Dear Planters,

Dear Planters,

Kindly include more than two pecans in your big jar of mixed nuts. Some of us out there adore pecans and were persuaded to purchase your jar of mixed nuts after seeing a picture of a pecan on the front of the packaging.

(Silly me to think this meant there would be a plethora of pecans throughout your jar of peanuts and almonds mixed nuts.)



Pecan Lover

Actual Photo

Note the Pecan

In Other News…

I am now on TWITTER! Exciting stuff, huh!? Click here to follow me. 😀

Maybe you’ll be the 5th person. 😉

8 Responses

  1. Oh not a pecan gal…I am a cashew lovah! So glad you are on twitter!! 🙂

  2. hahaha. you’re cute.

  3. i will follow you if you follow me!


  4. I love cashews too, but pecans are a very close second. Doesn’t really matter anyways since they always are stingy with both of them. 😦

  5. I dont love pecans, but I feel your pain! I hate buying things based on the image on the package only to find out I’ve been duped!!

  6. I’m following you on Twisster now! Follow me- I’m CleanEatingMe.

    I agree with on the pecans. That’s why I opt away from mixed nuts and just buy jars of one type of nut. It’s just easier to get what I want.

  7. Totes following you! You’ll love Twitter, it’s addicting, and I organize Twitter online happy hours.

  8. Only 2 pecans in the whole Planters container?! They should be ashamed of themselves! My favorite nuts in the “mixed nuts” container is pecans and cashews! You should write to them and demand a free product! lol

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