Noodle Bowl + Top Baby Names

Only one noodle bowl for lunch this week? What is up with me!?

At least I got it it in before the week was over!

Veggies + Cheese + Noodles

Today’s pasta surprise contained:

  • Carba Nada egg fettuccine noodles
  • Roased eggplant
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Steamed cauliflower
  • 1 oz. Brie cheese
  • One Laughing Cow light original Swiss cheese wedge

Noodle Bowl

Close Up

It was a cheesy veggie delight!

I have never tried Brie cheese in a pasta dish and it really stood out against the veggies and the noodles. Brie is the BEST!

Also, thank you to those of your who let me know that the “coating” (as I called it) on the outside of Brie cheese is known as the rind when I mentioned it the other day. Apparently I’m quite French since I like it eat the rind like they do. ; )

Oui, oui!

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Top Baby Names

According to a new article released by the Associated Press, Isabella and Jacob are the top baby names of 2009. (Twilight, anyone!?)

Here are the top 10 boy and girl names of 2009:

(Courtesy of the Dept. of Social Security)

What are your favorite boy and girl names from the top 10?

From the top 10, I’d have to say my favorites are Jacob and Emma. So original! 😉

37 Responses

  1. Vito!!! I loveee that name if it’s a boy! For a girl, I too, love Isabella!

  2. Haha love the Twilight reference 😉 I like Joshua, Abigail, and Madison.
    That pasta bowl sounds AWESOME! I’ve never had brie in pasta either but I can imagine how incredible it must be!

  3. I love Noah! I was set on naming a boy that. But I don’t want him to have the same name as everyone else!

  4. I’m not feeling any of the boy names on that list…looks like our “Drake” didn’t make the list:( As for the girls, I’ve always like Sophia. Right now I can’t even imagine having a girl!

  5. I love Sophia! I eat the brie cheese rind also – are you not supposed to? It’s not hard or weird, I just took it as part of the cheese 🙂

  6. my boss just had a baby and named it JAYDEN! i was like ‘what kinda name is that??’

    apparently a popular one…

  7. oh and everyone needs to go to my blog and then link on over to another blog for a great running nutrition giveaway :o)

  8. how fun! i actually don’t like any of the boy’s names at all, but i love Chloe, Olivia, Sophia, and Mia on the girl’s side!

  9. My name made #6!! It was #1 for awhile though… hehe! 😉

    I love classic names like Jane, Anna, Grace… Jack, Tom, Alex… 🙂

  10. Thanks for the heads up on Starbucks! What a deal. I don’t think I have any favorite names…I’m kinda fond of “Sara” though. 🙂

  11. from the top ten i like ethan and olivia 🙂

  12. What a lovely looking salad. Love the use of the eggplant:)

    I like Daniel and Isabella 🙂

  13. Well Julie, I tell ya this much. Finishing up my externship as an ultrasound student, I’ve not heard one of those names, though I have heard PLENTY of different ones. Parents that have named their kids after UFC fighters, cars (like Chevy) Disney characters (Snow White) (Yes, I am serious)…and my favorite? When they say “well, we haven’t decided yet, but we want it to be really different. Something no one has ever heard before. We’re going to make it up.” Yes…I do believe that’s my favorite part of a scan now! 🙂

  14. I LOVE THAT TWILIGHT NAMES ARE NUMBER ONE ON THE LIST! Does it make me weird that that’s totally what I want to name my children once that day arrives? I’m sure my future husband will loooooove that!

  15. I like Emma and Olivia…and my new niece is named Sophie, so that’s a fave, obviously 🙂

  16. Grr…I love the name Madison, but I don’t want my kid to be one of 10 Madison’s in her class. Maybe it will fall off the list in the next few yrs 🙂

  17. My dog Sophia made the list haha! 😉

    I like the names Anthony and Olivia

  18. From the ist, I really like Ethan & Ava. Looove the Twilight reference. Can’t wait for Eclipse to come out!!!!!

  19. Yum on that noodle bowl. Love eggplan!

  20. Noah is very cute and I really like and I think Abigail- I loved Abigail Adams as a kid so that one stands out

  21. Ava and Alexander, but I would do it the french way, Alexandre.

  22. From the list, I really like Jayden & Madison.
    I’ve always really loved the name Taylor for a girl though 🙂

  23. So weird, I know 4 people that had babies in 2009 and the babies names are: William, Alex, Olivia, and Mia. ALL on the list!! My favorites are Joshua and Emma.

  24. I think I like Ethan and Chloe from that list–although, I doubt I’d name my baby either one of those!

  25. Noah and Emma! I love both of those!

  26. It’s funny how baby name trends follow popular movies and shows. Emma from Friends, Jacob and Isabella. I also remember when Tristan got really popular after Brad Pitt played one in Legends of the Fall. Crazy!

    I like Jacob, Noah (which I started to really like after The Notebook), Emily, and Mia from the list

  27. there were like 5 “Katie”s in my high school graduating class (of less than 100 students) not including the Katherine’s and Katelyns. I love how the older generation has all flower names like Rose and Lilly

  28. I used to love the name Isabella before Twilight!! Now I just think it’s kinda creepy that so many people name their kids after her- I understand fanaticism, but that’s just extreme! I like Michael and Abigail the best- can you tell I love classic names?

  29. hmmmmm – out of those top names I would have to say Joshua and Ava! Not telling u my fave names – you might pinch them , but that would be ok cause we live in diff countries 😉 And besides I am pinching your dog – I have decided when I get a dog I am getting a hungarian Vizsla and calling her Bangles! lol
    Hello btw – I am from Australia and found your blog about two weeks ago. I am a natural figure bodybuilder and am dieting for my 2010 season – as often happens I end up tralling the internet for good food blogs – I always read KERFs and now yours! I love your hilarious posts about your beautiful puppy, your awesome food creations (I also tried Reeses peanut butter cup – dark choc after reading about it on your blog – oooooooooooh my…… I love nut butters, esp almond butter – I am almond butter fingers) I love reading about your ‘exciting’ life – cause right now – all I am about is dieting and training, lmao
    So thank you! May God bless you and your gorgeous little family especially as you emark on married life soon xx

  30. I’d say Sophia and Ethan! 🙂

  31. Oh I love William and Sophia!

  32. I love baby name lists! When I was 12 I bought a name book at a garage sale and my family teased that I was hiding a baby from them…I would sit with that book for hours, making long lists of names and grouping them together in “families.” Haha.

    Of the Top 10 above, my favorites are Alexander (probably because it’s a family name) and Emily. William and Emma both come in a close second!

  33. What a yummy looking noodle bowl, I love eggplant…and brie!! I like the rind too!!

    I’ve always loved the name London for a boy. A little untraditional but I think it’s so cute and totally original!

  34. Isabella! It’s my baby sisters name and she is the light of my life!

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