PB & J Sliders

Breakfast was tasty (homemade Belgian waffles with strawberries, syrup and whipped cream), but let’s speed through that and get to my latest brainstorm…

Belgian Waffles with Sliced Strawberries, Whipped Cream and Syrup

PBF Breakthrough

I’m sure you’ve heard of sliders… little mini hamburgers or pulled pork sandwiches often served at restaurants as appetizers?

I think I may be getting wiser in my (almost) old age (I’ll be 25 on Tuesday), because I had a brainstorm today!

PB & J Sliders

Peanut butter and jelly sliders!!!

I know I’m not the first (or likely the thousandth) person whose thought of this, but they were new to me and that’s all that counts, right?

My parents had a bunch of fresh mini deli rolls on hand and I decided to make myself pb & j sliders for lunch.


The fresh, doughy rolls almost outshined the peanut butter…  But let’s be real, that’s not exactly possible.

During the making of the sliders, approximately three peanut butter fingers occurred.


(Note: Yes, I look extremely awkward. This picture was taken with a self timer.)

I also really liked the jelly my mom had on hand in the fridge.

Sarabeth Jelly

I am typically a grape jelly kind of girl, but really liked the blueberry cherry flavor of Sarabeth’s jelly. Plus, the ingredient list was 100 percent recognizable.


With my sliders I enjoyed an orange, a handful of walnuts and two watermelon Twizzlers.



Watermelon Twizzler

Before lunch we spent time in the backyard, laying out on the dock and enjoying the sunshine.


Unfortunately the water was too choppy to take the boat out. 😦

We still managed to enjoy the sun though and Sadie got to do some serious lizard hunting.

"Ooooh Liiiizards... Where ARE You???"

Lizard Hunter Extraordinaire

Now we’re about to watch as Ryan tests out his new scuba gear in our pool.

This should be entertaining!!! 😀

28 Responses

  1. I included your coffee drink recipe on my blog this morning. I also had it this morning. It was so good! I hope you’re having a great birthday!

  2. girl send me some of that sunshine to SC!! its rainy here!

  3. Aww, glad you’re enjoying some sun…it’s rainy here, boo!! 😦

    Yummy sliders 🙂

  4. Holy Waffles! YUMM! Did you make those at your parents house, or did you go out for that? It looks SO GOOD!

  5. OMG Julie- what kind of ab exercises do you do?? Your abs are PERFECT!!!

  6. I second that comment, you have an amazing stomach and a tiny tiny waist, wow!
    mhm, peanut butter and jelly… you made me crave it now 😦

  7. Hello doll! I’ve been silently reading for a few weeks now! I finally had to say something about how badly I want yo abs! I know my bod is not built like that at all, but you look ridiculously fab!

  8. Holy abs girl!! Care to share the routine? Love the mini PB&J sliders- you can never go wrong with a classic! Enjoy the sunshine!

  9. cute suit!!!! and your abs are AMAZING.

    Love the PBF 🙂 i usually have PB spoons, knives (yes!) and fingernails haha

  10. yes please share about yours abs!!!!

  11. Your birthday weekend looks awesome with great food and family time:)

    Great abs to compliment the cute bathing suit…please reveal your ab secrets..heehee
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  12. Looks like a gorgeous weekend.

  13. What abs you have! That’s proof in the pudding…er…rather peanut butter…it does a body good!

  14. Sadie’s face in that last picture is priceless!!!

  15. Fabulous idea!! I love pb & j. 🙂

  16. WOW it looks like you’re having quite an amazing day!! Those waffles look great too. Happy early-birthday!! 🙂

  17. You look awesome, Julie!! Love your bathing suit, super cute!!! 🙂

  18. When I was in school, I used to have pb and j on hamburger buns all the time! The best is potato buns! YUMMY!! Also, you are so tiny!!! I love that you eat well, work out, and enjoy treats and are able to stay in such great shape!

  19. Yes….I 100th the comment: Holy Abs!!! What the heck is your routine??
    I like the idea of PB& J sliders…..you can eat more that right because they are smaller right? 🙂

  20. ABS!!!!!!!!

  21. Loveee twizzlers!!

  22. Ummmm yeah I second everyone else on this post…..holy abs girl! You look HOTT!! 🙂

  23. Nice abs Julie!

  24. Those sliders are too cute! I am new to your blog, but I have been doing some backreading this weekend and thought I should say “hello” since I’ll definitely be reading more!

    (I thought I was the only person in blog-world who ate cooked and cooled oats- they are awesome!)

  25. those sliders look awesome!

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