie babies and tamagotchis. I swear kids are still playing with those tamagotchis still today, because I’ve had to babysit them recently….. I feel old now!!! haha, ahhh those were the good ole days though.

  25. Trolls 😯 DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT?!?

  26. haha i just did a post on this not so long ago talking abut things i LOVED whenI was younger and skip it and pogs were one of them!

    i also loved chinese jump rope and stickers!!

  27. Oh my goodness- I LOVED beanie babies..and I still have all of mine!! haha!! remember when like some of them were selling for like $500???! Craziness.

  28. I like I had a large collection of all of these things. I was just talking about snap bracelets the other day. All of these silly bands brought back the snap bracelet memories for me.

  29. I had the beanie babies for sure… HUNDREDS! Also I was a big fan of tomagotchi. My brother enjoyed over feeding my pet until it got fat.. I was so upset, haha.

  30. Ummm, I was into pretty much ALL of those trends! Except for Hooked on Phonics, haha. But Pogs, Beanie Babies, Nanos…I had it all. I even have some of the “rare” Beanie Babies…I should’ve sold ’em while they were still hot :/

  31. Oh, beanie babies… I still have more than 200 sitting in my basement waiting for the “great beanie baby resurgence of 20__.” I was, however, wise enough to sell an “extinct” dinosaur back in the BB heyday for nearly $1,000!

  32. hahah YES! I loved beanie babies, skip-its, hula hoops. the whole deal. My friend was OBSESSED with beanies growing up- she has like, containers FULL of them. I think she had to have bought one like every day! I was rewarded with beanies too- every friday afternoon when i was younger i used to have piano lessons (which i did NOT enjoy-!!!) but afterwards, i got a beanie as a “surprise”. yay Beanie Babies! hahah

  33. BEANIE BABIES! I had so many of those. Actually… I still do! They’re all in a huge box shoved under my bed… now I want to dig them out and play with them again! Hahah.

  34. I had a moment in Target the other day when I saw a little girl with an orange striped stuffed cat, and I said, “That looks like Garfield.” Her mother was like, “She has no clue who that is.” Aw, so sad. I LOVED Garfield!

    Have you seen Silly Bandz? They are rubber bands that are shaped like animals and they are the new hot thing with kids. I may or may not have gotten some for myself… Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m 26 going on 7 🙂

    • i was a garfield fiend! for like 10 yrs. i got a new garfield christmas ornament every year from my mom! ❤ him!

  35. Remember Furbies? I had one but it was kinda creepy!

  36. Beanie Babies! anyone else remember when McDonald’s came out with the mini ones in the happy meals?? My mom and I ate happy meals constantly to collect them all. Even went to different McDonald’s and traded…it was ridiculous. Maybe that’s why I can’t eat there anymore…

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