“My Dog Likes To Potty All The Time”

My girl likes to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time…

I had this song in my head on my morning run with Sadie, except I subbed out “girl” for “dog” and “party” for “potty.”

Sadie was a pee machine! I think we stopped at least five times during our 5.14 mile run. (Do you like how I now know the exact distance of my runs? Yay, Garmin!)


I think all of Sadie’s potty breaks made me feel extra thirsty, because I downed two glasses of water right we we got home.

After a lightning-fast shower, I was ready for breakfast!

I couldn’t wait to try the Naturally More peanut butter Janetha sent to me to try.

Naturally More Peanut Butter

After stirring it up, I spread it on a toasted sweet wheat Alternative Bagel.

Holy Deliciousness

PB Topped Bagel

You know I enjoyed a peanut butter finger (or two) in the process…


On the side of my peanut butter bagel, I included a handful of roasted peanuts and a bag of Brothers-All-Natural Asian pear crisps.

Roasted Peanuts


Apparently I was in quite the nutty mood! Peanut butter + roasted peanuts = Fantastic breakfast.

Question of the Day

Do you eat food straight out of the container, or always make it a point to serve your food on a plate or in a bowl?

I really try to enjoy my meals on a plate or in a bowl, but a lot of my snacks (like nuts and peanut butter fingers) are enjoyed right outta the bowl, box or jar.

29 Responses

  1. I’m really wanting a Garmin and am going to start saving up to get it! I still may get that smaller cheaper version though–what do you think??

    And I eat out of the jar a lot :). sometimes you just have to!

  2. I love Naturally More! It’s my fave PB!

  3. Often I don’t spend the time to put something on a plate. It’s a habit I’m working on… sort of.

    And the dogs I’m watching right now are out of control with their peeing. They’re like a coffee machine with a constant drip… ugh.

  4. What a yummy (& nutty) breakfast! You are too cute….love your outfit! 🙂

    I try to eat my food on a plate or bowl, but I admit that a lot of times I get impatient and sneak in a few bites of nuts, veggies, etc! It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who struggles with this!

    Hope you have a great day, Jules!!

  5. I’m like you– my meals are on plates, but a lot of my snacks are just in the hand 🙂

    I think Baxter tries to pee at least twenty-five times on every walk we take him on. Damn male dog, marking his spot! 🙂

  6. I’m probably half and half…usually on a plate, but definitely just grab out of the bag if I’m in a hurry!

    Hey – just noticed you’ll need to update your “about me” section on the right of your page…it still says your 24!

  7. I usually use a plate for meals, but will eat a snack right out of the container.

    I always wonder if you’re going to get absolutely sick of peanut butter one day and start to hate it, but it really doesn’t seem like that will be happening any time soon. I’ve really never heard of someone loving it as much as you!

  8. haha- love the new song you made this morning 🙂
    I try to put all of my food on plates/ bowls…but sometimes when hunger hits & I have to eat immediately, I tend to eat straight out of the container/ jar 🙂

  9. Depends what it is. Meals are usually plated while snack are eaten straight from their containers.

  10. I do both…sometimes I eat out of the jar..other times I am a bit more polite and scoop some out 🙂

  11. ever since i started blogging i try to plate my food, but there are definitely times where i just stick my finger (or spoon or fork) in and eat out of the container 🙂

  12. I have to say to the com mentor above I am sure I love pb as much as julie I have to eat it every day I once tried to not buy any so I wouldn’t eat it so much I failed miserably! Yea for pb!

  13. Hahah love your version of the song!
    I just got a garmin and I’m so excited to try it out.
    As for your question, I don’t usually eat things straight from the jar, but sometimes I can’t help it. Its no biggie!

  14. I want to save up for a Garmin – or will wish it as a Christmas present? I feel slightly lame coming up with Christmas presents’ list already though. 😉
    It depends on how hungry I am. I tend to sometimes just open it and eat it without bothering to dish it out. When I’m less hungry, I am usually a bit more civilized. 🙂

  15. i love naturally more!!! it’s perfect for oats too since it’s kinda drippy. love the flaxy texture! yumy!

    i don’t plate everything but i am trying to make a more conscious effort to do so because i feel that i am more fulfilled eating a plated meal then sneaking in snacks quickly without mindfully enjoying the food

  16. I love naturally moreee!

  17. That’s the peanutbutter I use JB! It’s pretty good, low in sugar which I like in my PB. Can’t wait for our dinner plans tonight 🙂

  18. It depends…if it is supposed to be eaten out of the container like yogurt then I will. But usually I will use a plate and make it pretty! 🙂 But I definitely engage in a few PB fingers too!! haha!

  19. For meals I definitely always use a plate or bowl, but for things like chips or things that are easily grab-able (not a word, obviously) I will just take a handful and put the container away. It keeps me from eating too much of it! ha

    You always have such cute work outfits on! My work wardrobe has been suffering lately with the season change…oops.

  20. I typically eat off of a plate or outta a bowl, but fingers in the nut butter jar are not unheard of it my house. Or even necessarily rare 🙂

  21. I try my best to eat from a plate/bowl/glass, but sometimes it’s hard to avoid! A couple of my biggest hurdles are my Kashi crackers (SO addicting), homemade chex mix (luckily I don’t make it very often), and my Blizzard Butter (YUM!) 🙂

  22. Dogs are pretty amazing animals, right? You can easily train them, work with them and make friends with them. But that does not really apply to all because there are some dogs out there that tend to become very strict and they only obey to their owners.

    It is nice to know that despite of the fact that they can hurt people, many individuals still love to have one. It is their cuteness and their charm that makes people want to have them while they are still puppies.

  23. Julie,
    I’m debating on ordering some of these alternative bagels online, since I don’t have a location near me. To order them online, it’s going to cost me almost the same amount in shipping as it will to order them! Sooo, I was wondering…would you recommend giving them a try? Are they worth double the price for shipping? haha
    I LOVE bagels, and if I could find some that actually taste GOOD at half the calories, I wanna give ’em a try! 🙂


    • hmmm… i’m not sure if they’re worth the cost of ordering them. they’re definitely tasty, but aren’t anything mindblowing. i wouldn’t pay double for them. hope this helps!

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  25. […] Our run was more of a stop-start-stop-start run than a steady paced run due to my running buddy who likes to potty all the time. […]

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