Attune Bar Giveaway

Awesome giveaway in a minute…First, dinner! 🙂


When I’ve made tacos in the crock pot in the past, I’ve made them using ground chicken.

I changed things up a bit tonight because I snagged a pack of ground turkey from my parents’ house yesterday. Turkey tacos!!!

Turkey Taco Meat

I placed the ground turkey in the crock pot with a packet of reduced-sodium taco seasoning and 2/3 cup of water and let it cook on low all day.

When we got home, Ryan forked through the meat (which forms a big turkey-taco patty) while I got out the tortillas, salsa and lettuce.

I enjoyed two soft shell tacos and a plate full of taco salad.


First Round

Attune Bar Giveaway

I am one lucky lil’ blogger! The wonderful (newly engaged!!!) Annelies with Attune Foods sent me four Attune chocolate probiotic chocolate wellness bars to sample before offering an awesome giveaway on this blog!

Attune Chocolate Bar

I tried four different flavors:

  • Chocolate crisp
  • Dark chocolate
  • Mint chocolate
  • Coffee bean dark chocolate

Attune Chocolate Probiotic Wellness Bars

The bars come in these flavors as well:

  • Raspberry dark chocolate
  • Almond milk chocolate
  • Blueberry vanilla

My favorite flavors were the mint chocolate and the dark chocolate bars. They were creamy and tasted so indulgent. (I promise they didn’t taste like “health food.”) Ryan tried the mint chocolate bar as well and gave it two thumbs up.

Here are some fun facts about these bars:

  • They have five times the live active cultures as yogurt
  • They have only 3 – 8 grams of sugar per bar
  • They have only 80 – 90 calories per bar
  • They have 3 grams of fiber per bar

Attune Foods also claims that those who eat these bars will feel a difference in their health after eating one bar a day for 14 days. They’ll even send you a refund if you don’t! (Click here for more information.)

Now you can see for yourself…

One reader will win a 14-day supply of Attune chocolate probiotic bars!

You will receive one entry into this giveaway for doing each of the following (Yes, that means you can enter THREE times!):

I will randomly select a winner on Wednesday morning.

Good luck!!!

(Note: This giveaway is limited to U.S. residents only.)

95 Responses

  1. This is such a cool idea! I’d be most interested to try the dark chocolate (I’m such a sucker for dark chocolate).

    Aren’t turkey tacos the best? They’re way less greasy than beef tacos (although they’re great as well) 😉

  2. Chocolate Crisp!! Sure wish they offered chocolate peanut butter…… LOL

  3. Chocolate crisp – I wonder if it has the same crispy taste as a Nestle crunch?!?!

  4. Any of the dark chocolate varieties (original, raspberry, or coffee bean) I am a sucker for dark chocolate. They all sound phenomenal though!!!

  5. I would love to try mint chocolate. If only they had a peanut butter flavor…

  6. ohh what a great giveaway! the mint chocolate sounds SO good!

  7. I love coffee + dark chocolate, so coffee bean dark chocolate sounds delicious!

  8. Blueberry vanilla! It sounds soooo yummy 🙂

  9. I love dark chocolate. The one with coffee bean sounds especially yummy!

  10. the coffee bean dark chocolate flavor sounds yummy! i love coffee and chocolate so it sounds like a winning combo to me!

  11. Um, blueberry vanilla. Can you say, “HOORAY?”
    they all sound terrific but as blueberries are my favorite fruit, or nearly, and I love all things vanilla, I’d have to say bluebsvanny 🙂

  12. The almond milk bar sounds amazing. I love almonds!

  13. Great giveaway! The Raspberry Dark Chocolate would be my first choice!!

  14. Facebook Attune Fan here.

  15. Following Attune on Twitter.

  16. Oooh maybe the coffee bean dark chocolate-but they all sound great! My husband and I just started taking probiotic supplements and he has been eating a ton of yogurt and kefir to build up a better immune system. These sound like a much tastier way to get in the good bacteria! 🙂

  17. I definitely want to try the Chocolate Crisp…I heard they taste just like a Krackle bar!

  18. I would love to try the dark chocolate.

  19. Coffee bean dark chocolate sounds like a great combo! This flavor seems like it would give just the right amount of energy for an afternoon snack

  20. the dark chocolate would be my top choice but all of the flavors sound delicious! i’d love to try these bars!

  21. Dark chocolate anything has my heart! : ) I’d want to try the dark choco raspberry!! Where can we buy these if we aren’t the lucky winner?

  22. I love ground turkey, I always use it when I make chili. I’ve never done tacos before, I’ll have to try that next!
    I would love to try the Raspberry Dark Chocolate…yum!

  23. Blueberry vanilla for me!!

  24. following on FB!!

  25. following on twitter!

  26. Mint Chocolate!!!

  27. following on twitter

  28. Raspberry dark chocolate! And I’m following Attune on twitter now!

  29. chocolate mint for me!

  30. and i’m a fb fan!

  31. The almond milk chocolate sounds so good!!

  32. Almond milk chocolate

  33. dark chocolate is always my favorite. I’d like to try that!

  34. would love to dry the dark chocolate! yum!!

  35. Yum! I would love to try the coffee bean dark chocolate!!

  36. coffee bean dark chocolate for me please 🙂

  37. I fb friended

  38. Coffee bean dark chocolate — definitely! Nothing like a sugar high and a coffee buzz 😉

  39. I would love to try the Mint Chocolate since it’s my all-time favorite flavor combo! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  40. Definitely Dark chocolate! the true chocolate ;P

  41. i would love to try the dark chocolate bar!

  42. i definitely want to try mint chocolate 🙂


  43. I would love to try mint chocolate the most 🙂

  44. mint chocolate!! yumm

  45. almond milk chocolate sounds amazing!

  46. I would love to try mint chocolate! And I just friended on Facebook, and am now following on twitter!

  47. ohhhh It would be hard to choose between the Raspberry dark chocolate and the Coffee bean dark chocolate … probably the Raspberry first.

  48. Following on FB.

  49. I would love the mint chocolate!

  50. Coffee bean dark chocolate without a doubt! Anything that combines dark chocolate AND coffee (2 of my favorite things) is a must-try in my book! 🙂

  51. I would love to try the mint chocolate! A 14 day supply is chocolate heaven!!

  52. I became a fan on facebook.. =)

  53. I want to try the mint chocolate! I’ve been resisting the urge to by thin mint Girl Scout Cookies…so maybe this could be my fix:-)

  54. I would love to try Coffee bean dark chocolate!

  55. MmMmmM….i would LOOOOVE the dark chocolate one! 🙂

  56. i’m friends on FB. ! !

  57. following on twitter!!

  58. chocolate crisp!!

  59. i also became a fan on facebook:)

  60. Oo i love chocolate! But dont eat it often because most healthier chocolaates are hard to come across, and generally expensive!

    I think the Almond and Coffee bean one sound divine!

  61. mmmm love to try mint chocolate!

  62. I’m already a fan on facebook 🙂

  63. Following them on twitter now 🙂

  64. the dark chocolate bar sounds delicious!

  65. I’m intrigued by the blueberry vanilla because it sounds so different!

  66. Mmm I love tacos.

    The Raspberry Dark Chocolate please! Following on Twitter and FB now!

  67. Oooh blueberry vanilla, or anything dark chocolate 😉

  68. I am following Attune on Twitter

  69. I would like to try the blueberry vanilla or the coffee bean dark chocolate!

    Awesoem give-a-way Julie! Thanks!

  70. Mint & chocolate combined = heaven. That’s the flavor I would want to try!

  71. The blueberry vanilla is amazing – I would love to win this!! Gotta love healthy chocolate. 🙂

  72. Following on Facebook!

  73. Great giveaway! I’d love to try the Raspberry dark chocolate bar! Thanks!!

  74. the coffee bean one all the way!

  75. I’m a mint chocolate girl, but would also love to try the chocolate crisp!

  76. Fun, I love giveaways! I’d want to try the Coffee Bean Dark Chocolate.

  77. Definitely coffee dark chocolate – my two vices together as one!

  78. coffee dark chocolate sounds yummy!

  79. i love your blog =)
    i would like to try the almond milk chocolate. yum!

  80. I would love to try the mint chocolate one, they all sound good though…

  81. I’d give anything to try the raspberry dark chocolate flavor. Sounds so good! 🙂

  82. I’d most like to try Blueberry vanilla!

  83. I added Attune on Facebook.

  84. I follow Attune on Twitter as “calidreamin87”

  85. Almond milk chocolate, definitely. Hershey’s with almonds is my favorite candy bar so maybe this would be a healthier replacement?!

  86. I am already a Fan/Friend of Attune Foods on Facebook 🙂

  87. I would love to try the Chocolate Crisp bar! I have seen these popping up around the blog world and they look great!

  88. The Dark Chocolate!

  89. mmm coffeebean dark chocolate sounds sooo GOOD

  90. I’d love to try the raspberry dark chocolate bar!

  91. now following attune on twitter! [@blairwinston]

  92. Gah! I love turkey tacos! I could eat them everyday!
    I’ve been trying to find these Attune bars for weeks. The website says they sell them at two stores in my town, but I can’t find them for the life of me. I really want to try to the blueberry vanilla flavor!

  93. […] Julie’s Attune Bar Giveaway Post […]

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