Peanut Butter Buddies

Meet my peanut butter buddy!

"I Love PB Almost as Much as My Mama!"

Sadie and I were peanut butter buddies this morning. As I enjoyed a peanut butter finger, Sadie enjoyed a peanut butter spoon (or two).


I had to spoil Sadie a little bit because I’m going to miss her so much this weekend!

Ryan is taking Sadie up to the Appalachian mountains to go hiking with his dad and his friend Terry, while I head to Jacksonville to spend the weekend with my family. Being away from Ryan makes me sad, and when I don’t have Sadie with me either it’s like a double blow.

At least I have a fantastic and fun family to hang with! 😀


If you didn’t already guess, peanut butter made a starring debut in my breakfast this morning.

Creamy PB

I topped a honey wheat Arnold sandwich thin with the creamy goodness and microwaved frozen banana slices.


Open Faced PB & B

The banana was hot and gooey and tasted extra sweet.

PB 'n' B

Elvis would be proud of this breakfast. 😉


My workout began with an early morning BodyPump class. We had a substitute instructor who decided to do an old throw-back release, which was a neat surprise. I love challenging my muscles in new ways and this release definitely did that.

The throw-back release was easier on the lunges and squat tracks, but my biceps, triceps and chest we killin’ me! I actually increased my weight by five pounds during the chest track. I figured I should give it a go since the release we’ve been working on has a really challenging chest track.

Post ‘Pump, I headed home and leashed Sadie up for an easy, breezy 20 minute run around the lake by our apartment. She seemed to enjoy it and I relished my last moments with my lil’ girl for the weekend. 🙂

A big spoonful of peanut butter was Sadie’s post-run reward.

Worth the Run

Question of the Day

Do you treat yourself to something especially yummy after a tough workout?

I usually eat similar things regardless of the difficulty of my workout. However, after running in a race I always eat a BIG breakfast with dippy eggs, toast, fruit and whatever else I’m cravin’ at the time (like whipped cream, straight out of the can).

29 Responses

  1. Hmmm…I don’t think I usually consciously treat myself after a hard workout…but I usually eat an extra snack or two, without really thinking about it 🙂

  2. That’s funny that Sadie likes peanut butter as much as you…I guess it’s true when they say dogs and their owners are alike! 😉

    I tend to eat the same foods after a tougher workout, but if I feel like my body needs extra calories/nutrients, I tend to honor it.

  3. Yup, last nights dinner was a reward for hard work at PT

  4. Yep, my tough workouts always get rewarded with big lovely breakfasts! I usually have an enormous protein smoothie of some sort, fruit, something eggy (like an egg white omelette), or pancakes if I’m feeling super proud of myself (and have the time!). Enjoy your weekend with your family!!

  5. after a tough workout its a protein shake for me!! usually with some kashi puffs on top for that high GI carb intake post workout! if it is just a nice, not so tough workout, I just eat my next meal whatever that may be!

  6. usually I just eat my typical breakfasts (still delicious though!) but when I am home with my parents and we go to the gym together on the weekend, we usually go out for breakfast, which is a nice treat! 🙂

  7. After a big 10K race, I love to come home to a big breakfast of pancakes and eggs!! But most of the time I just eat the same things I would normally eat for breakfast.

  8. That doggie pic up top is SO cute!!! Ah, I’m such a sucker, I always give in and throw them some of what I’m eating 😉

    My favourite thing to think about while working out is what I’m going to make to eat when I’m done. Depends on how creative I’m feeling that day! It’s got to be big and filling, and include a piece of chocolate for dessert 😉

  9. After workouts, I don’t really eat that differently. But I agree with you- after races, it’s so on! I do a big breakfast! And no holding back… even if I only ran a 5k- it’s a celebration!

  10. I usually eat the same thing too. After a race it is usually closer to lunch time, so I might eat a little bigger than normal lunch..for race days. 🙂 But for typical workout days, regardless of their difficulty, I just stick to the same things.

  11. peanut butter is definitely my post work out treat!

  12. I guess I’m a creature of habit…I usually eat the same things regardless of difficulty of my workout. 🙂

  13. Aww Sadie is adorable! And after tough workouts sometimes my “reward” is almond butter straight from the jar. It’s protein ANd it’s delicious 🙂

  14. I totally call them dippy eggs, and up till now I thought only my best friend and I called them that. Every time I say it, people look at me like I’m a moron.

    Sadie is SUPER adorable 🙂

  15. Great qusetion. Funnily enough, I think I eat more healthily when I have a great workout. This is why I love exercising so much, the more I do it the healthier I feel and the healthier decisiosn I make 🙂

  16. After a long solo run or a big race I will often treat myself to a nice (meaning yummy, not $$$) brunch, sometimes even including a bloody mary or mimosa! You’ve got to make it fun sometimes, right?

  17. You and I would be good friends in “real life.” Both me and my dog, Diesel, love peanut butter too! Whenever we leave him alone, we put peanut butter in one of his toys to occupy him and whenever I’m using the peanut butter, he thinks he’s getting some too. 🙂 I also recently discovered that he loves pumpkin too…as do I. Happy Friday!

  18. No Ryan and no Sadie??? ACK!

  19. Boomer loves PB too!

    I don’t reward myself.

  20. After a marathon I crave french fries! I actually get really upset if I don’t get them!

  21. I don’t consciously treat myself, but I definitely make an effort to eat more healthy stuff to replenish!! There’s an Elvis sandwich at the PB&Co. store in NYC 🙂

  22. Get real, we all know you aren’t really eating those “peanutbutter fingers”.

    • Why don’t you go elsewhere Carem? Your comments aren’t appreciated.

      • apparently video proof is needed? 🙂 believe it or not, i do eat the peanut butter fingers. i think smearing the peanut butter off of my finger & back into the jar would be going to a little too much trouble.

  23. Aw, my doggie loves a pb finger (and spoon) as well!

  24. I pretty much eat the same regardless, but I tend to eat much larger breakfasts than the rest of my meals because they come right after my AM workout and I’m usually starving!

  25. I generally eat the same things, but if it is a REALLY intense workout I want a big breakfast. That is why during comp prep my breakfast was by far the biggest meal of the day.

  26. I used to use workouts just as an excuse to indulge in something higher in calories, but I’ve gotten better in reminding myself about not wanting to counteract all of my hard work with 10 minutes of indulgent eating! I will still supplement more intense workout with more calories to keep my fueled.
    Microwaved frozen banana slices?!? Never thought of that! 😛

  27. it depends on what i’m in the mood for…sometimes all i really want is a super-healthy breakfast, but if i’m craving a treat i don’t mind getting it after a grueling workout 🙂

    sadie is too adorable! my pups LOVE peanut butter too…all i have to do is open the jar and my big lab starts drooling uncontrollably 🙂

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