Not only were the empty boxes we brought to fill up with the stuff remaining at our old apartment overflowing (We need more boxes!), but so was a toilet at our new apartment! Gaaah.

Our new landlord is amazing and got a plumber out to our place within 20 minutes. Apparently roots grew into the pipes, causing the water to get backed up and the toilet to overflow. Luckily we already moved all our towels, so we had a bunch of old towels on hand to contain the water.

The plumber arrived quickly, and our toilet is back in commission! Phew.

While the plumber was working away, Ryan and I took a break from loading and unloading the car to enjoy a yummy lunch.

Taco Meat + Cheese

I made us a big quesadilla to share using leftover taco meat from Wednesday’s dinner and mozzarella cheese.


I also enjoyed a big ol’ veggie wrap with roasted red pepper hummus, portobello mushrooms, yellow squash and broccoli.



Lunch Time

I was really hungry and we both polished off our respective lunches quickly.

We weren’t quite ready to get back to work, so we hung out in the backyard, enjoying the sun for about 45 minutes.


The mission for the rest of the day is to get every last thing out of our old place.

Where is all this stuff coming from!?!?

3 Responses

  1. ahh the stuff you find when you move is always so interesting!

    blah on your toilet! Thank God for good apartment employees who are on top of their game! Glad your toilet is all fixed!

  2. Haha isn’t amazing how much more stuff you seem to have when it comes time to move it?

  3. I just went through moving earlier in the month- I feel your pain! Seriously, where the heck does all the stuff come from??

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