50 Best Restaurants in the World

Sometimes the simplest lunches are the most delicious.

I am not a fan of regular hummus (it’s too bland for me), but roasted red pepper hummus is a whole different story.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus = Yum

I first discovered roasted red pepper hummus when the lovely free sample lady at Publix offered it to me on a pretzel chip.

It was like a flavor explosion!

(Side note: I would love to be the free sample lady as my retirement job one day.)

For today’s lunch, I smeared the hummus on a toasted sweet wheat Alternative bagel and topped the other half with roasted zucchini which I had leftover from last night’s dinner.

Hummus + Zucchini + Bagel

Lunch Time!

On the side of my hummus and zucchini bagelwich, I snacked on a bag of Brothers-All-Natural apple crisps.

Apple Crisps

My friend Minda gave me a bunch of these a while ago because she wasn’t a fan, but I think they’re light, airy and delicious.

Plus, I love the ingredient list!

Only One Ingredient

Sweet deal, huh?

50 Best Restaurants in the World

Today CNN released a list of the 50 best restaurants in the world.

The restaurants that made the list include:

1) Noma (Copenhagen, Denmark)

2) El Bulli (Roses, Spain)

3) The Fat Duck (Bray, England)

4) El Celler de Can Roca (Girona, Spain)

5) Mugaritz (Errenteria, Spain)

6) Osteria Francescana (Modena, Italy)

7) Alinea (Chicago, Illinois)

8 ) Daniel (New York)

9) Arzak (San Sebastián, Spain)

10) Per Se (New York)

11) Le Chateaubriand (Paris, France)

12) La Colombe (Cape Town, South Africa)

13) Pierre Gagnaire (Paris, France)

14) L’Hotel de Ville – Philippe Rochat (Crissier, Switzerland)

15) Le Bernardin (New York)

16) L’Astrance (Paris, France)

17) Hof Van Cleve (Kruishoutem, Belgium)

18) D.O.M. (São Paolo, Brazil)

19) Oud Sluis (Sluis, Netherlands)

20) Le Calandre (Rubano, Italy)

21) Steirereck (Vienna, Austria)

22) Vendôme (Bergisch Gladbach, Germany)

23) Chef Dominique (Helsinki, Finland)

24) Les Créations de Narisawa (Tokyo, Japan)

25) Mathias Dahlgren (Stockholm, Sweden)

26) Momofuku Ssäm Bar (New York)

27) Quay Restaurant (Sydney, Australia)

28) Iggy’s (Singapore)

29) L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (Paris, France)

30) Schloss Schauenstein (Fürstenau, Switzerland)

31) Le Quartier Français (Franschhoek, South Africa)

32) The French Laundry (Yountville, California)

33) Martin Berasategui (Lasarte-oria, Spain)

34) Aqua (Bath, England)

35) Combal Zero (Rivoli, Italy)

36) Dal Pescatore (Montava, Italy)

37) De Librije (Zwolle, Netherlands)

38) Tetsuya’s (Sydney, Australia)

39) Jaan Par Andre (Singapore)

40) Il Canto (Siena, Italy)

41) Alain Ducasse Au Plaza Athénée (Paris, France)

42) Oaxen Krog (Oaxen, Sweden)

43) St. John (London, England)

44) La Maison Troisgros (Roanne, France)

45) wd~50 (New York)

46) Biko (Mexico City, Mexico)

47) Die Schwarzwaldstube (Baiersbronn, Germany)

48) Nihonryori RyuGin (Tokyo, Japan)

49) Hibiscus (London, England)

50) Eleven Madison Park (New York)

Have you been to any of them? What restaurant do you think should be included on the list?

I haven’t been to any of them. Something to add to my to-do list, I guess! 😉

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28 Responses

  1. WOW…I haven’t been to any either. It kind of surprised me how there weren’t a lot of US places on the list!

  2. Never been to any of those…but there used to be an Iggy’s by my college campus (it recently closed.) It was a cheap Mexican restaurant…NOT the same thing as is on the list, but still awesome. haha 😀

  3. I haven’t been to any of them. I’m so un-cultured!

  4. I’ve been to Daniel in NY…it was wonderful!

    I knew what MOST of the things were in the dish I ordered but I did have to have the server explain a few items. Oops…guess I’m not as cultured as I would like!

  5. I’ve never been to any of them, I need to get traveling it looks like.

  6. Wow– I haven’t been to any of them…they all sound so exotic!

  7. I haven’t been to any of them, but I guess my best bet is French Laundry since it seems to be the only west coast restaurant on the list. Definitely a goal to shoot for!

  8. I have been to 3 of them- Chicago, 1 in Paris and 1 in New York.

  9. i’ve never been to any of those cities sadly 😦 although I will say that there are some FABULOUS restaurants in colorado that could be pretty high up there (in my opinion)

  10. I’m saving up to with my best friend to French Laundry sometime before we turn 40!

  11. No, I have not been to any of them! I think I’m missing out!

  12. That lunch is right up my alley! I eat hummus almost everyday, and roasted red pepper is my favorite!
    I’ve never been to any of those restaurants either…bummer! Maybe someday 🙂

  13. i havent been to any of them!!! ahh I love hummus, i could eat it all day..there are so many different flavored ones that you would LOVE…I am a huge fan of artichoke and spinach hummus!

  14. Although I haved travelled to most of those countries I haven’t been to any of those restaurants. Good excuse to go back:)

  15. i am addicted to roasted red pepper sabra hummus lately 🙂

  16. I’ve been to The French Laundry, but I didn’t eat there! I am going back to Napa when I am 21 and I plan on eating there. It would seriously make my whole year:)

  17. I have officially not visited one on that amazing list. Dern! One that should be on the list…Rockit Bar and Grill in Chitown. AMAZING! Total Nom.

  18. Wow! almost no restaurants in America…crazy! I’ve never been to any of them

  19. I went to Daniel in NY when I was probably 13 or 14. I wish I’d been more appreciative then, because I’d love to go back now!! There’s a restaurant here in NYC called Sho that Zagat actually ranks higher than Daniel, and I went there for my mom’s birthday this year and was AMAZED. Definitely a splurge, but it was a dinner to remember!!

  20. Hi Julie~

    I’ve been reading your blog non-stop for a while now and am FINALLY posting my first comment!

    Your blog is amazing and you are too cute! You motivate me every single day with your wonderful posts! Keep up the great work 🙂


  21. I’ve been to Momofuku Ssam bar. Best meal I’ve ever had! I also sat at a table next to 50 cent which was wild.

  22. My boyfriend and I are saving up (50 bucks per month for the last year a piece) to go to French Laundry for his 25th birthday. We are huge foodies and huge advocates of local and slow foods, so it seems like the perfect gift to ourselves, even if dinner there is likely to come to roughly 800$ for the 2 of us. Otherwise I haven’t been to any of those restaurants… Though I would love to go.

    I also just wanted to say that I recently stumbled across your blog and I love it! I love your energy and the love-of-life your emit across your blog. Best of luck and I will certainly continue reading!

  23. Of course I’ve been to zero of those. My favorite meals are probably the simplest, but plain old vanilla is okay with me. Thanks for pointing these out

  24. YUMM-O!
    That roasted pepper hummus bagel looked SO good!
    Dee-lish 😀
    Loved the restaurant list!
    São Paulo´s in there! And I know D.O.M. restaurant, even though I´ve never been there. São Paulo is as so close to Rio as NY is to Boston… or something like that 🙂
    Have a great night, Julie!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  25. Dang..most of them are abroad!! I live in Chicago so I need to make it to Alinea at some point. I’ve heard mixed reviews though. Some people say it’s “amazing” and other say it’s just trying too hard to be contemporary, modern and “cool.” It better be worth my $200/person!!

    I got my 31 cent scoop (or two) of fro yo today 🙂

  26. i’m moving to NY next year and this list makes me extra excited about it! NY is all over the top 50 restaurants list! mmm can’t wait

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