Another Protein Pancake Success

I love protein pancakes and have enjoyed several different variations of the protein-packed breakfast cakes, which I have featured on this blog:

Today’s breakfast was very similar to the chocolate protein pancakes I’ve made before, but I changed the recipe up a bit, and thankfully it worked!

Today my recipe included:


I blended everything together with an immersion blender until the batter was smooth and thick.

I sprayed my hot griddle with cooking spray and held my breath as the pancakes cooked, hoping that the batter would turn into legitimate pancakes, and not prove too goopy or soft.

Thankfully after about four minutes, I had chocolate protein pancakes that tasted light and sweet.

Chocolate Ricotta Protein Pancakes

I topped the ‘cakes with a sliced frozen banana and syrup before demolishing them in a most ladylike way. 😉

Banana + Syrup

Gooey Goodness

I enjoyed the chocolate ricotta protein pancakes with a tumbler full of my gym’s free Barnie’s cinnamon butter cookie coffee.

Tuesday's Breakfast

(Thanks to my sister for my new tumbler! I love it!!! 😀 )

This breakfast was a hit after a sch-weaty workout at the gym this morning.


My workout was another cardio hodgepodge:

  • 15 min. arc trainer
  • 15 min. adaptive motion trainer
  • 20 min. elliptical

I’m getting a little bored of my cardio workouts, even when I change them up and add in circuits or outdoor runs.

I start training for the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in June and I think that will help me feel like I have something to work toward. Plus, I’m looking forward to running with two of my girlfriends as we train together which should make things more fun!

Question of the Day

What do you do when you start to get bored of your workout routine?

22 Responses

  1. It looks so yummy. My baby gonna love this recipe. It’s so nutritious. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We should get together sometime and you can do an Insanity workout with me! My friend Becca started doing them too and I have her hooked. Best cardio around!

    I haven’t made protein pancakes in forever! I need to get on that!

  3. your protein pancakes sound great! When I get bored with my workout routine, I try new classes at the gym.

  4. I haven’t had a protein pancake in soooo long. I am craving one now!

  5. I made protein pancakes this morning! Great minds think a like. I think the 1/2 training will help a ton–you will have a goal in mind, and that makes the world of difference.

  6. YUM- I have never had protein pancakes, but I think I will try your recipe asap!!
    As for workouts, I usually look online for some new workout ideas- or google the best exercise books. I actually just picked one up yeterday- The New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women that has a 4 month weight training plan for women. Also…if you really want to switch things up- I recommend Jillian Michael’s Making the Cut book with the workouts in it. They are great because they combine weight training & cardio- I really like them!!

  7. That tumbler is very cute!! And your pancakes look delicious!

  8. Those pancakes look lovely! I’d like to ask you a question, how do you freeze your bananas? Do you slice them first, then freeze them or freeze the banana whole? If whole, then with or without the peel? I froze one whole before in the peel and when it defrosts its mush which is fine because I use it on oatmeal, but I’d like to freeze them like yours sometime as well.

    By the way, I love how Sadie is turned looking at the camera like everyone else in your party pictures from yesterday. Too cute!

    Thank you!

    • i peel the banana first & then freeze it. i have an awesome knife that my mom gave me for christmas that can easily slice through frozen bananas, so i use that to slice them up after they’re already frozen. i find that it helps prevent freezer burn.

      oh & i totally noticed that about sadie, too. she’s such a little ham.

  9. When I get bored with my training I change up my running route, try a new cardio machine at the gym and research a new weight lifting program to follow. I think you 1/2 marathon training will be a great change up:)

  10. I love protein pancakes, but I need to try them with ricotta. It sounds good. When I get bored of my gym routine I don’t go as often. Not a good way to handle it. What I should do is mix things up.

  11. I get bored of cardio machine workouts also. Marathon training will be a good change of pace!

  12. I enjoy working out, but I love that I’m training for the Chicago Rock N’ Roll- it makes it that much more fun to think I’m working towards it!

  13. mmm these look delicious! I might need to try your protein powder b/c I love my Amazing Grass Chocolate Meal but not enough to feature it in a pancake!

  14. Our protein princess strikes again! Thank you for giving me yet another nom nom recipe to try!

  15. Brilliant idea! I may have to try this over the weekend!

    And when I get bore working out? Get a friend in the gym with me or try a new class.

  16. Mmmm, never tried the protein pancakes but I think I might have to! Looks so quick and easy 🙂

    I always try to keep my week filled with a variation of workouts, including different classes and different cario machines. I also tear out just about every workout I find in my different magazines, and I have a huge folder FULL of different ideas! When I get bored, I just flip through until I find one that interests me 🙂

  17. i try and play a sport (like tennis, basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, etc)! the competitive nature gets me going hard the whole time and you have a blast doing it with friends!

  18. Yum! Those look great!

  19. I’m doing the Chicago Rock and Roll half as well! What made you decide to go all the way to Chicago? My sister in law lives there and it is a super fun city. It will be my first half marathon and I just started training!

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