8 Worst Snacks

After work yesterday I ran to the grocery store to pick up some Viactiv calcium chews since I was all out (I take one of these every morning).

While I was there, I nabbed a small spaghetti squash… Kinda like a personal pan pizza, but a personal puny spaghetti squash. 😉

I cooked it up last night to enjoy for lunch today.

Friday's Lunch

I topped the spaghetti squash with marinara meat sauce, Parmesan and ricotta cheese and stirred it up until the sauce coated every last strand of squash.

Friday's Lunch

Though there’s a lot of volume in this lunch, I knew I would probably feel hungry in no time without some additional protein.

For dessert, I had overnight oats prepared with old fashioned oats, Greek yogurt, strawberries and instant chocolate pudding mix.

This concoction was suuuuper tasty!

Chocolate and Strawberry Yogurt Pudding

8 Worst Snacks

Today WebMD compiled a list of the 8 worst snacks. Check ’em out and see if anything you eat made the list!

8 Worst Snacks:

  1. Chocolate-coated doughnuts and mini doughnuts (Entenmann’s Pop’ems)
  2. Snack pies (Hostess fruit pies)
  3. Movie-theater butter microwavable popcorn (Pop-Secret Extra Butter)
  4. Lunchables by Oscar Mayer
  5. Regular chips and Cheetos
  6. Packaged frozen snacks (Jimmy Dean biscuits, Hot Pockets)
  7. Tyson Fun Nuggets
  8. Cheese crackers (Ritz Bits, Cheez-Its)

Though I wasn’t shocked, I was sad to see Cheez-Its on the list.

They’re just so darn delicious!

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16 Responses

  1. I occasionally eat the Lean Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwiches, I think they’re good. They usually have egg whites, turkey sausage, and low fat cheese on some kind of bread. They’re not that bad for you I don’t think. Cheez its being on there makes me sad too.

  2. I love those fruit pies. Hubby and I get them sometimes.

  3. I totally forgot about Lunchables! They were so cool in elementary school. I’m sad about the Cheez-Its, too…they’re the only thing on that list that I really love!!

  4. I don’t eat any of those things, but I too am sad about cheez-its! I used to eat those and goldfish everyday for an after-school snack as a kid!

    Thanks for the walgreens photo code!! Just ordered another one of my wedding photos to go in an 8×10 frame I found while spring cleaning!! Perfect!! 🙂

  5. As long as my Cheese Nips are safe…

  6. Those made me laugh? I mean do we really need Web MD to tell us that chocolate covered donuts and movie popcorn are not good for us? Sheesh!

  7. I love cheez-its and cheetos!!! I don’t care if they’re ‘bad’! 😉

  8. eek, I eat regular chips/cheez-its all the time! not in excess, but I probably have a couple of servings a week.

  9. I don’t eat any of that except on very rare occasions, but I was also sad about the cheez-its. Of all the crap out there, I was a little suprised by that one speciifically. The rest sound about right.

  10. I was sad to see Cheez Its on the list but I am not surprised! I love them but don’t eat them regularly.
    I printed out the free TCBY coupon! Thank you so much for posting about that offer on your blog! You’re AWESOME!

  11. I’m happy to say I very rarely eat any of those things – though I do love those mini chocolate-covered doughnuts!

  12. 😦 I love cheez its. They are addicting though so I don’t buy them often.

  13. Ewww I am proud to say that I never eat any of the 8 unhealthy snacks mentioned above! I honestly don’t understand how people can put such things into their body…I guess my love of clean eating is too strong 🙂

  14. chocolate and strawberry yogurt pudding, never tried that before.

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