Not a Veggie in Sight

I typically try to incorporate veggies into my lunch and dinner every day. Today, however, not even a little carrot popped up in my mid day meal.

Don’t worry though! My lunch was not completely produce-free.

I did manage to sneak an apple onto my plate for good measure.

Crisp Apple

Today’s lunch included a bagelwich, made with a sweet wheat Alternative Bagel and chocolate PB2.

Chocolate PB2 Bagelwich

On the side I enjoyed a freshly sliced apple with a dollop of peanut butter and a cup of Chobani Greek yogurt for a protein punch.

Peanut Butter

Tuesday Lunch

I think the combination of whole grains, fruit and healthy fats still make this a healthy meal even without a veggie in sight. πŸ˜€

Of Possible Interest

Question of the Afternoon

Do you typically use fruits and veggies in the same meals every day?

17 Responses

  1. I try to, but usually just have to go with what we have available to eat πŸ™‚ I try to have a GM morning and 2-3 veggies at dinner, and whatever I can get together for lunch too πŸ™‚

  2. I always feel guilty if I don’t manage to get a littel color on my plate in either fruits or veggies. Good job on sneaking the apple in there!

  3. I had soooooo much fruit with lunch, it was awesome!

  4. I always have a fruit and veggies at lunch and dinner except sometimes on the weekends. Then who knows what will be on the plate. I also usually have fruit with breakfast and sometimes even a veggie if I make protein pancakes or a protein shake where I can hide some spinach.

  5. I try to includes veggies + fruit into most of my meals too but towards the end of the week when I need groceries I have no options!

  6. I try to have a veggie OR a fruit in each meal…I don’t necessarily need both πŸ™‚

  7. I almost always have fruit with breakfast and typically either fruit or veggies with lunch. Dinner is usually veggies at my house and after dinner snacks usually fruit (my parents always cut up an apple after dinner and give away slices)

  8. Yes, I almost always try to incorporate at least 2 different veggies & a fruit into lunch. Breakfast will usually include 1 or 2 fruits, but not always. Depending on my intake by dinnertime, that will usually help me decide how many veggies I want with dinner.
    (Julie, great question you posted to me by the way! I had such a fun time answering it!) πŸ˜€

  9. I eat tons of fruit throughout the day, but my favorite way to eat veggies is in a huge salad, so usually all the intake is at one meal!

  10. I usually have the veggies with breakfast (GM) and lunch. (Salad or sandwich stuffed with spinach or something,) I wonder if that’s weird that I don’t typically have a ton of veggies with dinner? And I eat wayy more fruit than is even necessary throughout the day lol. But the past couple days have been veggie-sparse. I blame this on lack of greens at the store, for some reason every time I go to buy spinach or kale they are out?? I need it!!

  11. Ever since I found your blog I find myself craving peanut butter more and more and more! πŸ™‚ Big thanks for that, cause yum! I just like to eat veggies at every meal so I can indulge in the peanut butter fingers…or sometimes they are more like huge peanut butter spoons in my case:)

  12. reminds me of my lunch kind of – i spread whole wheat bread w/ avocado & honey, and also had a hard boiled egg with purple potatoes. obviously too much carbs, but whatever, i love them so much.

  13. ewwwww somehow i posted that comment under an old account! whoops. here it is again, bc that’s gonna bug me, haha.

    reminds me of my lunch kind of – i spread whole wheat bread w/ avocado & honey, and also had a hard boiled egg with purple potatoes. obviously too much carbs, but whatever, i love them so much.

  14. I also have fruits and/or veggies with lunch and dinner but I rarely have any with breakfast!

  15. It’s usually my goal to get as many veggies in every meal. I feel better and fuller!

  16. Looks like a perfectly healthy meal in my opinion! Im like you–I like veggies at my main meals–I dont always get them in breakfast, but sometimes I can! I eat fruits throughout the day!~

  17. Although I try to sneak fruits and veggies in as much as possible, they do seem to pop up in the same meals. I usually have a banana as part of breakfast, spinach always goes in my eggs, frozen veggies for dinner, etc. I would like to add some variety to my produce intake, but hey – it’s better than nothing!

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