Aaaand the rain continues!

This morning as Ryan and I walked to the gym, we side-stepped many puddles on our way inside. I figured the rain was over, but apparently we happened to walk to the gym during a short reprieve. 

In between tracks during BodyPump, I could hear the pounding rain on the roof. Yikes!

By the time my workout was over, the rain let up a little bit, and I took Sadie on a short walk. When we were about two blocks from home, it started pouring again!

Sadie is a big baby when it comes to the rain, but she sure does love what comes after a wet walk: Towel off time!

"Dry Me, Mama!"

I should really capture the toweling off process in a video, because Sadie is in pure bliss.

I think she just likes the extra attention. 😉


After drying the dog, I made myself a yummy breakfast.

When I made yesterday’s mid-morning snack, I cooked up extra barley to use in today’s breakfast.

I love breakfast barley bowls!

Strawberries + Barley


I topped fresh strawberries and barley with a cup of Chobani Greek yogurt.

Topped Off

The removal of the top of the yogurt cup is music to Sadie’s ears because she knows what comes next…

Nom, Nom, Nom

She’s a yogurt lover, too!

I’m off to shower… Unfortunately a simple “toweling off” just won’t do for me. 😉

In Case You Missed It Over the Weekend…

I have a hard time keeping up on blogs over the weekend, so just in case you’re like me, here are some highlights from the weekend:

19 Responses

  1. My dogs are total wimps about the rain too– as if I want to be out there in it either!! 🙂

  2. Ugh this rain is awful it’s supposed to rain like this up here till Wednesday. So gloomy and gross.

  3. Sadie looks sooo cute wrapped up in that towel. Ah! My dog hates the rain and snow too! My dad even dug our dog a path in the backyard over the winter time .. yes my family babies our dog too!

  4. My family’s dogs will NEVER go out in the rain! So dreary.

  5. Isn’t it funny how dogs are such wimps in the rain. My parents’ dog is such a baby. She hates when her paws are wet!

    • haha so does sadie! she spent a good 20 minutes cleaning her paws after our walk today.

  6. awwww cute lil sadie!! my dog always loved licking the containers of ANYTHING! dogs are literally trash cans haha they will polish off anything! I think its a great way to not waste food 🙂

    yummm breakfast barley sounds fantastic!

  7. The chobani in your barley looks just like whipped cream!! Yum. Hope you have a great Monday!

  8. aw, cute sadie!
    mhm, strawberries, I wish I had some!

  9. I’ve had a hard time keeping up with blogs/blogging this weekend as well! When guests are here, it seems I forget all about it:)

  10. I just love Sadie, she’s the cutest!

  11. I’ve never tried barley…for breakfast or otherwise. Need to get on it!

  12. Sadie’s a doll..Eddie hates the rain too! I can get him to run pretty fast if it starts raining when we are on a walk haha :).

  13. That’s so funny Sadie likes to be towel-dried off! You should definitely capture it on video next time!

    Your breakfast bowl looks ah-mazing! I loove the idea of mixing barley, strawberries, and Greek yogurt! Have you ever thought of adding a few almonds or walnuts to it? I think it would give it an extra crunch while adding healthy fats!

    Hope the rain goes away soon! It is cloudy here, and I definitely miss the sunshine!

  14. What a cutie Sadie is! I love that she enjoys towel time!

  15. I’ve never tried barley before, but you’re really making me want to buy some. My dogs don’t like rain OR getting toweled off. It sucks when they get wet. 😦

  16. I laughed when I read this post – our family dog hates getting wet but loves getting toweled off, as well!

    And if your sick of the rain – you should send some my way – we never get any in Calgary, and my car needs a wash 😛

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