Rainbow Sprinkles Make Life Better

Just like every other Friday, I got to enjoy some wonderful company at lunchtime today!

Since Ryan’s works a 9/80 schedule (9-hour days, 80 hours every two weeks, with every other Friday off), I always look forward to our every-other-Friday lunch dates.

I know you know exactly where we went…

I ❤ Jimmy John's

Sandwich Champ

Jimmy John’s!!!

As always, I got an unwich (turkey with lots of veggies, vinegar, olive oil, and dijon mustard) and Ryan opted for the Gargantuan on wheat bread, which I naturally had several bites of as well.

Turkey Unwich

Turkey + Veggies


After demolishing our sandwiches, we were in the mood for some sweets!

We headed to Mochi (my second time in two days…), for soft serve with sprinkles.

Sprinkles Make Life Better

I think rainbow sprinkles make life better. How can you not be happy digging into ice cream with sprinkles!?

The weather was so nice out and we seemed to plow through our lunch and soft serve pretty quickly, so we took some extra time to walk a couple blocks to the New York Deli downtown.

Neither of us had ever been and I was in the mood for a cookie (Cookie Friday, anyone!?) and figured they’d have some good ones!

When I went to pay for our cookies (chocolate chip for me, white chocolate macadamia nut for Ryan) the nice man at the counter didn’t accept my money! I was shocked and thanked him several times.

Free cookies! What a nice Friday treat.

We enjoyed our cookies outside by a pretty fountain.

Cookie Friday!

Weekend Plans

I am so excited for this weekend!

Right after work my mom is picking me up and we’re heading to Gainesville to visit my sister at the University of Florida for her sorority’s mother/daughter/sister/aunt/any woman in your family weekend. Yay for girly fun!

Other plans include:


  • Mother/daughter dinner out in Gainesville


  • Sister’s sorority brunch
  • Pottery painting
  • Drive back to Orlando
  • Dinner out in Orlando


  • Church
  • Look at bridesmaid dresses
  • Visit Something Blue Bridal to meet the designer of my wedding dress!!!!!!!

Can you tell I’m especially excited for the last one!?

I can’t wait to actually meet the many who designed my wedding dress in person! My dress was designed by James Clifford (who also designs dresses under the name Jim Hjelm) and he’s coming to the boutique where I bought my dress on Sunday. Fun!

40 Responses

  1. That sounds like such a fun weekend. Enjoy your girly time! P.S. I love your style, you always look adorable.

  2. Your dress is so cute! I love rainbow sprinkles, too. 🙂 Your weekend sounds awesome!

  3. I can’t remember the last time I had froyo WITHOUT sprinkles…it’s just not worth it to me if they’re not there!! Sounds like a fun lunch date, and an even better weekend ahead!! Enjoy!!

  4. you are so adorable 🙂 i don’t love eating rainbow sprinkles, but they really do just bring a smile to my face anyway! your weekend sounds SO fun…can’t wait to read more about the dress!

  5. I cannot believe your fiance works 80 hours a week!! What on earth does he do? You guys deserve a month long honeymoon!!

    • ahhh oops! i gotta fix that- 9 hour days 80 hrs. every TWO weeks!

      80 hr. weeks would be NUTS!

  6. Cute dress!!! I can’t believe you get to meet the designer of your dress– how cool!! Have a great weekend, girl!

  7. THAT makes more sense!!! I was going to say… aren’t you alone all the time? haha

  8. Haha, that’s exactly how I feel about rainbow sprinkles. I always manage to sneak them into a present because everything seems better with them! Have a fun weekend!

  9. Do we get a sneak preview of the dress, or a hint as to what it looks like – I’d love to see it!
    I’ve never been to Jimmy John’s, but it looks great and we have one downtown. I’ll have to hit one up soon!

  10. Rainbow sprinkles do, indeed, make everything better! They’re just so fun – one of life’s simple pleasures 🙂

    I LOVE your outfit!! Have fun meeting with the designer! I discovered your blog while I was on my blog break so I’ve been catching up over the past two weeks. I’m excited to read about your wedding planning because I’m in a wedding that’s taking place at the end of September so a lot of what you talk about are things that I’m helping the bride with right now. Have a blast planning!!

  11. i love the dress you are wearing today! where is it from??

    • j.crew. i got it about a year & a half ago, i believe! w/o a belt it looks like a balloon dress, though. 😉

  12. So fun! I was just a bridesmaid in a wedding this past November, and we all wore Jim Hjelm dresses….absolutely gorgeous, it’s the ONLY dress so far that I’ll actually wear again (and my closet looks like 27 Dresses, let me tell you). Enjoy the weekend!

  13. LOVE your dress!!!! SO CUTE! 🙂
    Have a great weekend @ UF & bridesmaid’s dress shopping/ meeting your dress designer (that is awesome by the way!!)- sounds fun!

  14. love your dress and love sprinkles!! they really are the best topping to any fro yo!!!

    have fun this weekend with your sis and mom!! that sounds so fun!

  15. What a great weekend!! Speaking of dresses…the one you have on today is adorable!!!!

  16. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that striped dress! where is it from?! hooray for wedding shenanigans!

  17. We have a Jimmy Johns on campus and I LOVE it! Their veggie subs are awesome!

  18. That looks like an amazing weekend you have coming up.

    Yay for free cookies. AND fro-yo goodness. And a lunch date. What a wonderful day. Although, I must admit I am one that does NOT like sprinkles. I actually hate them. I think its a texture thing.

    You are so gorgeous Julie. I just had to say it. 🙂

  19. Free cookies, wooooohooooooo!! What a nice afternoon!! 🙂

    Have a fun weekend with the girls!! 🙂

  20. you look great in that dress!!

    I had frozen yogurt today…with sprinkles too!! 😀 Have a wonderful day!!!

  21. I absolutely love your dress! Way too cute! Rainbow sprinkles are my fav!


  22. Great dress! You look adorable : )

  23. He must’ve known it was cookie Friday 😉

    Your dress is ADORABLE! I LOVE IT! It looks gorgeous on you, as does anything! You’re beautiful 🙂

  24. You’re totally right…rainbow sprinkles DO make everything better! Especially on soft serve vanilla & orange twist…YUM! 😀 I’ve never heard of Mochi before, but OH MY I’m jealous!! I want to know how to get one of those up here in New York. We don’t have anything like that idea up here to pay by the ounce…what a great idea! I checked out their website – what are some of your favorite flavors?? 😛

    • my absolute favorite (without a doubt) is red velvet cake. it’s SO delicious. i could eat it every day for every meal. i’m not even kidding!

  25. I do Friday lunch dates with my boyfriend too. Flexible schedules are the jam! Looks like you and Ryan had a fun last hurrah before your girlie weekend shenanigans begin. Score on the free cookies too!

  26. I loveee your fashion style – you’re adorable. Where do you like to shop?

    You’re going to look uh-mazing in your wedding dress. When’s the magical day?

    • my favorite stores are j. crew, banana republic, marshalls & t.j.maxx. fortunately i live near j.crew & banana outlets!

      the big day is oct. 30 – it’s coming fast!!!

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  31. rainbow sprinkles are definitely on the list of ‘must items you have on your sundae glass’
    you’re right baby, colorful sprinkles make life better..
    anyway, i really love your blog.. bokmarked!

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