A Night In

Tonight Ryan and I felt like enjoying a night in. 

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a Friday night, curled up on the couch watching Say Yes to the Dress (or flipping back and forth between my wedding TV and Ryan’s basketball games). 

A New Find 

When I got off work today, we ran some errands and I found something awfully special in the check out aisle of one of the stores: 

Strawberry + PB

New strawberried peanut butter M&Ms

My friend Merri told me about these about a week or so ago and I thought I’d never find them! The flavor combination sounds kinda funky, but of course I had to try them! 


The verdict? They were delicious and the flavor definitely leaned toward the peanut butter side more than the strawberry side (which was fine by me!). 


After enjoying two small handfuls of the new M&Ms, it was dinner time! 

I went the lazy girl’s route for dinner tonight and microwaved an Amy’s frozen tofu vegetable lasagna

Amy's Tofu Vegetable Lasagna


The cheese on the top got stuck on the wrapping, but have no fear! I licked it off. 🙂 



This was one heck of a tasty frozen entree. It was about 10,000 time tastier than the Amy’s enchiladas we had for dinner last week. 


After dinner, Ryan said he was craving some cookie dough. I was in the baking mood so I took it as a sign to make some homemade oatmeal white chocolate chunk cookies. 

I followed a basic recipe for oatmeal cookies (but substituted oil for the shortening) and added chopped white chocolate candy melts. 

White Chocolate Candy Melts


Chopped White Chocolate

The dough was sweet and hit the spot! Ryan and I both ate several spoonfuls before I baked a batch of the cookies for approximately 10 minutes.  

Oatmeal Cookie Dough

Freshly Baked Cookies

The Cookie Monster Strikes Again

Nothing smells better than cookies baking in the oven. 

I actually managed to pace myself on the cookie dough and had plenty of room for a decent-sized cookie when they were done baking. Yum!

I’m off to enjoy the company of my lil’ family and rest up for Sadie’s big day at the Doggie Derby tomorrow morning.


11 Responses

  1. I seriously miss Peanut Butter M&M’s like no other.

  2. Sometimes a night in can be great! And amys makes any night better:)

  3. oh.em.geeee! i have been searching endlessly for those m&ms! my friend told me about them and i can’t find them! now i at least know what the bag looks like. hahaha. all i seem to find are the coconut flavored ones!

  4. Those cookies look wonderful! Would you mind posting the recipe? I tried to stick my little face up there nice and close…but it just didn’t work all that well!

  5. Strawberry PB M&Ms?!?! Oh em gee.

  6. I just found your blog today and well you are on my google reader now! Your engagement was so adorable! Your a lucky gal!

  7. I’m also staying in tonight and baking! In fact, I just looked up your meringue cookie recipe and am going to give them a try! I’ve never made meringues before, so it’s going to be quite an experiment. 🙂 The oatmeal-white chocolate combo looks great!

  8. p.s. the meringues just came out of the oven and they’re yummy–very light and tasty!

  9. I had coconut M&Ms a couple of months ago..they were on sale for a dollar. I thought they’d be really strange, but they were actually really really good!

  10. YAY for oatmeal cookies! I celebrated National Oatmeal Cookie day yesterday too 🙂
    I’ve seen those M&M’s at the store and was wondering how they tasted…guess I’ll have to grab a bag now! 😉

  11. I never had those come to my hometown, but I have had to pretzel M&M’s and they are awesome!! 🙂

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