Dinner By Amy

Tonight Ryan and I enjoyed a dinner prepared by our friend Amy.

Amy's Goodies

I entered a contest to select the new slogan for Amy’s products. Though my slogan apparently wasn’t up to snuff, I did get a consolation prize in the form of a coupon booklet.

I have never tried any of Amy’s frozen meals, mainly because I prefer to cook my own food and they’re pretty pricey, but since I had some coupons to use, I picked up a couple Amy’s frozen entrée’s at the grocery store on Monday night.

Since both Ryan and I wanted one of the black bean and vegetable enchiladas, I knew we’d need more than one ‘chilada each for dinner to feel satisfied.

With the enchiladas, we enjoyed a cup of Amy’s black bean vegetable soup and a side of roasted cauliflower.

Roasted Cauliflower


My Plate

This meal was like a fiesta on a plate!

Dinner is Served

At first bite, I was worried the enchiladas were going to be too spicy. I am such a baby with spicy food!

Peek Inside

Luckily, as I continued eating, the initial spice-shock wore off a bit but unfortunately the enchiladas lacked a bit in the flavor department.

I ate every bite, but wasn’t blown away by this dish in the least. Ryan agreed and was even less of a fan of the enchiladas than I was. Oh well! You can’t win ’em all!  

Fortunately the black bean soup and roasted cauliflower were tasty.

Do you like Amy’s frozen meals or soups? Any favorites?  

Stay tuned for my tips for new runners post in the morning! 🙂

24 Responses

  1. I like the burritos and soups but that’s all I’ve tried. I’m not huge on frozen meals like that normally so I have never had the desire to try them.

  2. The burritos are pretty good.

  3. I like the enchiladas and burritos – until Amy, I had never had a frozen meal!

  4. I do like Amy’s products…Keith loves the Mac and Cheese!

  5. I love Amy’s burritos, and my favorite soup is the split pea! Soooo good! 🙂

  6. That enchilada looks really good! I love Amy’s PIZZAS!! The spinach pizza is my all time favorite frozen pizza EVER!!!!!!!! And their burritos are pretty great too!

  7. Oooh, I love Amy’s! I love their brown rice bowl, and also all of their Indian dinners!

  8. I try not to eat a ton of frozen stuff too, but I am a big fan of the teryaki bowl!

  9. My favorite Amy’s product is the Lentil Vegetable Soup. It’s delish. I try not to eat too many processed foods though.

  10. Hahaha that’s so weird – I cooked cauliflower today (although it probably wasn’t as tasty as yours – I have a post coming up about it tomorrow!) 🙂

  11. we buy those enchiladas all the time, my daughter takes them to school, I love the brown rice tofu bowls!

  12. I like some of Amy’s products but don’t buy them often because they’re so stinkin’ expensive! My favorite is the low-fat split pea soup…yumm! I actually have a can right now in my pantry…perhaps I will eat it for lunch tomorrow!

  13. The Veggie Loaf and the Veggie steak are my favorites. When they are on sale I’ll grab a few for lunches.

  14. I love Amy’s food, especially the soup and chili!! The chunky tomato soup is my favorite when I dont feel like cooking 🙂

  15. ohmygoodness, i love amy’s meals!! you should definitely try the brown rice & veggies bowl and the veggie lasagna. delicious! the soups are definitely my favorite soups. i agree though, everything is pricey.

  16. Amy’s pizza’s are definitely up there for my favorite frozen pizza! Although we only get them when they are on sale 🙂

  17. Love Amy! They are overpriced at most places, BUT SuperTarget has great prices. Just an FYI!

  18. i dont buy them due to price, but i always want to. the only thing i DO buy of Amys is the 1/4 garden burger patties! oh my goodness! they are wonderful!!!

  19. I’ve never tried Amy’s products, but have looked at them many times! I’d like to try their pizza:)

  20. I haven’t had very many of Amy’s products, but I see them all over blog world. I may have to change that!

  21. I love all of the soups; especially the tomato bisque. I’m with all the others on the pizza’s, though I haven’t tried any without cheese (just doesn’t seem right to me)

  22. Amy’s holds a place in my heart 🙂

  23. A girl can never go wrong with amys!

  24. […] was one heck of a tasty frozen entree. It was about 10,000 time tastier than the Amy’s enchiladas we had for dinner last […]

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