Save the Date Pictures

After work our backyard became the site of an intense photo shoot!

Ryan and I went the do-it-yourself route and got friendly with the self timer on my camera to take some photos of us for our save the dates.

You’d think that after 6+ years together we would have a picture we could use already, but none of our current pictures seemed quite right. We needed a romantic picture without anyone or anything distracting in the background, which is much harder to come by than you might think.

Even though it was 90+ degrees outside, we took picture after picture and eventually found a winner!

Here are some of the pictures that didn’t make the cut, starting with the one I found the most hilarious:

Lots of Action

We had to throw toys for Sadie to make her run out of the pictures. Sometimes we didn’t make it in time. 😉


Gimme da Kisses!

And, for your viewing pleasure, the winning picture that will be featured in our save the dates:

The Winner

I love this one because Ryan turned his head to look at me like that at the last minute. We didn’t plan for that pose, but I love the way it turned out! I think he looks so cute!


After sweating and smiling in the backyard, we were ready for dinner!

What to do when you’re hungry and want dinner fast? Pasta!

Monterey Pasta Company Lobster Ravioli

Ryan and I bought this ravioli (my favorite!) on sale at the grocery store on Sunday for buy one get one free! Gotta love that!

I actually also received a huge package from Monterey Pasta Company (Thank you, Rachel!) filled with a bunch of different pastas to try, but those will have to wait for another day since we had some of their fantastic lobster ravioli on hand already!

Big Box!

Apparently Moneterey Pasta Company got wind of my minor obsession with their ravioli.;)

The lobster ravioli cooked up in a flash.

Ravioli Poofs

I topped the pasta with roasted cauliflower and yellow squash before pouring marinara sauce on top of everything.



Ravioli Bowl

As always, this ravioli hit the spot! I love how they actually include real lobster in the ravioli poofs (I think it’s the second ingredient right after the actual pasta shell). YUM.


Dessert tonight was super simple and super delicious!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I brought home a couple of cookies from work today and enjoyed two chocolate chips cookies after dinner.

I think I could give the cookie monster a run for his money… 😉

I’m off to watch the Magic game with Ryan while reading the first book in the Percy Jackson series. Any Percy Jackson fans out there?

65 Responses

  1. Love the picture!!

  2. You two are absolutely ADORABLE together!! I kind of love that first picture with Sadie, too- definitely a framer! Your save the dates are going to turn out beautifully!!

  3. Super cute picture, I love the way he’s looking at you!! Way to go on the box of pasta, awesome gift!

  4. Aww, these are so adorable!!!! 🙂 I remember doing our engagement pics and my hubby complained the entire time, until our photo started shooting. All of a sudden, he became a male model. He LOVED it! But would never admit it. 😉

  5. I love that picture! Adorable!

  6. LOVE your winning picture! You guys are too cute 🙂
    The cookie monster “ain’t got nothin’ on us”! 😉

  7. That picture is so cute! It looks professional! Nice work. I love lobster ravioli!!!

  8. Julie, that picture is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I’m your “save the date” cards are going to be awesome. You’ve always been so creative!!! I can’t wait to see them.

  9. Love the pic! But why don’t you have your engagement ring on?

    I haven’t tried this pasta, but need to!

    • it totally looks like that doesn’t it!? i am actually wearing it, but i think the diamond is twisted & since the band is so thin, you can’t really see it.

  10. Love the picture, it turned out really well!

  11. I actually love the first pic the best!!

    Seriously though, what did it take you two 5 minutes to get a ridiculously good pic? You are guys are crazy good looking!!! You’re gonna have supermodel children….

  12. Love the picture! It looks professional and adorable. You have inspired me 😉 I think my fiance is going to have to figure out the self timer this weekend….haha.

  13. omg, you two are just way too cute! i love the picture. candids are the best. i love when you catch people smiling at eachother or laughing…it’s so perfect 🙂

  14. SUCH a cute pic! Even better that it was capturing a “moment!!” Good work 🙂

  15. Awww…I LOVE the winning picture of you & Ryan! You are seriously the cutest couple! 🙂

    I was actually shopping at Super Target yesterday and spotted your beloved Monterey Pasta Company ravioli! I ALMOST bought it but wasn’t sure which kind to get! lol Maybe next time! 😉

  16. I love the pic!! I had wanted to try that lobster pasta but I assumed it wouldn’t be very good. I think I may need to try it now!

  17. ahh beautiful pictures.. you guys are such a hot couple for real… finding a good picture could not have taken that long!

  18. Love that first picture! You guys are such a beautiful couple couldn’t have been too hard to get a good picture.

    Dinner looks delicious, love me some pasta.

  19. I love the WINNER pic!!!!! He is gazing at you and you look SO happy! Perfect 🙂

  20. Ahh that picture is SO cute!! well really they all are, congrats on finding a winner though!

  21. Cute LOVE it

  22. You guys are wonderful, and that ravioli looks great, I love how you bulk it up with veggies!

  23. I just came across your blog through Gabriela’s! You and Ryan are adorable! 🙂

    Your eats look great as well!

  24. Congrats! I am a pretty new reader and had no idea. You two are so sweet together!

    Have a good night!

  25. great pictures, Sadie is adorable too. You guys look so happy together.

    I loved the Percy Jackson series. I may be 23 an all, but kids fantasy is way better than any literature written for adults. I mean nothing beats Harry Potter in my book.

    • haha yeah i feel like i’m reading a book for a 12 year old, but i love it!

  26. LOVE the picture! it shows how in love and happy you are 🙂 you’re both cute!!

    i could definitely crush cookie monster in a contest.. as long as the cookies were chocolate chip or white chocolate macadamia 😉

  27. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe those were self-timed. The winner is a ten star! It’s so adorable – love love love.

  28. gorgeous pic of you two! xx

  29. You winning picture is so pretty!
    Yes, I am a Percy Jackson fan. I enjoy Greek mythology. 🙂 I thought the movie was pretty good as well.

  30. Great picture!

  31. I love your save the date picture!

  32. That is such a cute picture! Just goes to show you don’t need to spend a lot to have a beatiful wedding. Keep up the good work, I’m loving all the wedding updates!

  33. That is a great picture!!! I love it! 🙂

  34. Precious pics, can’t wait to see the final product! How do you do your hair in all the humidity, lol 🙂

  35. your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  36. super cute pic Julie!

  37. those pictures are AWESOME! you guys are so cute 🙂

    also, i would die from sheer joy if i ever received a box FULL of pasta like that! holy YUM!

  38. I love that picture! It’s too cute. You guys look great together. Hey Julie, I know this must get annoying to have people ask you all the time, but your dress is EXACTLY what I’m looking for for my graduation in a couple weeks. I love it! Can you tell me where you found it? Oh and you look great in it, obvi. 😉

    • not annoying at all!! 🙂 it’s a calvin klein dress, but i bought it at marshall’s (pretty recently, too!).

  39. Beautiful photos! I love when an accidental photo becomes one of the best.

  40. The winning photo is AWESOME! SO beautiful! Good choice! 🙂

  41. P.S. I think I have that dress, or a similar CK one…I got it at TJ Maxx 🙂

  42. Awwww that picture is PRECIOUS!!!

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  44. Oh my gosh, how many pictures did you end up taking? It would have taken me at least…50. Or more…haha :). The one you guys chose looks great!

    • we took a bunch… maybe 25 or so? it took us a while to get the hang of the self timer! 🙂

  45. the pictures turned out great! nice job photographers 🙂

  46. the pictures turned out great! nice job photographers 🙂

  47. Aww I actually think the one with Sadie in it is so endearing! I see why you chose the last one though…it looks very polished!

  48. You guys look GREAT! Looking at these pictures made me giddy. I hope someday I find someone I’m that happy with 🙂

  49. Adorable. I love the one you choose!

  50. freaking adorable!!

  51. I love that picture!! Very sweet and perfect for a save the date. I love how you did your own pictures, too.

    Awesome on the big package of goodies.

  52. Congrats on some very nice pictures! May I ask how you style your hair? I try to achieve that curled-on-the-ends look with my flat iron, but it never looks that perfect!

    • try looking up tutorials on youtube! they really helped me out a lot. i just youtube-ed “curling your hair with a straightener” and followed the tutorials. it took A LOT of practice & several burnt fingers to figure it out! 🙂

  53. […] since I received the huge box of pasta to sample from Monterey Pasta Company last week, the spinach & cheese ravioli has been […]

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