Guess whose book signing I attended after work today?

If you guessed The Pioneer Woman judging by my post title, you are correct!

The Pioneer Woman Book Signing

In case you’re in the dark about the fabulousness of The Pioneer Woman, she is the author of an amazing blog and a fantastic cookbook.

I drove to the Barnes and Noble near my apartment after work, and arrived just before 6 p.m. when the book signing was supposed to start.

When I realized the entire second floor of the store was closed off for the signing and the long line continued on the first floor my heart sank a little. So many people turned up to see Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman herself.

Long Liiiiine

Since I didn’t want to be there for hours, I stayed to listen to her speak and didn’t wait what would have easily been 2+ hours to get my book signed. Ree answered a lot of questions from the audience and was funny, personable and fun to listen to. I wish I could have met her face-to-face! Stupid long lines…


After my little field trip, I headed home to get started on dinner while Ryan was out walking Sadie.

Ever since I received the huge box of pasta to sample from Monterey Pasta Company last week, the spinach & cheese ravioli has been callin’ my name from the fridge.

Ravioli Makes Me Smile

Monterey Pasta Company Ravioli

Since I love colorful pasta, I knew from the start I’d probably be a fan of these green ravioli poofs.

Each little poof was stuffed to the brim with spinach and cheese. The flavor was savory and cheesy.

I included steamed broccoli in my ravioli bowl to add a little more color and nutrition to the dish.

Dinner Time

My Bowl

Of course I topped everything with marinara sauce.

Stirred Up

Dinner = Delish!

Questions of the Night

Have you ever been to a book signing? Whose book signing would you like to attend?

28 Responses

  1. That is still so cool that you’d love to go! I wish she’d come to Pittsburgh. 🙂

  2. JEALOUS!!!! Ree was in Seattle about a month ago and I decided not to go after hearing how bad the lines were. I was kicking myself for that decision by the next day!

  3. It’s amazing how many people “know” her, you know what I mean? She’s famous everywhere, it’s so neat!

  4. Love Ree! Her posts make me giggle 🙂

    I would love to go to Giada de Laurentis’ book signing . . . I just think she’s so beautiful & sweet & I love her shows & books! I know she’s on tour, but hasn’t made it anywhere nearby.

    • oooh that’s a good one. i watched giada every day after work when i was running on the treadmill training for my first half marathon when i first graduated college.

  5. What a great night!! So awesome that you got the chance to attend this event. 🙂

  6. I’ve never been to a book signing. I think I’d like to to a Giada book signing as well!!

  7. i think i would die of happiness if she’d come to denver…PLUS my hubby just got me the book yesterday, so i’m all excited about it now 🙂

  8. I have never been to a book signing but I think it would be really cool! That green is a GREAT color on you!!

  9. I’ve never been to a book signing either, but I am a huge fan of Jodi Picoult, so meeting her would be awesome!

  10. Love PW! She is awesome.

    I met Stephanie Meyer at a book signing for her Twilight series. It was cool, a bunch a screaming girls and maybe a few guys. I told her that I named my guitar after Edward, and how much I like to strum him up. Ha, how embarrassing.

  11. Oh wow that is a beautifully colored dinner bowl! You sure do love your pasta bowls. Nothing beats spinach and cheese though.. so I will give it to you :o)

    Oh awesome.. I have never been to a book signing.

  12. I’ve never been to a book signing, but Rachael Ray was here at Sur la Table. I would’ve loved to go, but I didn’t know about it until the day after 😦 I’m not her biggest fan, but it would’ve been fun

  13. I actually went to Ree’s signing here in Houston… so much fun – I loved it!! It was back in December.

    And if you got there tonight to get your book, etc., I’d almost guarantee you’d be there for 4+ hours. I think her ‘fame’ has even taken her by surprise. My friends and I made an afternoon of it and just had fun, but we knew what to expect going in to it…

  14. I’m SOOOO jealous! The Pioneer Woman is absolutely my favorite ever, but I just don’t foresee her coming down to Louisiana any time soon.

  15. I was there at B/N tonight for the signing. I got there at 5:40 and didn’t get out until 9:40 :-\

    I SWEAR I saw you at one point, but I didn’t want to say anything and creep you out (“OMG Julie! Hiiiii!”).

    I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay, but I decided to commit. Ree is so nice 🙂

  16. I’d love to meet Ree. I missed her when she came to Seattle! I’ve been to other book signings/readings. I love hearing about things from the author’s perspective.

  17. I’ve never been to a book signing but I would LOVE to get a book signed by Brendan Brazier, Kelley Armstrong, Kate Elliott or Michael Pollan. One day.. 🙂

    That’s disappointing that you didn’t get to meet Ree but at least you had the opportunity to hear her speak!

  18. Did you see CaitlinHTP? I didn’t know you lived in Orlando TOO! : )

  19. The ravioli looks great, fresh pasta is so good. I’ve not been to a book signing, and I hadn’t heard of the pioneer woman, i’m going to look her up today.

  20. I’ve never been to a book signing, but I would love to go to Chelsea Handler’s book signing- I think she is hilarious!!

  21. Very cool about the book signing but yeah what a LONG LINE!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!! I would love to go to A book Signing by Michael Polan!!! Maybe one day!!!

    You always look so pretty girl and you have the best style!!

  22. I have been to 3 book signings: Carmen Electra (stupid book, by the way!), Valerie Bertinelli (love her!), and Paula Deen (really love her!)

    My book signing wish list is: Judy Blume (fave childhood author), Molly Wizenberg, and Giada

    • i was (& still am) obsessed with judy blume books when i was growing up. she’s the best!

  23. Found your blog while looking for other people who attended Ree’s event last night.

    Love your cute and happy style 🙂

  24. […] Greek Yogurt Pancakes Posted on May 30, 2010 by peanutbutterfingers A couple of weeks ago I went to a book signing at Barnes and Noble for The Pioneer Woman‘s […]

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