Goodbye, Joe

Ever since I made sloppy joes for dinner on Monday, I’ve been picking at the leftovers every time I open the fridge.

No more picking!

Today I ate the last of the ‘joes for lunch.

Last of the 'Joes

On the side I enjoyed steamed broccoli and portobello mushrooms, sprinkled with garlic salt.

Thursday's Lunch

Eat Me!

So long, Joe!

I am a bit relieved to have these leftovers out of the fridge. As tasty as they were, I couldn’t seem to resist taking a forkful of the yummy meat every time I’d open the fridge (Yes, even before breakfast).

Do you sneak “little tastes” of items in your fridge or pantry? Any go-to foods?

You know I love my peanut butter fingers! πŸ˜‰

Aside from peanut butter fingers, I used to always grab something every time I’d open our pantry. I’ve found that eliminating large boxes of cereal or crackers has really helped me with this. If it’s not there, I can’t eat it!

22 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness I can totally relate – except with lunchmeat πŸ˜› and definitely peanut butter/almond butter…okay ANY nut butter! πŸ˜€ Lunch looks awesome as always πŸ™‚
    Enjoy your day!

    • Julie,

      I keep fig newtons and yogurt around, one fo rthe frig and teh other for the cupboard. Thank you or your followers for visiting my site in memory of My daughter.

      Glenn Young

  2. I always take bites out of the fridge, too! Luckily, we are rarely home for me to do. If it sits out on my counter, it is fair game!

  3. i always take little bites of leftovers in the fridge…especially pizza or bites of pasta!

  4. Ah, love me some sloppy joes! I was happy to see you made these the other night πŸ˜‰ definitely a “comfort food” (which can be made healthy!) for me!

    are there ppl who Don’t take bites out of leftovers?! heh, no way. I definitely do…

  5. I am so bad about swiping bites of crackers or cereals or nuts or seeds from our pantry when I pass by. I have to develop alternative routes through the house! πŸ™‚

  6. I am so guilty of this! I love to grab a handful of almonds or a little piece of chocolate every time I open the fridge/pantry.

  7. YES! I always do that…it seems like everytime I open the fridge I feel like I need to taste something!! But like you I have realized that typically my leftovers are healthy so it is okay and if I don’t buy ‘junk food’ for the pantry I can’t eat what isn’t in there!

  8. having brownies in the house is a big problem! i can’t resist taking a little pinch every time i go in the kitchen!

    • oooh me neither. cookies, brownies… any kind of sweet treat on the counter is my downfall!

  9. Yep- I used to be really bad about snacking on cereal every other time I’d be in the pantry! Or peanut butter when I open the refrigerator…

  10. SO GUILTY OF THIS!! It’s not bad at school, because there are usually people in the kitchen and I feel weird just digging around in boxes, but at home I take a few PB fingers/mixed nuts/Triscuits/Hersheys Kisses EVERY TIME I go in the fridge/pantry. Annoying, but oh well, there are worse things!! Hope you’re having a great day!!

  11. I am actually not bad about this, I hate cold left overs. Unless, well it’s something that’s meant to be cold.

    I baked cookies this Sunday and I ate way too many yesterday. But I’ve forgotten all about them today.

  12. I was having trouble with this all week with my leftover roasted turkey! Thank goodness I used the rest of it in my Turkey & Veggie Soup on Monday!
    The dark chocolate peanut M&M’s on my coffee table get “invaded” at least once a day by me too πŸ˜‰

  13. I would say cereal or if there are things like cookies or other little snacks. It’s easy to take “just one” but those add up quickly. It doesn’t bother me eating them, except for the fact that it is mindless eating!

  14. Leftovers don’t last in my fridge for long! Especially pasta, for some reason I take fork=fulls out of the container cold. What is my problem?!

  15. I’m not bad at all about picking at things when I’m in the kitchen or mindless eating. It’s the overindulging at mealtimes that gets me in trouble.

  16. Peanuts!! I reach for a few every time I’m in the kitchen (or raisins, if I have them). It’s a hard habit to break!

  17. ohh of course I like to take a little of this n’ that esp around meals! like right before dinner I always open and close the fridge looking for things to pick on! I try to stick to hummus and veggies if its right before dinner! i have been known to do some peanut butter finger action though πŸ™‚

  18. Grapes! I cant walk by the fridge without sneaking a few

  19. I’m definitely a grazer when it comes to the pantry…lately my biggest weakness has been PB filled pretzels. So addicting!

    • i LOVE those! i bought a big bag of them at the grocery on sunday & they were gone by monday night!

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