Flippin’ Freezing

Why are certain places always so cold?

I will admit that I am a person who feels chilly when the temperature dips below 75 degrees, but honestly it is unbelievably frigid in my office today.

As a perpetually cold person, here are the places I’ve found are always too cold:

  • Office buildings
  • Grocery stores
  • Movie theaters
  • Fancy restaurants
  • Doctor’s offices

To ward off the office chill, I took a brief break outside to feel the warm sun on my skin.

While out and about I popped into Jimmy John’s to pick up a giant chocolate chunk cookie to share with two of my coworkers, because, as I tweeted earlier, today is a “cookie eatin’ kind of day.”

When I returned to my desk, it felt colder than ever! I immediately headed into the break room to make myself a hot tumbler of Mighty Leaf chocolate mint truffle tea.

Tea + Cookie

Hot tea works wonders on a cold body!


Unfortunately I did not pack a hot lunch today to warm me from the inside, but I still managed to love every bite of my cold plate repeat.

Like last night’s dinner, I enjoyed BBQ chicken salad with freshly sliced green and red peppers on the side.

BBQ Chicken Salad + Melba Snacks


Wednesday's Lunch

I included several whole grain Melba Snacks in my lunch to dip in the chicken salad.

Whole Grain Melba Snacks

We had these little toastettes leftover from our BBQ on Saturday. Unfortunately, when they’re not topped with cheese, they are simply not good. 😦

I ate about half of them before my mouth wanted to shrivel up into a dehydrated cocoon. I have a feeling I would enjoy the white cheddar Melba Snacks flavor much more.

Aside from the dry toasties, this lunch was tasty!

Of Possible Interest

(Great quote from the above article: “Communication is a big part of our staying married all these years. But as I get older, not being able to hear so much plays a big part, too.” – Morgan Barokas, married to his wife Barbara for 54 years)

Question of the Afternoon

Are you always hot, always cold or just riiiiight?

23 Responses

  1. I’m always always cold at work, I think it’s so we don’t fall asleep at our desks. I bring an extra sweater everywhere I go.

  2. Always Cold- Always SO cold! My Mom has terrible circulation and I inherited it. SO even though it is 70 out today I am freezing and can’t feel my feet YUCK! I’m like Kelly but I also always have to have socks and gloves cause my feet and hands are always freezing

  3. I’m always cold!! I attribute it to the fact that I grew up in Scottsdale, AZ and I’m used (and actually enjoy) the hot summers of about 110 degrees. Plus, my dad has bad circulation, so I think I caught it from him! 🙂

  4. Yesssss….I HATE how cold buildings are in the summer!! I have to take a sweater to the grocery store in July!

  5. My office is always freezing. Most people have a sweater.. I have a blanket and a heating pad. It is not unusual to see me rocking BOTH of these at my desk even then it’s 90’s outside. It’s totally ridiculous. And, I would always rather be hot than cold, so it REALLY sucks for me!
    FYI, my dog has the same harness as Sadie, and I love love it. She’s 85 pounds and pulls like crazy, and the harness has really helped!

  6. i think I tend to be more cold than hot most of the time! grocery are terrible when it cmes to being cold! i always try to remember a sweatshirt or jacket when I go!! they are flippin freezing!! 🙂
    where I work is always cool too, given, I work in a corporate fitness center so they keep it cool, but stillllllll!
    taht mint truffle tea is so good!

  7. Alllllllllllllways cold!!! I have poor circulation, so my fingers & toes get completely numb & I’m pretty much useless. Fun stuff!

  8. i’m pretty warm natured, but there are times when i’m freezing my tail off! i hate that…

  9. I am constantly COLD. I always keep a sweater or long sleeves with me during the summer because, you’re right…buildings always crank up the AC!
    I also have raynaud’s disease, which causes me to lose the circulation in my fingers and toes when I get chilly. It can be so annoying!

  10. I’m always freezing, which is why I drink about 15 cups of tea a day. I’m not sure why my office needs to be at subzero temperatures but I have a theory about experiments in cryogenic freezing. Add to that list the mall or stores in summer.

    I don’t get the reasoning, but I think it goes something like this: Hey, it’s so hot out that people are probably wearing shorts and tank tops. Maybe it’d be a good idea to turn the temperature down to 30. That way, when they come in with their skimpy summer clothes they can turn blue and almost freeze.

  11. Ha! I keep a heater in my office! And just had a conversation with someone about why I never where dresses to work…it is too cold in here!

  12. I totally hear you on always being cold! I’ve been like that my whole life!

    First thing every morning I put on my uggs and make hot cawf – even if its 90 degrees outside!

  13. I am always cold too. And I agree – movie theatres, doc offices, and grocery stores are the worst culprits. I don’t like having to carry a jacket when it’s summer.

    Since it’s a cookie eating kind of day I have to get on that. 😀

  14. I’m ALWAYS cold, especially in office buildings! At one of my jobs, I had a blanket and a sweater in my filing cabinet that I had to pull out countless times! I used to park my car in the sun so that after I finished work, it would be roasting inside and I could have a nice warm drive home! 🙂

  15. i’m always cold! my office is an igloo in the middle of a tropical island. i really need to invest in a little heater to put under my desk.

    ooh. speaking of starbucks frappuccinos…do you like it now that they changed the way they make it???

  16. I’m almost always cold too! And I agree completely with your list, all of those places are always cold. I went to lunch today and opted to sit outside just to avoid the chilly interior.

  17. I am ALWAYS cold!!! Really, unless I’m laying on a beach in the Bahamas in late July, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that I am freezing. Today I was at a meeting and when I got done, I ran into my car and blasted the heat.

  18. I totally agree with you…I’m always cold too. You are right on with that list. When I used to work in an office, I would have a small heater at my desk. That saved my life!

  19. i am cold ALL the time! well even more in the summer because the a/c is on everywhere haha it makes for not fun dressing to go to work when you can’t wear cute summer dresses without a winter coat!

  20. I always heard that fast food chains keep it cold inside so you eat, then leave… fast!

  21. I’m forever cold… I have to take a sweater with me every where i go!

  22. […] My cold bloodedness was absolutely thriving at work today. Why must office buildings be so darn cold? […]

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