How Did I Not Know This?

You can bake tofu. How did I not know this!?

After learning this fun fact a little less than a month ago, I tested it out in March by marinating the tofu in BBQ sauce before baking it. I was quite impressed with the end result!

On Saturday, I baked tofu without any seasonings at all and still enjoyed it immensely.

I decided to recreate Saturday’s successful lunch today and made myself a big bowl of roasted broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms, topped with the baked Nasoya lite firm tofu, marinara sauce and ricotta cheese.

Baked Tofu

I Love Ricotta Cheese

Monday's Lunch

I love cramming a bazillion veggies in my lunch. I feel like Super Julie after eating a big bowl of vitamin-rich foods. πŸ˜‰

What areΒ  your thoughts about tofu? Love it? Hate it?

37 Responses

  1. I have never tried it! I tend to avoid tofu because I have thyroid disease – I know it would be fine in moderation, but I’m afraid I’d love it and want it all the time!

  2. How long do you bake it for?

  3. I don’t like it ;(
    For a few reasons;
    I genuinely don’t like the taste or texture.
    It isn’t natural and I try to eat only natural foods
    and I try and avoid Soy…..
    Looks Yumm though!

  4. I hardly ever eat tofu but definitely want to incorporate it into my diet! Baking sounds like a great way to add in more flavor, I usually find it a little bit bland.

  5. I’m very “eh” about tofu–take it or leave it I guess!

  6. I *love* tofu … so much so that I was actually eating too much of it for a little while. Now I save it as a treat.

    I’ve never marinated it, though (usually I either prepare silken tofu like scrambled eggs or pan-fry extra firm for stirfry). I’ll have to try that, ❀ me some BBQ!

  7. I’m not a fan of tofu. It always seems very artificial to me and I hate wasting 1,000 paper towels to dry it out.

  8. Love soy, hate tofu! its def the texture. I also dislike bananas because of their texture. I’m weird!

  9. It’s growing on me. It is something I never ever thought I would eat though.

  10. Love it with seasoning or mixed into a veg or noodle dish, but not really a huge fan of the texture on it’s own!

  11. LOVE tofu!!!! i eat it almost every day for lunch. my school sells bbq and curry flavors which are divine.. also i like it raw from the salad bar.

  12. LOVE it!!
    You should try “Honey Sesame Baked Tofu” from “Iowa Girl Eats.” I made it Saturday night & it was SO good. Although I did change it a bit & marinated it for like 3 hours instead of 5 minutes πŸ™‚

  13. MMMMM…LOVE TOFU! ANyway you wanna make it, I love it. Crave it sometimes. I’m weird. hehe. You should try the tofu scramble made by Fantistic World Foods. Yummmm and super easy. THink I might have that tonight.

  14. I’m “meh” about tofu but probably because I don’t know how to prepare it very well. Maybe your tips will help…thanks

    Hope you’re having a good monday:)

  15. oh man…i do NOT like tofu! it’s nothing about the taste, but the texture kills me every time! problem is everyone makes it look so delicious and it makes me want to give it just one more chance πŸ™‚

  16. I love frying up tofu in a skillet with just a little EVOO. I’ve never been real successful baking it. I need to give it another try.

  17. Oh I LOVE tofu, and baking it definitely my favorite way to prepare it! I’ve marinated it in BBQ sauce (like you said) and soy sauce, but I’ve also heard some maple syrup is really good…that’s what I want to try next!

  18. I really only use tofu for puddings or to thicken soups. I’ve never liked it on its own. This does look good though. I’d take a taste of yours, but I don’t know if I’d try it myself.

  19. I love tofu! I haven’t tried that brand or baking it in the oven, though. I usually sautee it on the stove. May have to switch things up now that I have to baking tips πŸ™‚

  20. I like tofu but tempeh is my first love! πŸ™‚

    • i’ve never tried tempeh! i gotta change that ASAP!

      • It is REALLY good but it definitely has a dfferent texture and flavor then tofu. Most people either like it or hate …I haven’t found much in-between! Let me know what you think when you try it! πŸ™‚

  21. Tofu’s okay, but I’ve never baked it so I’ll be sure to try that!

    I was just looking at your favorite things page–can you buy carbanada pasta in stores or do you have to order it online? same with the all the whey powder. thanks!!

    • i haven’t found carba nada in stores. 😦 i usually order it online from i also order my all the whey protein powder online at i hope this helps!

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE TOFU!!!! my husband and I first tried steaming tofu, then pan frying…. a few months ago we tried baking it and LOVED it (which is good since it’s hard enough already to get him to eat it….!)! Tried a few marinaded recipes but I just prefer plain good ole firm tofu!

  23. LOOOVE tofu!! Great idea to bake it. I never thought of that either!

  24. I LOVE tofu, you can do so many different things with it!

  25. I can’t believe you were able to make tofu look so good in photos. I’m intrigued… yet still backing away from the tofu slowly…

  26. Jules, you are SO creative…your tofu ricotta bowl looks scrumptious!! πŸ™‚ Do you cook the whole pack of tofu at once, or do you cook a little and refrigerate the rest?

  27. Baked tofu is the bomb!! But I love ALL tofu…I’ve even started to crave it plain and uncooked (which sounds like a strange pregnancy craving or something, but it’s NOT πŸ™‚ ).

  28. Baked BBQ tofu is really tasty but freeze it first! The texture is so much better after it has been frozen. I make mine by cutting it into slices, pressing all of the water out, and then putting it in a big plastic baggy with the BBQ sauce and freezing it over night. Defrost it first and then bake!

  29. Hate it. Sorry, not a tofu fan at all. πŸ™‚ Your recipe looks interesting though!

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