Post-Joke Pizza

After our bosses attempted to play a joke on everyone at work regarding the complete reorganization of our company (which was an epic fail since our bosses couldn’t hide their smirks), we got to enjoy an April Fools’ Day pizza party!


The pizza was delivered from a downtown pizza place that serves very large pieces of pizza along with buttery garlic knots.

Normally I would nab a slice of the veggie pizza, but I’m pretty sure all the veggies on that particular pizza were canned and canned veggies creep me out.

Instead I opted for plain ol’ cheese!



I also enjoyed a garlic knot and some thick tomato wedges on the side.

Garlic Knot + Tomato

It was taaaasty and a nice little treat to kick off such a wonderful (birthday!) month.

Apparently a lot of you out there have April birthdays so YAY for a fun month ahead!

Birthday Statistics

After reading about so many April birthdays, it made me wonder which month is the most popular month for births and what day is the most popular day…

  • August is the most popular birth month.
  • Tuesday is the most common day of the week for a baby to be born.
  • October 5th is the most common birthday. (This is Ryan’s birthday!)

This is the kind of stuff you never need to know but are oddly interested in… 😉

When’s your birthday?

31 Responses

  1. July 18, two days before my moms, I was her birthday present!

  2. December 3!

  3. March 30th!! Happy belated bday to me! =)

  4. Just passed.. I was 25 on March 23rd!

  5. Ummm . . . totally lusting after the garlic knot and pizza. January birthday ova here!

  6. August is one of the most popular months for birthdays because if you count back nine-ish months, you get the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve…that’ll give you something to think about! 🙂

    • you are totally right! according to the site where i got this info, new years’ eve is the most popular “baby-makin'” day… 😉

  7. December 8th!

    The pizza is making me drool.

  8. That is really interesting…I am going to go google what day of the week I was born on!

  9. My birthday is January 7th – and I know four other people with the same one! 🙂

  10. I’m an August birthday! The 13th!

  11. July 31st…and my name is April???

  12. Very interesting stats, who knew about October 5th. I am Feb 8th 🙂

  13. I was born in AUGUST!!! the 6th, how neat, I never knew it was the most popular month.

    Love the blog BTW

  14. Okay googled it…I was born on a Sunday..maybe that is why it is my favorite day of the week!

  15. June 22nd, 1985 It was a Saturday.

    My husband’s birthday is June 21st and my best friend’s is June 20th so basically by the time my birthday rolls around everyone is sick of celebrating. It sucks because it’s my favorite day of the year!

    • on of my best friends’ bdays is june 19 – you guys would make quite a four-some!

  16. Ew, canned veggies on a pizza?? Blech.

    My birthday is June 28. I was born on my parents’ wedding anniversary… my mom always told me I was her favorite anniversary gift! 😉

  17. that’s fun that you guys got a pizza party! canned veggies on pizza sounds horrible. i love those bday stats, i am so into stuff like that. and how random that ryan’s bday is on the most common day! actually a girl i work with has that bday! mine is june 1.

  18. I’m January 27! Makes no sense, since I despise January as a month. At least I have my birthday to look forward to!

  19. Oct. 12th here!

    That’s nice your work had a pizza party…how fun!

  20. My 21st is on Tuesday!!!!! Let’s toast to April Bday’s!!!! They are the best! My mom’s is the day before yours!

  21. my bday was yesterday! almost an april fools baby 😉

    yummmay pizzzzaaaa

  22. I’m January 26th! I like it…but its kinda sad that happens so fast at the beginning of the year. Luckily there are many other holidays to look forward too after it!

  23. That’s funny! My bday is in August and M was born on a Tuesday. I actually think I was too.

    And August is probably common because of all the holiday lovin’. 😀

  24. weird…i did not know that my bday was the most common!! Im Oct 5th and dont know anyone else with it…well except now Ryan haha

  25. I know 11 people born on January 20th…so weird!! I’m born in November

  26. Haha, thats so strange. I have 2 of the 3 most common birthday items, born August 27 – which was a Tuesday in 1985. So interesting, but WEIRD.

  27. My birthday is March 15th, the same as my brother Ryan, except he is 4 years older than me. And, my mom and dad share a birthday on March 24th, although 8 years apart. AND, can you believe this – I share a birthday with 2 other teachers at my tiny school, and 2 students. Are you SURE March isn’t the most common birthday month? haha

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