Play Time at the Park

Even after two walks totaling at least 4.5 miles (2 with Ryan and 2.5 with me), Sadie was as energetic and chipper as ever. Clearly a trip to the dog park was in order. 

Puppy Play Time 

I’ve never seen so many cars at the dog park! 

People came out of the woodworks to take in the sunny day at the park. 

Smilin' at the Park

"Well Hello There."

 Sadie found lots of treasures to play with today. A grungy ball, several sticks, a rope toy and more! 

"Look What I Found!"

Pretty Girl

I originally planned to make garlic soup from scratch for dinner, but a long trip to the park made both of us unwilling to wait the 1.5 hours needed to prepare the soup and let it simmer. 

Luckily we had a freezer fallback meal on hand! 


Having a frozen pizza in the freezer has saved me in numerous “I need dinner and I need it now” situations. 

Yay for CPK!

Sadie is Intrigued...

(Please ignore my slippers in the above pic. Also, don’t I kinda look like a bobble-head? What’s the deal!? 🙂 ) 

Ever since trying (and loving!) the BBQ chicken frozen pizza by California Pizza Kitchen, Ryan and I have been on a mission to try all of their flavors. Tonight the margherita pizza was on the menu. 

Hot 'n' Cheesy

This pizza was g-o-o-d! We both agree that the BBQ chicken and the white pizzas by CPK are our favorites, but we’d definitely buy this one again. Mmm, mmm. 

To get our veggies in, we served the pizza with a side of cauliflower roasted at 400 degrees for 20 minutes after tossing it in a bit of olive oil and garlic salt. 

Pizza + Veggies

My Plate

Ryan and I both want dessert and are craving ice cream, but we’re feeling pretty lazy and don’t want to go anywhere… It’s the sweet tooth vs. laziness. An epic battle, I know! Not sure which one will prevail… 

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! See ya in the mornin’.

18 Responses

  1. aw your pup is so energetic! My Sadie sleeps all day long if she’s been walked for more than 20 minutes. I also love CPK !!

  2. What a yummy looking pizza. Frozen pizzas are just a must sometimes!

  3. CPK is the best pizza! If you love the frozen ones, you must try the restaurant, if you haven’t already! Nice to see someone had nice weather – midwest and east coast had ugly, cold rain all weekend.

  4. I love those pizzas! What a great invention for a night when it’s too busy to cook.

  5. My BF loves the Sicilian one. I’ve never tried a CPK frozen pizza before but I used to order the BLT one all the time from the restaurant.

  6. Can I please, please have Sadie’s energy? Pleeease? 🙂 She is such a fun dog. I love all those motion pictures. Your camera is amazing! (That and your photographing skills of course! :-))

  7. I just posted about CPK’s garlic chicken pizza yesterday – SO good! Honestly, I might never get another frozen pizza. Have you had the garlic chicken one yet?

  8. Haha those slippers are cute…I have some just like them. And yes I wear them in public. 🙂

    • haha – yay for bath & body works slippers! i love ’em! (oh & i totally wear my slippers in public, too.)

  9. Yummy looking pizza!! Roasted cauliflower is the best too, I had some last night!!

  10. […] Play Time at the Park […]

  11. i LOVE garlic… you can never have too much garlic! could you post your recipe for the garlic soup?!?! thanks!

  12. I LOVE the CPK frozen pizzas. The white is def my favorite too, but Margarita is a close second.

  13. just curious…as i do love pizza and i love CPK the restaurant…however i have taken to making my own pizza with fresh ingredients and obviously no preservatives…are these pizzas one of the healthier versions? i use to keep froz pizza in the freezer too just for those nights when i was needing something and no time…

    • oooh junie, i wish these were healthier. 🙂 they’re really delicious & the nutrition facts aren’t bad, but the ingredients are a bit unnerving (they do contain partially hydrogenated soybean oil & some other “unknowns”).

  14. dang it! i would like a less pricey of a quick option than Amys or something…sigh…i thought you were gonna save me sista! ;O)

  15. […] they got wind of my intense love for CPK frozen pizzas and figured I might enjoy some of their restaurant fare as well.    […]

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