Kitty Chow

I think people who hate canned tuna really hate canned tuna. It’s not generally something they’re on the fence about.

Personally, I love canned tuna and would eat a tuna salad sandwich for lunch regularly in high school. My best friend Michaela always said I was eating “kitty chow.” 🙂

Cats ❤ Tuna

Sure it’s staaanky, but I think it’s delicious!

Are you a canned tuna lover or hater?

Clearly I’m a canned tuna love-ah!


Surprise, surprise!

My lunch today was a tuna salad wrap.

Canned Tuna

My tuna salad contained one can of tuna, light Miracle Whip, mustard, relish and sweet corn.

Tuna Salad

After wrapping the tuna salad in a whole wheat wrap, I dug in!

Carrot sticks were served on the side.

Carrot Sticks

Save the Dates

Remember waaay back when I asked you guys about the proper amount of time to wait before sending out save the date cards?

Well, I still haven’t even started making ours, but my goal is to send them out six months in advance, so I still have a little bit of time to get my act together.

I love being crafty, so I think Ryan and I may be sending out DIY save the dates with a bit of a personal touch. I’m not sure if making our own save the dates will be too overwhelming, so we’ll see!

If you are married, what were your save the dates like?

(Note: Please do not share your save the date idea if you don’t want me to steal it. 😉 )

25 Responses

  1. I like canned Tuna, but not as much as my cat likes when I make it. It’s so bad now that every time she even sees the can opener she goes nuts. I used it to open a can of broth the other night and she freaked out, thinking I was opening some tuna.

  2. Can’t help
    with the save the dates, but I can yell you that I haaaaate canned tuna 🙂

  3. We didn’t even send out save the dates – we got married within 8 months. 😉

  4. I sent mine out 7 months before.

    I I bought sturdy, pretty, blank postcards and envelops at The Paper Store. I printed calligraphy style using my computer. I decorated the cards and envelops with a stamp and shimmery gold ink.

    We sent out 60 and all of the supplies (including stamps) cost $28.

  5. We sent out postcards, since we were having a destination wedding!

    I loved canned tuna…before I went veg 😉

  6. I am one of those who HATES canned tuna.

    We didn’t do Save The Dates but I have seen some really cute magnets, postcards and even luggage tags for destination wedding.

  7. I love canned Tuna….only White Tuna.

    I didn’d do Save the Date cards because my engagement was only 7 months long… we did/ me and my bridesmaids homemade the wedding invitations. you’d never know they were homemade and compliments still pile in about them more than a year later.
    I they were a 4 point star when the opened and then each flap was folded down and so you opened up a 5X5 square…if that makes any sense.
    One thing I did learn is that anything over 6X6 has an additional mailing fee….keep that in mind 😉

  8. Tuna LOVAH!!! 🙂

    We didn’t do save the date cards because we got married in 9 months…

  9. i’m engaged and getting married in 5 months. we opted out of Save the Dates because we figured anyone interested in coming would already know the date and it was a cost saver not to send them out.

    good luck!

  10. I cannot remember at ALL what our save the dates were like. LOL Did we even do them??? Hmmmm…..

    Anyways, I think personal touches are great and it could be cheaper to go that route. Just keep it simple if you do it yourself to save on stress. 🙂

    PS – Tuna hater over here. It ranks almost as high on my food hate list as cottage cheese. Blech!!!!

  11. I got married in Vegas and our save the dates had a wedding cute lil wedding dress on a hanger at the top w/an alvis outfit on a hanger next to it. lol

    Heather @

  12. I love making tuna salad!!

    My mom made our save the dates. She somehow figured out how to print the picture and info we wanted onto magnets that she bought. It saved lots of $$ and they turned out super cute!!!!!

    • I second that! I thought the magnets were unique and adorable!

      As for canned tuna, I really have never thought it was gross. I love it!

  13. I love canned tuna…have you ever had tuna in the single serve pouches? those are so easy to take along when you’re in a time crunch…or the starkist tuna creations that come in different flavors, they make great meal starters!

  14. I love canned tuna! Tuna sandwiches with olives on the side were a frequent lunch of mine, when I was a kid.

    Our save the dates were magnets, from They had a picture of us on it, were in our color scheme and said the basic…”Save the date…We’re getting married!” They were cute. I still keep one in my office at work.

  15. I love canned tuna! I also love the pouches 🙂

    No saved the date here. Not sure it was that popular 10 years ago?

  16. I’m a pretty big canned tuna fan. So quick and easy and tons of protein! I also add a cut up hard boiled egg to mine (usually just the whites!)

  17. I like canned tuna but freak out when I find a bone. Then I have to toss the rest…


    Still tuna salad sammy is one of my favorite things to eat:)

  18. Canned tuna is good, but I’m a HUGE fan of pink salmon pouches! I buy the Chicken of the Sea single serving pouches and frequently enjoy my salmon on a salad or in a whole grain sandwich. If you like tuna, you’ll most likely like canned salmon! 🙂

  19. P.S. I agree with you that canned fish is super duper smelly, but it’s totally worth the sacrifice for the yummy flavor and loads of protein!

  20. Canned tuna LOVAA! But I DON’T love the way it makes my kitchen smell.

  21. We did a photo postcard. Our picture was on the front and on the back was just Save the Date & our wedding date & wedding website. We figured once they had the wedding website info they could stay updated until any invitations came out. It was relatively inexpensive, people could hang it on their fridge & it was a bit different than the norm. good luck!

  22. I use for all my card sending needs. I upload pics from my pc, add borders, captions, text, word and thought bubbles, have a ball, basically! Then the company prints, stuffs, stamps, and mails them for me for about $1 each including postage ($.59 for postcards). I sent in a handwriting sample so can add text in my own writing. It’s a breeze!

  23. I love canned tuna – I actually packed it for lunch today – go figure. So quick and easy to make.

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