Rewards of Running

Before going to sleep last night, in the back of my mind I thought I’d wake up and go for a morning run with Sadie.

Going to bed with a plan for my Saturday morning workout is a tactic that really works well for me because I tend to want to lounge around on weekend mornings and put off my workout. I know I should workout right away because I always feel better when I get some exercise in first thing in the morning. 

I had a little extra motivation this morning because I was anxious to try out a new sports bra I was sent to review by Breeze Comfort. (I will post a full review soon!)  

Pink/Black Mountain View Breeze Comfort Sports Bra

Me and My Running Buddy

I promise I am in the pictures above. It might be hard to see me because of my iridescent skin.

After Ryan took these picture he said, “Wow! Am I as pale as you!?”

Grrr. I sent Sadie to attack him instantly and then turned the camera on him to show him that his skin is white as well (though not quite as white as mine, I’ll admit).

My He-Man Pale Boy

Please excuse our sleepy looking faces. It’s not natural to take pictures 10 minutes after you roll out of bed at  7 a.m. 🙂

The Run

My run with Sadie was great! It was a complete 180 from our short run together on Thursday when my legs felt like rocks.

This whole run felt like a breeze and the weather was gorgeous. We ran about 6.25 miles at a nice, easy pace.

Sadie succeeded in making me feel instantly unathletic when she grabbed a stick to run and jump around with for the first half of our fifth mile. Where does this dog get her energy!?

Once we arrived home, my tummy wanted food!

Rewards of Running

When I work out, I often think about what I want to eat when I get home.

After a nice, long run, I knew I wanted a special breakfast for a post-run reward.

A little over a month ago, I made ricotta-stuffed French toast and Ryan and I fell in love with the creation! This morning I thought I’d try another variation: Raspberry ricotta stuffed French toast!

I began by soaking an Arnold sandwich thin in a mixture of egg whites and cinnamon before letting the French toast cook on the griddle.

Cinnamon French Toast

While the French toast was cooking, I made the raspberry-ricotta filling by combining ricotta cheese, cinnamon and thawed frozen raspberries.


Raspberry Ricotta Filling

Soon my French toast was ready to be stuffed!

Open-Faced French Toast


Of course I added a lil’ syrup and several dashes of nutmeg (love this spice) before digging in.

Eat Me!


Dig In!

This running reward was the perfect way to start the day after a sweaty run! I even liked this version better than the original ricotta stuffed French toast.

Moving Continues

This weekend is the final weekend of our big move!

Though all the furniture is in our new place, we still have a few car-loads worth of stuff in the old place as well as the “final clean” (ahhhhhhh!) to accomplish within the next two days.


Better get to it!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far! 😀

39 Responses

  1. I’ve just made a new post on helping a running beginner, please could you take a look and give me some tips on how to start running? xx

  2. Okay, y’all look like Abercrombie models!

    Mmmm…pancake sammie is a GREAT idea 🙂

  3. I totally know what you mean about planning for your morning workout on the weekends. I also have a tendency to lounge around, but it feels soooo much better to wake up and get my working in right away! My hubby and I just got back from our run. 🙂

  4. Weekend runs with my hun is my favorite, unfortunately he’s injured so i’m on my own:(

    Brekkie looked awesome:)

  5. wow you have the BEST abs/body ever. i’m a little jealous haha. and ryan is jacked!!

    breakfastlooks delicious!!! i love sweet meals in the morning

  6. You look too thin for your body frame! Increase calorie intake stat!

    • thanks for your concern but my body weight is right in the middle of a healthy BMI range. 🙂

  7. Mmmmm….your breakfast looks delicious! What an awesome idea!

    You just motivated me to get off my couch and work out! Like you, I struggle with lounging around all morning and procrastinating before working out! But in the end, all it does is kill precious time and waste my day!

  8. Wow could you be skinnier?! You have the tiniest waist ever! So jealous, I have no waist.

  9. Holy abs girl, both you and Ryan have amazing bodies!! I need to start working out with my BF more often 🙂 Raspberry ricotta stuffed french toast sounds AMAZING!!

  10. You are not too thin, you are perfect and I can see your muscles in your arms. Also, you don’t look pale?! Do you use fake tanner?

  11. You he-man pale boy has a HOT body! He and Sean are SO similiar its crazy! although, sean hates to run, although Im sur he could still kick my booty in a 6 mile run!!

  12. Hey it’s Alison! I just signed up for a WordPress account and wanted to see if my picture shows up now! lol

  13. What an awesome running buddy-love the pics!

  14. I think you looked better last year weighing 15 lbs heavier. I don’t know why you don’t address your weight loss in the blog. Your previous comments that your sister is so much tinier than yourself is delusional. Please don’t try to lose more weight!

    • i’ve actually never weighed 15 lbs. more than i do right now. at my heaviest, i weighed maybe 10 lbs. more. i don’t talk about my weightloss because it wasn’t something i was trying desperately to achieve, but it occurred more naturally when i stopped living off of lean cuisines and pb & js and realized i actually like veggies and fresh foods/produce.

      my goal right now is not to focus on weight (loss or gains), but rather on health, which is why i talk more about health, healthy living, fitness and a balanced lifestyle.

  15. ya’ll are the most fittest couple! yummy breakfast

  16. glorious stuffed goodness!!!! love your running buddie. what a sweetie she is!

  17. Your breakfast looks so yummy! You guys are one good looking family.

  18. Wow- you have the smallest waist I have ever seen! You seem so happy! It’s wonderful to see! GREAT LOOKING MEALS BTW!

  19. Trust me-you are not pale at all! You should see me! What a great idea for breakfast. I love how creative you are. You are ryan are so incredibly fit. I love reading the comments above..people make me laugh!

  20. You have a great body. Health is definitely more important than weight, so do what makes YOU feel healthy.

    I love nutmeg, too! My mom gave me some real nutmeg n\ut (I guess that’s what they’re called) and a nutmeg grater in my stocking. Freshly grated tastes soooo good!

  21. what a great blog. i just found it and its great!

  22. wow you guys are ONE HOT COUPLE! seriously go sign up to do couples modeling NOW

  23. Julie! You should be watching the Food Network right now! The secret ingredient is….. RICOTTA!!!

  24. yall look like a great couple and your both gorgeous.

    I will have to try that french toast it looks killer.

  25. can i get your abs with that sports bra please??

  26. please let a girl know how you get that killer FLAT stomach. im not fat by any means but i cant get rid of that lower pooch area at all and you look AMAZING!

  27. you guys are one HOT couple ;P

  28. […] I tried out a new sports bra and made delicious raspberry ricotta stuffed French toast. […]

  29. I don’t think either of you are too pale! You look great, you have a nice glow 🙂

  30. […] particular breakfast actually reminded me a lot of my raspberry ricotta stuffed French toast. […]

  31. […] the last mile or so of my runs, I always think about my “reward” following the run. It’s never anything amazing, but it helps motivate me to crank out the last […]

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