Once it Hits Your Lips!

It tastes so good! Once it hits your lips!

Beer Fest was a success!


But let’s back up a bit first!

Pre-Beer Fest BBQ

Around noon, our friends began arriving at our apartment for a pre-Beer Fest BBQ.

Say Cheese!


We had lots of yummy eats on hand, and I definitely enjoyed my fair share of the goods.

The Spread

We also had food on other tables and in the fridge, too. There was plenty  to go around!

After drinking and nibbling on snacks for a bit, the guys headed out to grill and I got to work pullin’ the chicken we had cooking in the crock pot.

I made myself a BBQ pulled chicken sandwich which I enjoyed with several fresh veggie skewers and a double chocolate chip cookie.

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Cookie Monster

I also had an Oreo ball and several helpings of tortilla chips with chili dip and Ryan’s guacamole which went undocumented.

Eventually it was time to head out!

We arrived early, but a long line was already forming.

Ready for Beer!

Fortunately once the line got moving, we made it thought the line fairly quickly and had a cold beer in our hands in no time.

My friend Laurel and I were both intrigued by a wheel you could spin to win a prize and had a go right away!

Our “surprize bags” prize packs weren’t as awesome as we’d hoped, but I did get a granola bar!

Granola Bar!

I’ll be honest, I ate about half before abandoning the bar for the good stuff (like beer and greasy festival grub).

Lovin' the Shepherd's Pie

My friend Pete and I enjoyed the shepherd’s pie quite a bit.

Pete + Merri

Me + Ryan

Me + Ryan + Mouse Pad

After sampling quite a few brews, I decided that my favorites were pretty darn feminine.

Call me the girliest beer-drinker ever, but my favorite drinks of the festival were the blueberry beer and the Mike’s Crantini malt cocktail.

What can I say? I like things sweet!

Headed Home

We headed home from Beer Fest and upon our arrival I hit up the kitchen for some of the remaining goodies… namely, avocado salsa dip.


This dip is my favorite. It tastes so fresh and delicious and it’s healthy to boot!

To make the dip, you simply chop up two avocados and stir in a half of a jar of salsa. The combination is fantastic and the avocado chunks are definitely the best part.

I am now chillin’ on the couch while Ryan flips back and forth between Man v. Food (My fav!) and Star Wars (Which I’ve never seen. :/ ).

One of our friends told us that Sadie looks like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars.

See a resemblance?

Jar Jar Binks


I’m not gonna lie, I kinda do… 😉

Well, I’m off!

I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!

27 Responses

  1. woah! what a tongue! that’s like a giraffe’s tongue! haha
    glad you had fun at beer fest! and i love shepards pie too (altho vegetarian style by Amy’s Kitchen!)
    -Lisa 🙂

  2. I’m not a huge fan of beer but going to a beer garden sounds like it would be so much fun!

    I have to agree, Sadie does kind of look a bit like Jar Jar Binks, except she’s a cuter version.

  3. Looks like you guys had a fun time! Your yellow dress is adorable! =)

  4. Looks fun 🙂 I didn’t even realize the Beer Fest was this weekend- was thinking it was next weekend.
    Glad you both had a good time 🙂 & all of your food looks yummy!!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun. And I have never seen Star Wars either.

  6. Haha, I think Sadie has Jar Jar Binks beat in the tongue-length competition! :-p

    Looks like you had fun! I agree about drinks–they’ve got to be sweeet!

  7. What a fun day! And I totally see some Jar Jar in Sade 😉 Still cute, of course!

    You’re beautiful and your friends are as well – hope ya’ll have an awesome rest of the weekend with lots more chips and dip 🙂

  8. Let me tell you, I have a blueberry beer that I am completely obsessed with! SO GOOD! Totally girly, but hey, it’s ok to like girly beer 😉

  9. What a fun day! Sadie totally looks like Jar Jar Binks! Ha, love it.

  10. gorgeous pics! looks so much fun! xx

  11. Looks like you had a blast!!!! LOVE your yellow dress btw 🙂 So perdyyy!

  12. Looks like some good food! Still got my eye on those oreo balls!! hehe!!

    I made your flourless peanut butter cookies the other night!! Words cannot explainnn how amazing they were!! They are all gone! haha~

    Also I was wondering how long it took you to be able to run 5 miles!

    thanks Julie! 😀

  13. I only like sweet alcholic drinks too. I’m not a girly girl either so I think it’s just my love of sugar haha!

    I’m the only person on earth who thinks Jar Jar Binks is cute so I think Sadie is just adorable!

  14. That picture of Sadie is a definite framer! I like sweet drinks too, but I also love my beer! The real stuff always tastes better than light, though my stomach always hates me after drinking it! Glad you had such a fun time, I love the pic of you and Ryan with the mouse pad!

  15. Dude, no guilt for liking girly beer. It’s still beer for goodness sake 🙂 one of the best beers I ever had was the “bluebeery ale” at boston brewing company. so amazing. they would put a big spoon of blueberries in there too to float around in your glass. That alone made it awesome.

  16. you are so gorgeous!
    I LOVE all your pictures. seriously looks like such a fun time! 😀

  17. SWEET jeebus at that pup’s tongue, lol. That dog needs to hit up the KISS tour.

    Beer festivals, or any local fest with adult beverages, are a blast. Glad y’all had fun.. ridiculous!

  18. Wow, your spread looks delicious! I can’t say I am a beer drinker (just something about the smell I think!), but I’ve never tried a Mike’s Crantini – that sounds a little more like it would be something I’d like! Looks like an awesome time! 🙂

  19. I LOVE your dress! where did you get it??

  20. Hahaa love the Jar Jar comparison! Sadie’s a pretty girl not a monster 😉 I’m loving the pictures and Ryan’s yummy dip! SOO GOOD!

  21. Haha, Sadie is much cuter than Jar Jar.

    Looks like a fun time at Beer Fest.

  22. […] to join several of our friends for a camping trip, complete with lots of s’mores, hot dogs, beer and all-around unhealthy […]

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