Yoga: I Actually Enjoyed It

Something amazing happened this morning.

I took a yoga class and actually enjoyed it.

Yogi Julie

(You have my permission to point and laugh at the above picture. I posted it solely for your enjoyment. 😉 )

In the past I have not enjoyed yoga. At all. Not even a little bit.

I’ve tried to get into it, but I have a hard time keeping my mind quiet and enjoying the poses and stretching. I’m sure the fact that I’m terribly inflexible doesn’t help, either.

In past yoga classes, I feel like I’ve always been next to someone from Cirque du Soleil or something. Of course their extreme flexibility makes me feel insecure as I wobble around and strain to simply touch my toes.

Today’s class was different.

I took a power yoga class and before the class began, I approached the instructor to express my concerns about yoga, but also my desire to incorporate more stretching into my fitness routine.

In my previous attempts at yoga, I’ve tried to blend into the class.  This time, however, I found that talking with the instructor ahead of time made her more aware of the presence of a “beginner.” Throughout the class she offered modifications to the more difficult poses, which I really appreciated.

I left the class feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and even elongated. My back and hips really appreciated the extra stretching!


(Thanks, Mama, for my new green sweater!)


I actually took my typical BodyPump class before yoga this morning, which was a great start to the morning. After only a week off from the class, I am already feeling more sore than usual. There’s no substitute for the ‘Pump, I guess!


Breakfast today was a W-I-N-N-E-R.

I started by making French toast strips by tearing apart a Joseph’s Lavash Bread and dunking it in a mixture of egg whites and cinnamon.

French Toast Strips

I warmed up a sliced Gala apple in the microwave to add on top of the French toast strips for a fruity punch of flavor.


After layering the French toasts strips with the apple pieces, I topped everything with nutmeg and syrup.

My Plate

Come Closer!

The addition of nutmeg really made this dish for me. I flippin’ love that spice!

Question of the Day

Do you enjoy yoga?

41 Responses

  1. I’ve taken two yoga classes in my life. Once in college (which I wasn’t a huge fan of at all) and one a few months ago. I have to say….the second time wasn’t so bad. I’m more of a “needs to sweat girl” in order to feel like I’ve really worked out hard…but the next day after yoga I have to admit I was sore. That must mean I did something right huh? 🙂

    • this was always such a huge thing for me, too! i really like intense workouts that make me drip in sweat. 🙂

  2. Love! Love yoga! I didn’t previously like it either because I am high-strung and need to be movin. I have found now that it is good for me to have a moment of peace and quiet and has taught me to take it down a notch. I couldn’t solely do yoga for exercise, but I enjoy it as an addition

  3. I only do yoga with a bit of strength-training, so YES I love it 🙂

  4. LOVE yoga!!!! I too was in the same boat as you. I felt like it was a waste of my time and I looked like a freakshow because of how inflexible I was. But then I decided to try a power yoga class like you and I loved it! If you like power yoga then you would also enjoy Bikram (supa hot yoga), vinyasa, or ashtanga yoga. They are all a great workouts and leave you feeling stretched to the max and relaxed. Bikram is a very hard workout so I wouldn’t do BodyPump before doing that one 🙂

    Have a great day chica!

  5. i’m so glad you enjoyed your yoga class! i love it too…it makes me feel so calm and beautiful 🙂

  6. Yoga is my stress reliever, it helps me unplug and I love the workout I get from it. Especially Yoga Sculpt and Hot Yoga.

  7. It’s so funny you posted about this because I was just talking to my fitness instructor at the gym about how I can’t get into yoga. I usually like it when I take a class, but I always feel like I’d rather be working up a sweat. I guess taking a class before, especially one that makes you sore is a good idea! Those french toast strips look delish- this weekend I coated light wheat bread in a mixture of egg white and 1/2 scoop of bsn lean dessert cinnamon roll protein powder. The PP made a wonderful crust on the toast- you should try it!

    Have a good day pretty! And happy belated Bday!

  8. I’ve tried yoga and it’s not my favorite.. I like fast paced workouts so much. Though yoga is a totally different kind of workout. I’ve usually done it once or twice before giving up for awhile so I want to commit to more regular classes this summer though, and see if it changes my mind.

  9. Glad you liked your yoga class! It’s been hard for me to find yoga classes that I like. The best one that I’ve ever had was a hot yoga class…in Seattle! Dang it! Too far, I suppose 🙂

  10. girl you inspire me to do more yoga!! im not a big yoga chica.. but i wish i was!

  11. i havent ever gotten into yoga but I know its SO good to do once in while! I love bikram (HOT) yoga! because I know i will sweat 🙂

  12. I’ve taken yoga once – and it just wasn’t my thing. But after reading “healthy living” blogs, I want to give it a try again. I guess when I work out, I like to feel like I’m “working out.” Maybe I need to folow in your footsteps.

  13. I’ve never taken a yoga class but I can’t wait to try it out once I can exercise again! And Body Pump too!
    Ahh nutmeg makes all things better!

  14. YUMMY breakfast!! My only question is, did you eat it with a fork or your fingers? Haha it looks a little bit messy!

    I am a huge fan of yoga but haven’t taken a class in over a year. I really miss it and am so glad you enjoyed your yogi side!

  15. This is too funny- I’ve never been a yoga fan, but I went this morning too! I don’t think I’ll ever be a yogi, but sometimes it’s nice to get a little more stretching in 🙂

    I’m dying to try Body Pump, I wish my gym offered it 😦 Hope you have a great day!!

  16. I love yoga too 🙂 I’m just no that flexible, so a lot of the moves are so hard for me. It is quite the workout though 🙂

    I’m really thinking of joining a Body Pump class here, I checked them out and we have a few 🙂

    Have a great day!


  17. Hey Julie,

    Could you possibly do a post on your morning and evening routine? I’d love to know how you manage to devote so much time to working out and making breakfast before work (and always look so cute!). Thanks!

  18. I’ve only tried yoga twice, and I found it hard to “clear my mind” but you’ve inspired me to give it another go 😉

  19. I’ve been a Yoga teacher for the past 5 years and I love teaching it AND taking classes. It’s a wonderful experience to be able to calm your mind and relax.

    I’m glad you had a nice class today! 🙂

  20. I haven’t ever done yoga…it doesn’t appeal to me at all. I know it would probably FEEL really good but I just have to get myself to actually go! haha!

  21. Isn’t yoga so freeing? I always love how I feel after I do it. It always takes me a pep talk to actually do yoga, but once I start, I don’t want to stop.

    Love the idea for the breakfast!!! That looks awesome.

    Hope you are having a great week!!!

  22. I’m absolutely addicted to it! I got hooked onto Ashtanga yoga when I was 18. Power yoga is simply the “Americanized” form of Ashtanga yoga (the traditional one). Now I practice at least 3 times a week in the morning in the privacy of my dorm room 🙂 Not only does Ashtanga calm me, I sweat like crazy! After three years, I am sooo much more flexible, and my core and arms are well-toned.

  23. I always feel more stretched out afterward, but I have really bad balance so I feel like i’m struggling the whole way through.

  24. Like a couple of these lovely ladies, I have to say I haven’t managed yet to fall in love with yoga. I’ve tried – I did ashtanga yoga at a studio across the street from where I used to work for about 2 months, but I found it so repetitive and I got really bored! I’m definitely willing to give hot yoga a chance though… it’s on my to-do’s, and like you said, I know my body could use the stretching!! Glad you had an awesome workout! 🙂

  25. I hated yoga for the longest time. I think it’s just about finding the right class/instructor. I just love the stretching, it always feels sooo good!

  26. I’ve only recently gotten into yoga. I still don’t LOVE it as much as my normal workouts, but I can definitely feel the benefits and so will keep it in my routine. And I do enjoy how I feel more confident after a yoga class for some reason. And empowered or something.

    PS – The green looks GREAT on you. 🙂

  27. i really like yoga! i’m not very good at it though, but i find it enjoyable and try to go once a week. 🙂

  28. Love Yoga. I find it very relaxing.

  29. I don’t do too much yoga, I’m more of a pilates person. However, that being said, if I could find a yoga routine that I enjoyed, or had a yoga buddy to go with, I’d most likely change my mind!
    I also like the idea of seeing your morning routine…if I were to try to fit in 2 classes at the gym on a work morning, I think I’d have to get up by about 4am! 😮

    • yeah i took back-to-back classes (from 5:45 a.m. – 7:30 – yoga was only 45 mins.). any lag time in between would have made me feel rushed!

  30. I love ashtanga-vinyasa yoga. Some people call it power yoga – it has a lot of sequences (a lot of sun salutations etc) and they are all done to the rhythm of your breathing. I love how it grounds me. I get to work a lot of sweat but also ease off my mind.
    I agree with you that a week off from Pup can be quite felt. It’s amazing how much it pushes us, hey?

  31. My husband and father-in-law still think it’s called Circus Ole instead of Cirque du Soleil. I laugh every time they say it…

    I’ve only taken a yoga class once and I just couldn’t shut my mind off. That plus all the “ohm”s and the instructor spritzing everyone with lavender oil at the end made me never want to return. Of course that was a class in Hawaii so I’m sure Colorado has something much different to offer.

  32. Hey Julie,
    Glad you had a nice yoga experience. I LOVE yoga. It is my way of unwinding and getting stretched. To me, it doesn’t count as my workout for the day. Like you, I do my yoga classes AFTER my workout, cardio or a class at The Firm (which I think sounds a lot like da PUMP.) Check out both places here!

  33. Yay for giving yoga another try!!!! I’m with you on not always having enjoyed it but it really IS a great opportunity to stretch and do something calmer and different.
    Your lavash french toast looks amazinggg!!!! 🙂

  34. […] wasn’t until I took a yoga class with an instructor who offered modifications to more advanced yoga poses and was constantly telling the class to practice yoga in the way that […]

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