Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literally

Today was a day for cheeeeeese!

Lunch included a melted Swiss cheese and roasted red pepper hummus sandwich on my second honey wheat sandwich thin of the day… I love these things!

Cheese + Hummus Sandwich

Tuesday's Lunch

On the side I enjoyed garlic roasted asparagus.


I’m gettin’ ready for some stinky pee!

If you are one of the people who experience stinky pee after eating asparagus, this little tidbit from MSNBC may be of interest to you:

“Asparagus contains a sulfur compound called mercaptan. It is also found in onions, garlic, rotten eggs, and in the secretions of skunks. The signature smell occurs when this substance is broken down in your digestive system. Not all people have the gene for the enzyme that breaks down mercaptan, so some of you can eat all the asparagus you want without stinking up the place.”

So, who else out there has the stinky pee enzyme? πŸ˜‰

I know it’s not just me and this lil’ guy:

Baby Skunk

(And yes I did just use stinky pee as an excuse for a cute baby animal picture. πŸ™‚ )

Total Eclipse of the Heart

I bet you thought the (wildly inappropriate and wildly awesome) version of Total Eclipse of the Heart from Old School was the most entertaining version of the song out there, didn’t you?

Enter the literal interpretation of the Total Eclipse of the Heart music video:

I think I smiled the entire time I watched this video!

18 Responses

  1. Asparagus definitely makes my pee smell..but not my husband’s. Apparently only 50% of the people have tha enzyme. I am the ONLY one in my familyl who does…random huh? Wonder if it is genetic?

  2. Hahah that is video is funny. I like asparagus for a few bites, then I’m done!

  3. That’s so funny that you mention that because my roommates and I were just talking about it! I share the stinky pee enzyme with you πŸ™‚ One of my roommates doesn’t though!

  4. Totally makes my pee smell. And I’ve seen that video before, it’s hilarious!

  5. I had asparagus last night for dinner and totally thought about how it would stink up the pee. So weird how are body breaks down food.

    I don’t normally like skunks but that one is way cute πŸ™‚

  6. i do ! i do! and i looooooooooooove me some asparagus, but even when i just eat a little bit like in a mixed bag of frozen veggies, P-U! stinky pee!! πŸ™‚

  7. Yeah, the asparagus pee thing. I never understood what people were talking about! I guess I lucked out because I don’t smell anything…

  8. Funny you’d mention asparagus cause I must have eaten a pound of them this weekend (they were on sale at your grocery store). My pee didn’t smell bad but definitely stronger than usual…hee hee
    great lunch:)

  9. haha I’ve had asparagus 3 times this week already…I am definitely prone to the stinky pee syndrome, and that pic is adorable!!

  10. Aww, that little skunk is so cute!

    I’ve never noticed a smell after I ate asparagus haha! They do smell while I’m roasting them, though.

  11. At least it’s not just me who eats more than one Honey Wheat Sandwich Thins! I looooove ’em!

  12. The Old School rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart is amazing.
    Also, for my friend’s sign language class, they signed Total Eclipse of the Heart. The “tuuuuuurn arounnnnnnd” part is amazing in sign language.
    Basically, it is an amazing song.

  13. Julie, you crack me up with your honest posts!! πŸ™‚ PS: I froze my Earth Grains bread when I received it, but I’ve been having it this week. It’s so good! I also use my green reusable bag all the time, and I’ve even gotten comments at work!

  14. I love asparagus! It definitely gives me stinky pee, but I care not!
    I haven’t purchased asparagus in awhile because I recently read an article about Mexican laborers that worked in asparagus fields and it almost broke my heart. The article is mostly about NAFTA and how it’s not really working in Mexico and how little the farm workers get paid and the conditions they are forced to work in.
    I can’t wait until I can find local asparagus at the farmer’s market this summer.
    (I’m totally not trying to accuse you of buying asparagus from Mexico, I have no idea where you got yours from and I’m not trying to pass judgment. I just wanted to pass on the info! I hope I didn’t say anything that came off as snobby!)

  15. I’ve got the stink enzyme πŸ™‚

    I remember when I used to eat honey nut cheerios those would make my pee stink too.

  16. 1) I for sure have that enzyme.
    2) My boyfriend’s hometown has an ASPARAGUS FESTIVAL; how awesome is that?
    3) That video is hilarrrrious!

  17. […] know I’ve touched on the asparagus and stinky pee connection previously, but did you know that cilantro is another one of those funky foods that affects people […]

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