Forethought Makes Breakfast a Breeze

I worked up quite a sweat at the gym this morning!

I mentioned that I was beginning to feel a little restless about my cardio workouts last week so I was determined to change things up a bit today.

Throwing some intervals into the mix really fights boredom, so I completed this random workout:


  • 5 min., 4.5 pace, 5.0 incline
  • 20 min., 9.0 pace for 20 sec., 4.5 pace for 40 sec., 1.0 incline
  • 5 min., 4.5 pace, 5.0 incline


  • 20 min.

Those intervals will make ya sweat!


After sweatin’ it out, I came home to assemble my breakfast.

Last night, I made protein pancakes that I could reheat this morning to save some time.

My batter included:

  • 1 scoop All the Whey cup cake batter protein powder
  • 1/8 c. cottage cheese
  • 1 egg white

Pre-Blended Batter


I blended everything together with my immersion blender so there were no clumps remaining.

After cooking the pancakes on the griddle, I stored them in the fridge overnight.


This morning I heated the protein pancakes in the microwave and topped them with a sliced apple, cinnamon and syrup.

Apple + Cinnamon + Cup Cake Pancakes

Check Me Out

Tuesday Breakfast

A little forethought made assembling this breakfast a breeze!

Doggie Fun

  • Breakfast with Ginger

Since I know a lot of you share my love for dogs, I thought this video might make you smile.


  • The Daily Puppy

For you dog lovers out there who are unaware of this fantastic website, The Daily Puppy features pictures of a new puppy every day. (Today’s puppy is a vizsla like Sadie!)

I am clearly quite obsessed with Sadie and I even submitted her picture to The Daily Puppy  once and she made her debut on the site a little over a year ago.

I thought this site might bring you guys some joy as well!

Question of the Day

What is your favorite dog breed?

Obviously I’m going to go with the vizsla. I also love great danes, German short hair pointers, pugs and basically a bazillion other breeds. 😉

34 Responses

  1. I’m partial to Labs. We have several of them when I was growing up but I haven’t had a doggy in years, just cats!! 🙂


  2. Golden Retrievers!

  3. I’ll make pancakes and freeze them just as they come off the griddle. Then I pop them in the toaster when I want to eat them. They taste just as good as fresh.

    I love for adorable animals, including puppies. I think huskie pups are so cute. They’re borderline polar bear cubs.

  4. I love black labs mixes!! I’ve had 3 throughout my life and they’ve all been amazing!

  5. i love my bearded collies! and that breakfast sounds delicious and really easy 🙂 xoxox

  6. I had a dalmatian growing up and they are so gorgeous, but lots of work and not the nicest dog. My parents got a German shorthair this past fall and I’m in love!!!! I can’t wait to visit home again!

  7. Golden retrievers!!! My family has always had one or two in the house since well before I was born and they are the best dogs ever. Labs are great too, but really, nothing beats a Golden.

  8. Mini dachsunds and then just mutts! 🙂

  9. We have a brown lab and a blue heeler. the blue heeler is hilarious (though a bit on the hyper side) and the lab is super sweet and loyal. I love both! I also think King Charles Cavaliers and french bulldogs are super cute, but I’ve never owned a small dog.

  10. Have you ever tried spinning for cardio? I was thinking about trying it but im always afraid my legs will bulk up

  11. I LOVE love love pembroke welsh corgis. We added one to our family back in 1998 (Kirby the corgi), and they are amazing dogs. Most are really smart (sometimes too smart …) and sassy. I’ve missed him a lot since I moved away from home, and had to break out some pictures of him on my blog the other day 🙂

    Thanks for the Daily Puppy web site … how is it that I didn’t know about this?!

  12. I’m going to have to make those pancakes. I have chocolate protein powder, so I bet using that would be delicious! I LOVE that video, thanks for posting! Though I like all dogs, I’m a bit partial to Chocolate Labs…since I have one. 🙂

  13. I am and always will be an English bulldog lover. We have one that is 1 year’s old and we hope to breed her and keep one of her puppies. People always ask us, why do bulldog’s cost so much? What is so great about them? My husband and I say, well they sleep 18 hours out of the day, they can’t run much because their smashed in faces keep them from breathing properly, they snore like a human, and they are the most entertaining dog on the earth! Just looking at Bella makes me laugh. People say she’s so ugly she’s cute.

  14. Black Labs- they are always so friendly and lovable

  15. I love love love English Bulldogs, I want one sooooo badly.

  16. I love my French Bulldog!

  17. I have a specific list:
    1) English bulldog
    2) French bulldog
    3) Shiba Inu
    4) Great Dane

    Obviously there are more – I’m like you, with a jillion favorites!

    Oh and your pancakes are perfect looking! So smooth!

  18. Wow your pancakes look so much better than mine did the other day! 😉
    Looks like a good cardio workout today too!!
    I’d have to say my favorite dog is a lab…they’re just too cute 🙂

  19. i need to do intervals too these days or i get bored. i dont have treadmills with tvs anymore 😦

  20. I’m obsessed with doxies and french bulldogs. Sooooo cute, I want to smush their flat little faces!

  21. my favorite dogs are actually mixed breeds…but they have to have some lab in them 🙂 i was so obsessed with Daily Puppy that i had to stop looking at it…it was making me want another dog too badly, and we already have 2!

  22. I love all dogs, especially mutts, like my two! They are mix of everything lol!

    Those are some great pictures of Sadie, she was such an adorable puppy!

  23. i definitely love pugs (prob b/c i had one) and my new obsession is french bulldogs. the fiance seems to think they are more “manly” than pugs 😉 which means he’s more willing to walk one. i cannot wait to be settled down so i can find a dog to rescue!

  24. Well…we have a black lab and a golden retreiver…so I’m a little partial to those:)

  25. My parents have a Kerry Blue Terrier and it is so beautiful b/c it has blue skin and is big and fluffy.

    I personally like anything fluffy and small. Maltese please!!

    great workout!

  26. I love my pitbull mix 🙂 I feel very safe with her around, although I wish she would play nice with other dogs. I’m not saying I would always love to have a pitbull, but I think when they are raised correctly they make fabulous pets. I feel bad that they have such a terrible rep. If you come over to my blog I know there is a pic of her somewhere..

    Plus, she is my running buddy. I could never do that with a less active breed. As long as I am running, I need a (protective) active dog who can come with me!

  27. Border Collies! But I love all dogs.

  28. Haha- I got that in an email as well 🙂 So cute!
    My favorite dogs are Cavaliar King Charles Spaniels, but they are SO expensive….
    I also LOVE great danes, Golden Retrivers- I had one named Pancake & she was the SWEETEST thing in the world.

  29. I know I’m late to the party on this post but I saw Sadie when she was on Daily Puppy and she was/is way too cute. That is the website that I used to convince my husband to allow us to get our black lab Lucy (as of last week, the newly harnessed Lucy thanks to you!).

    I love black labs but I’m pretty much a sucker for all dogs…pugs may come in a close second.

  30. How many miles did your treadmill workout take you?

  31. I love the puppy website they are all so adorable. As far as breeds, I’m a sucker for Labs – I grew up with them and they are the most wonderful family dogs. I really border collies too – but sometimes they are almost too smart for their own good. Labs are a little dopey sometimes but always loveable. 🙂

  32. i have a vizsla… her names shiloh, so i obviously love that breed and in the past i had a german short hair pointer named koko, i guess you could say i love the “bird hunting” breed…like you I also like pugs there’s some thing about their lazy and pudgy appearence thats just so adorable. I must say though; my vizsla really helps me stay in shape 🙂

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