Blog Celebrity

Tonight I met someone I consider a blog celebrity. 😀

Meghann (of the fantastic blog The Inner Workings of a College Graduate) and I got together in Winter Park for a massage, followed by dinner at Mellow Mushroom. (Kind of romantic, no?)

Me 'n' Meghann

I feel like such a little dweeb-o because I get all giddy before I meet someone whose blog I follow daily. I know way too much about their life and almost feel like I am intruding by reading their blog, even though they post for the world to see! Odd, huh?


Meghann and I met up after work and I got to check out her sweet ride that she’s enjoying as part of a promotion with Chevy.

We drove over to Massage Envy in Winter Park for our massages,which Meghann received for free through Chevy and kindly shared with me.

Time to Relax

I love massages but I never buy them for myself because I can’t stomach the cost, so this was a special treat!

We both agreed that our massages were very relaxing. If I were a bazillionaire I’d get a massage every other day.


Post-rub down, we headed to Mellow Mushroom for pizza!

Smilin' Pretty

Yours Truly

We decided to share a mega-veggie pizza.

Mega Veggie Pizza

The Goods

It was fun to eat with Meghann because I wasn’t the only crazy lady photographing her food. 😉

Blogger in Action

I paired my two large pizza slices with a small side salad.

Side Salad

It was fresh, filling and veggie-packed.

I really enjoyed getting to know Meghann better and was very grateful to her for including me in her massage excursion. I had a great time! 🙂

Foodie Friday

I’m now heading off to the kitchen to get to work on my Foodie Friday treat!

The Foodie Friday recipe winner will be revealed in the mornin’. Thanks to all of you who weighed in on which treat I should make.

I’m already drooling just thinking about it…

Question of the Evening

Have you ever met another blogger in person?

33 Responses

  1. I’ve only started reading blogs 3 months ago, and started my own last month. YOU, Julie, are one of the person on my celebrity bloggers list 🙂

  2. That pizza looks SO GOOD!
    And, no, I haven’t had the chance to meet a fellow blogger yet, BUT, I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch this August at the Healthy Living Summit! So bummed you won’t be there! 😦

  3. that’s such a fun night! I had a massage coupon last week for my birthday… I wish I could have one EVERY friday evening! I met edible perspective Ashley, Heather’s Dish Heather, and Fat Buster Mack Beth, plus some readers last fall. I also met Food Cents Dottie a few months ago. It was only awkward for a few minutes until we all realized skipping the general formalities was nice.. since we knew so much about each other!

  4. That’s really cool you got to meet THE Meghann, and how sweet of her to share her massage.

    I haven’t met another blogger yet, but I’m so excited to meet lots and lots at HLS ’10. Are you going?

  5. That’s so nice that she shared her massage with you. I agree, massages are the bomb! My bf had never had a massage until I took him. He was 26 years old. OMG! What have you been doing with your life? Lol.

    I’ve never met a blogger – yet!

  6. Ah, oh my gosh! I love how you describe “meeting a blogger” because I completely and totally agree! At this point I’ve met dozens but I always get nervous, anyway 🙂 and then am swept away by how wonderful each and every one of them are. I’ve actually found quite a few close friends too! Love it.

    Hope you enjoyed the massage!

  7. I’ve never met another blogger that I wasn’t friends with in real life first. Also – I love Massage Envy and Mellow Mushroom!! I had to give up both when I moved from Charleston to Alaska though… bummer.

  8. I’m still a newbie at blogging, so no blogger meetings… yet! It seems like so many health bloggers live in the Orlando area and it makes me wish that I still lived there! I second what Elaine said though, I consider you to be a blogger celebrity! I remember freaking out when I saw that you commented on my blog for the cauliflower pizza crust! lol

  9. Ooooooooooooooh my……. I made those peanut butter pretzel truffles for after my bodybuilding comp which is on sunday – I CAN NOT wait to sink my teeth into one. It was torturous making them as I had peanut butter and chocolate everywhere and I could not even lick my fingers or have a peanut butter finger……… not long now though! xx

  10. I totally agree!!! I’ve never met a blogger in person but it seems like they are celebrities in such a weird way! Even you seem like one! So funny what our minds do to us 🙂

    & I have to agree with Bethany, it does seem like a hefty amount of health bloggers are here in Orlando! How fun 🙂

  11. That looks great! I got linked to your blog through Meghann’s – I used to work with her in Tallahassee.

    Also, looks like we’re both planning our weddings… it has been QUITE the process.

    Looks like I’ll be visiting your blog often from now on!


  12. How exciting!! I’ve never met another blogger in person, but I hope to someday! 😀

    That pizza looks incredible, WOW!!!


  13. im only a 18 year old reader, but i would love to meet a blogger one day! i agree with Elaine about you being a celebrity blogger too, you seem like a truly wonderful genuine person =)

  14. Hehehe yep!!!

    We should go for a run sometime!! Errrr when I get back in shape. 😀

  15. Looks like such a fun time! Meghann’s outlook on on health and exercise is so inspiring! I haven’t meet any other bloggers, but hope to someday!

  16. I’m always jealous when you blogers meet. I live thousands of miles away, and there are no blogers near 😦
    That pizza looks awesome

  17. I think if i met a blogger in person that i would be sorta starstruck too!

    its not just you, i also sometimes feel like i’m intruding on their life even though they write the posts and put it up online. crazy!

    i also live on the other side of the world….any bloggers wanna meet up in europe?!? 🙂

  18. That looks like so much fun. Meeting other bloggers is scary at first, but then you realize you have so much in common! I’ve met a few Boston bloggers and they’re just as rad as they are on their blogs.

  19. Love Meghann! She’s a real life friend 🙂 I’ve met tons of bloggers.

  20. Love the behind the scenes of Meghann taking the pictures but im probably a geek like that. If meeting a blogger is like meeting a celeb-like-feeling, I know what you mean. I work in radio when I meet other radio personalities that I am a fan of, its a little intimidating.

  21. Yay! It was so fun meeting you last night! Thanks for being my last minute fill in – I owe ya one!! Stay in touch so we can hang out again soon – maybe we can blast out the Wicked Soundtrack next time?!?! 😉

  22. How cool!!! I haven’t met any other bloggers but I hope to one day!

  23. I would’ve been starstruck too 🙂 I’ve never met another blogger, but would LOVE to!!

  24. I adore massages. I got a 90 minute one for $50 off the site that I am looking forward to using. I need to book it stat so I can actually use it before I can’t lay on my belly. Massages are true heaven and would be a daily splurge for me too if I was rolling in the dough.

    Blogger meetups? I’ve met Lindsey from Cardio Pizza and Em from Homecookedem (seeing them both next week too even). And I get to meet YOU in a few weeks hopefully. 😀 Awesome!

  25. How fun to meet a fellow blogger! I haven’t met a blogger since starting to blog, but I met Krista (Krista’s Kravings) and that is how I started blogging!

  26. I definitely felt the same before a blogger meet up back in March! We really do build them up to be such celebrities in our heads, don’t we?

  27. That’s so cool you got to meet Meghann! I’ve met a few other Philly bloggers, it was so fun!

  28. I’ve never met another blogger, but I”d love to! I haven’t found any chicago area bloggers yet.

  29. I was hoping to meet Kimberly from (the absolute best, in my opinion, health website out there) because we were both in SC last week, but it never happened 😦

    If you haven’t read her blog you shouldn’t definitely go check it out 🙂

  30. Looked like a fun night! That pizza looks delicious!

    I’ve met Tina from ‘faith fitness and fun”!

  31. That pizza looks fantastic. I love Meghann’s blog too! That’s how I found yours!

    I wish I could meet other bloggers! No one seems to live around me (NYC)

  32. […] week while chatting with Meghann over dinner, I mentioned my aversion to shorts. She said she loves shorts and wears them all the time. I […]

  33. […] met Meghann for the first time back in May and it was great to see her again. She completed an olympic-distance triathlon today and I loved […]

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