A Morning Hunt

This morning began with a hunt.

On the Prowl

Can you spot Sadie’s prey?

Ryan and I laugh every time a squirrel enters our backyard because Sadie goes into instant hunting dog mode. She creeps up on the unsuspecting squirrel ever-so-quietly, only to prance up to it at the end, scarring it off.

She has yet to get close enough to pounce.


Maybe I should put my hunting skills to the test and hunt for a new workout outfit when I take a yoga class.

White running skirt + Power yoga class = Complete fail

Bad Idea

I tried to be all SkinnyRunner-ish this morning and wear the running skirt I bought back in February that has been collecting dust in my closet.

Let me just say that the teeny built-in white super thin spandex shorts underneath the skirt don’t leave much to the imagination when you throw your legs above your head in an attempt to do a headstand. Hellllllo hiney!

Aside from my poor outfit selection, my workout was a good one. I began my sweat-session with a BodyPump class and concluded my workout with a 45-minute power yoga class.

I’m so glad I found a yoga class and instructor I really like. Too bad the class schedule at my gym is changing next week and the Wednesday morning class is cancelled. 😦

Fortunately I got a schedule from the teacher of her classes at local gyms so I hope to attend a power yoga class at least once a week. I think I keep going back for the poses that really stretch out my hips. They feel amazing!


This morning I took my favorite breakfast photo of all time.

I made myself a yogurt bowl which included Kellogg’s Special K granola that Ryan had leftover from his hiking trip this past weekend.

As I went to snap a picture of the granola box, a little friend decided to hop in the picture:

Granola + Potty Time

As I’ve said before, “My dog likes to potty all the time… potty all the time… potty all the time…” 😀

Sadie clearly has no regard for important blog breakfast photos. Or she hates Kellogg’s granola. Not sure which one…

Cinnamon Pretzels + Granola + Pear + Yogurt

My yogurt bowl was filled to the brim with:

Come Cloooooser

This bowl was the perfect combination of smooth and crunchy, but I’m not sure how I feel about pear slices mixed into my yogurt bowl. They were kinda funky and I think I’ll be sticking to berries or another less-soft fruit in the future.

Question of the Day

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction at the gym?

32 Responses

  1. I think I may have to order those pretzels…

  2. hahahahaha that picture is a classic. so hilarious. i wish my dog would use the b-room outside more often and not right in front of the door.

    mmm love me some kay’s cinnamon sticks!! that makes me think i want to restock my kays supply

    have a good one girl 🙂

    • hahaha right in front of the door? you have a little charmer on your hands, don’t you? 😉

  3. I didn’t wear a bra one time under my tank top (it had a built in bra) and I was freezing the entire time…and you could definitely tell! I felt like everyone was staring at my ‘girls’!

    • that happened to me once, so i picked a treadmill that faced out… and wouldn’t you know, a trainer at the gym picked that day to come talk to me for like 15 minutes! i was holding my hands in front of my chest & must’ve looked like a complete fool.

  4. Haaaa you have obviously had a hilarious morning! Love the photo bomb courtesy of Sadie.

    I don’t THINK I’ve ever had a wardrobe malfunction, but I always get nervous when I’m doing stretches post-workout. Esp. the inner thigh stretch…yikes!

  5. omg I need those cinnamon pretzels! YUM! Are they as good as they look?

    this is kind of disgusting, but Ive told this story on my blog before, so I’ll tell it again. Ok, when I wear capris to the gym, I usually dont wear underwear—tjhey just bug me. But, for some reason, I wore them one night. I was running a mile on the treadmill and I really had to pee, but I wanted to finish strong so I pushed hard and did it. Then, ran to the bathroom. Completely forgot that I had my underwear on and pulled my pants but but not the undies and peed all over em. Total Fail. I threw the panties away and went back to my business.

  6. I love that picture. Makes me miss my dogs so much. Their favorite thing to do is sit on top of me, my mom, and my sister (these are like 100-pound dogs) on the couch until all of our legs fall asleep and it hurts to move, and then drop THE must unpleasant doggy fart bombs. It is the grossest thing ever. Yet I love them anyawys.

  7. LOVE that pic of Sadie and the granola, too funny. Once I was out of clean running shorts with built in underwear, so I just threw on a pair of baggy basketball shorts from high school. Kind of forgot just how loose they were when I was doing abs, and then I realized I was flashing everyone in the gym my pink undies and butt cheeks while doing bicycles…

  8. i once forgot a sports bra! that was a baddddddd…I also HATE running in running shorts , something about them rubs me the wrong way…I much prefer spandex!!

    that breakfast looks so good!

  9. I LOVED Kellogs granola until I realized it had HFCS. ick

  10. nice work on the butt shot in class! oh wait, is that suppose to be a bad thing?!? oops…

  11. I just bought my first running skirt (thanks Skinny Runner). I hope it works out : )

    I wish I had time in the a.m. for a complete workout like you do – Body Pump + yoga sounds like a perfect way to jump start your day!

  12. More of an after gym issue, I had forgot pants to wear to work that day. I had to show up to work in Nike shorts and a suit jacket until Macy’s opened at 10am. So embarrassing!

  13. Well,I have a lot of embarrassing stories about workouts and lousy clothing.
    Last week, I went on a run in a shorts really too big that kept falling of me…
    Imagine the scene, me running, trying to pull up my pants as high as possible…
    awful, but at least I wasn’t bored 😀

  14. haha, that photo is hilarious! i love the color of your workout top!

  15. Despite the wardrobe malfunction, I think your outfit is adorable!

  16. I have yet to try that granola but it sounds good!!

    Haha the picture of Sadie made me literally LOL!

  17. I’ve definitely had a wardrobe malfunction at the gym. Usually I just wear whatever I feel like wearing and at the time I just grabbed an old shirt. I didn’t notice until I got home that the shirt has a hole right in the boob area. Oops.

    My dog is squirrel crazy too! The only downside is that she actually DOES manage to catch them on occasion.

  18. Wow, breakfast sounds great. Cinnamon pretzels? Yes, please!

  19. I am teaching Pump in a skort. It has lycra shorts underneath it and it’s black. During my Pump course, our teacher was telling us all sorts of wardrobe malfunction stories – his favourite was about a male instructor teaching the class in very short running shorts without any underwear on – yes, not much was left to an imagination! I don’t think I would have survived that class! 😉

  20. I love my running skirt but I honestly never use it to run or workout in. I usually pull it on when I want to be comfortable but still want to look somewhat cute! It is more like my “errand” running skirt! 🙂

  21. I wore a great pair of new black workout capris to Body Pump once and once I got home, I realized when the material stretched it was see-through. I was in the front of the class doing squats and am pretty sure my booty showed throught hte material when I bent down and it stretched. Oops! Those have been reserved for running ever since.

  22. Oh boy, that picture of Sadie is hilarious! 🙂
    I just finished up a box of the Special K granola, and I’m not sure it was my favorite. What do you think of it?

  23. I’ve yet to have any major malfunctions at the gym..but I did forget a hair tie on a run once and improvised by tying my hair back with a sweatshirt string.

  24. I once wore a cut up tshirt to lift one day and forgot to shave the pits. Manly workout that day

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