Breakin’ Out the Grill

Good news! The rain has finally decided to let up and the lovely spring sun is shining in Orlando again.

Good weather = Grilling!

Meat Man

For the first time in 2010, we fired up the grill to make tonight’s dinner… and by “we” I mean Ryan. The grill intimidates me. 😉

Do you grill or leave the grilling duties up to someone else?

While Ryan tended to the grill, I prepped our sides and roasted fresh zucchini and cauliflower in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, flippin’ the veggies halfway through.

Within 25 minutes we had a tasty dinner of BBQ grilled chicken breasts with roasted veggies. It felt like a summer meal!

BBQ Chicken + Roasted Veggies

My Plate


Guess what little treat I picked up at the grocery store yesterday?

Cadbury Eggs

Hooray for Cadbury mini eggs!

Great dessert… Just great. 😀

18 Responses

  1. The grill totally intimidates me. I wish it didn’t, because that’s such a stereotype! But…I guess that stereotype has to come from somewhere, lol.

  2. I leave the grillin’ to the men! 😀 We grill here in New Orleans a lot during the spring and summer months!

  3. I can’t wait to use the grill! I’ll be in charge of it if I have to, but I like to leave a guy in charge.

  4. I am jealous of your warm weather and grilling! We’re not quite there yet (still too cold) but I am looking forward to it. I always leave the grilling up to somebody else — I am a little scared of the grill!

  5. Peter always mans the grill. I stay in the kitchen! 😀 Mini eggs! That reminded me I have not had a single piece of Easter candy this year. Madness!

  6. I do not grill! That’s the hubby’s domain. I’m the queen of the kitchen, but I don’t touch the grill.

  7. I’m definitely NOT a griller…I leave that responsibility to my dad or BF! Creme eggs are my favorite Easter candy 🙂

  8. Hahahaha!
    Amazing eats and pics, as always!
    Gotta love your posts, girl 😀
    Have a great week!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  9. I leave the grilling to my hubby as well! And we have some Cadbury eggs at home too!

  10. MMM your “Summer” meal looks good! Ya know, Ive never had Cadbury eggs..crazy I know!

  11. Oh my, I stay away from the grill. If I had one, it would be all Stephen! I do think it would be fun to make kabobs on though.

    I’ve never had those mini eggs. My faves are the creme eggs…YUM

  12. So jealous of grilled vegetables..

  13. Ooooo I cant wait to barbecue!! I almost got mini eggs at the grocery store today but my craving were calling out for jelly beans more so I got that instead!!

  14. I love grilling. My hubby is originally from SA and calls it ‘braaing’. We always have very enjoyable braais with a bunch of friends. Oh, can’t wait for warm weather to come. Mark is always in charge of the meat. He loves the whole marinating and basting process so much that I am happy to prepare salads, grab a bottle of beer and watch him. ;-))

  15. I love grilling out! Yay.

  16. I’m obsessedwith those cadbury mini eggs. thank goodness they have those little packs for portion control!

  17. I agree…grilling is very intimdating!!

  18. I’ve never grilled…it definitely scares me too haha! Hope you enoyed those mini eggs, they are great!

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