DJ is Done

Check out Scuba Ryan and Scuba Bob!

Scuba Boys

My dad and Ryan were quite the scuba duo today.

Ryan recently purchased new scuba equipment and a spear gun for spear fishing and wanted to try it our in our pool to make sure everything checked out.

The two of them created an underwater target using a phone book and a large piece of plywood. They were quite scrappy!

Homemade Spear Gun Range

Ryan got a bullseye on his first attempt!


Wedding DJ

After all the scuba craziness, Ryan and I cleaned up to head out to St. Pete Beach to meet with a potential wedding DJ.



I love the drive out to the beach. It’s like entering a whole new world filled with salty breezes, care-free attitudes and the sound of crashing waves.

We met with the DJ, Jeff, on an outside porch and enjoyed our time with him immensely. We feel confident that we found our guy! He seemed really fun, jovial, charismatic and definitely seemed like someone who knows how to have a good time.

Tomorrow we have a meeting with a pastor and if we can hammer down our wedding officiate this weekend, all of our vendors will be booked! Phew.


When we arrived back at my parents’ house, my mom had Part II of my birthday seafood feast waiting.

Crab Legs



Seafood is my favorite. I wish it wasn’t so expensive because I would eat it a lot more often!

Between my family, me and Ryan, we did some major damage to the shellfish and crab legs.

Sadie wanted in, and managed to snag a few clams to enjoy.



After dinner we had to homemade desserts: cherry pie with crumb topping and strawberry frozen yogurt pie.


My mom and I made the cherry pie together, but we were laughing at the crumb topping because, though tasty, it looked like ground beef!

Dad’s Birthday Gift

During dessert, my dad gave me the birthday gift he (with the crafty help of my mom) made for me.

Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes!

If you have ever seen Father of the Bride, I think you’ll understand this gift!

My family is obsessed with that movie and he thought the wedding sneakers would be a perfect fit for me.

Me, My Dad & Wedding Sneakers

I’m not 100 percent sure I’ll wear these down the aisle, but it’s definitely a possibility!! Comfy, cute and sentimental… good mix! 😀

What did your wedding shoes look like? If you’re not married, what do you want your wedding kicks to look like?

31 Responses

  1. You and Ryan are such a beautiful couple. I love your dress and sandals, cute cute.

    I looove Father of The Bride what a sweet present. Congrats on finding your DJ wish you luck tomorrow with the officiant.

    My shoes were really simple slingbacks, really delicate and pretty.

  2. You look beautiful! Love the sneaks!! I wore heels at my wedding but I had a pair of white feathery slippers under my table which I ended up putting on at the end of the evening when my feet were killing me!

  3. How sweet was that of your dad?!!

  4. Awww always loved the wedding sneakers from Father of the Bride!! I wore low heeled sandals for the wedding and white flip flops for the reception!

  5. Omg I LOVE that movie. i seriously considered wedding sneakers 🙂 In the end I wore ballet flats from David’s Bridal that I had dyed apple red. LOVED them and have some really cute pics with them – my flower girl wore ruby red Dorothy-like slippers and kept saying we were wearing the same shoes – I have a pic of our feet next to each other.

    Your bday feast looks amazing and the scuba pics are hilarious. 🙂

  6. you are too cute!!! ryan too 😉

  7. Your dad is so cute! I love seafood too, especially mussels.

  8. Wow you look beautiful.
    I think sandals would be a nice wedding shoe.

  9. those shoes are ADORABLE! Definitely wear them 🙂

    i’m not married yet, but (one day…) i want cute and comfy wedding shoes!

  10. Omg your Dad is SO CUTE!!!! That is absolutely ADORABLE!!! 🙂 🙂

    I am obsessed that you have your own screened in pool! Ahhh, someday when I’m not living in the city…….

    And your seafood meal is TO DIE FOR!!!!! Love me some crab legs!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!! 🙂



  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes! So adorable! Are you going to wear them down the aisle? 🙂

  12. I literally JUST watched that movie tonight!!! i was crying!!

    The dad in the movie is exactly like my dad. everyone i know jokes about how that movie was created about my father. love it!

    • we’re the same way in my family! i seriously feel like steve martin & diane keaton are my parents!

  13. That was SUCH a cute idea from your Dad! 🙂
    My shoes were peep-toe, with a shorter heel, about 2 inches. It was REALLY hard to find shoes that weren’t 4 inches tall! I’m 5’7″ and didn’t want to be super tall, or super uncomfortable, so I was thrilled when I found mine. They ended up working out perfect! And I actually bought a pair of clip-on earrings that I clipped onto the peep toes to give them a little extra “bling”. (Even though one fell off while I was walking down the aisle! Oops!) 🙂 I’ll probably have a pic of them up on my blog soon when I get my “wedding” page up!

    • i totally know what you mean! i loooove really tall heels, but i don’t want to look like a yeti (i’m 5’7” too). i love the idea about the earrings! you’re so creative!

  14. OHMIGOSH. I am still obsessed with Father of the Bride as are my parents! That is so cute!

  15. You and Ryan are so stinkin’ cute! When is the big day again? Your day is adorable – I haven’t seen the movie, but that was so thoughtful of him!

  16. Such lovely pics, Julie!
    You and Ryan look so cute together.. such a beautiful couple 🙂
    Wish you only good things!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  17. awe your dad is so cute. i am for SURE wearing flip flops! i saw a vielsa pup at the dog park today and thought of you!

    • yay for vizslas! i always stalk the people that have them & make them talk to me. 🙂

  18. woops. vizsla

  19. I’m not getting married yet but i don’t think shoes are a major part! I don’t really mind what shoes i have because they’re not really seen, something simple is best! And then an awesome dress 🙂

  20. Love the shoes!!! I’d love to have a pair for my wedding day cause I’d like to go for a morning run before the big day- it would be a nice touch. I haven’t found my wedding shoes yet but I’m thinking some type of sandal as we’re on the beach

  21. aren’t you two just the cutest things ever! not to mention your dad’s gift (with a little help from your mom) is absolutely hilarious and GREAT!

    spear fishing in the pool… oh geez i bet there were lots of laughs involved

  22. Those shoes are so cute!!! Love them and I love Father of The Bride!!

  23. You have the CUTEST family and seem like you have so much fun together! I am in love with your parents’ pool by the way…it looks amazing (I want to jump through the computer screen and go swimming right now! haha)! 😀

  24. Too cute! I saw those shoes and the first thing i thought was “Father of the bride!!”

  25. Mmm I LOVE seafood. That is the PERFECT dinner in my books. Sadie is too cute. Little does she know, she probably wouldn’t like clams if you gave them to her. Haha.

  26. I wore my “something blue” as my shoes. I couldn’t find any white ones that I loved so I wore blue ones and i’ve worn them several times after the wedding too!

  27. Ahhhh love that your dad made you bride shoes! Father of the Bride was on TV (ironically, in between a friend’s wedding ceremony and reception! It was a very wedding-y Saturday :)) and one of my favorite parts is when he makes her shoes. You dad is too cute!

  28. Love the shoes!!! How fun, at least go out for a morning run in them before the wedding!

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