AMA Round Six

Good mornin’ and happy Monday!

I  wanted to respond to a few of your Ask Me Anything questions quickly this morning before the craziness of the day sets in, so heeeere we go!

I will be ending Ask Me Anything on Wednesday to round out a full week of Q & As. 🙂 Again, thanks to everyone who submitted a question. It’s actually a lot more work answering these bad boys than I thought it would be, but I’ve really enjoyed it. You may still click here to submit an anonymous question.

I’ll be back in a bit for a yummy breakfast post!

AMA Round Six

Your engagement ring is really pretty. How many carats is it? How did Ryan know it would be perfect for you? Did you guys ever go shopping together for engagement rings?

Thank you! I LOVE my ring, too! It is 1.2 carats. Ryan and I did not go engagement ring shopping and I was totally blindsided by his proposal (in a good way). He bought the ring 100 percent on his own and knew what  I wanted because apparently during the second year we were dating I was talking about wedding rings with my girlfriends and he remembered that I really liked the Lucida ring from the Tiffany’s Web site. He used that as his guide when selecting my ring, but altered it a bit to get a smaller band, which I liked a lot. I love the simplicity of the ring and think he did a wonderful job.

How do you and Ryan handle the money situation (daily spending and long-term saving)? How are you planning to pay for the wedding?

Right now Ryan and I still pay for things like our groceries separately and we split the rent to our apartment every month. When we get married we’ve discussed continuing our current saving habits (we’re both savers, not spenders, by nature) and are looking into creating an account that we would both contribute to and use for food, rent, dates and other couple-related expenses.

As for our wedding, we have been blessed with the assistance of my family when paying for the big day. We have a budget we’re working within and feel very grateful to have help from loved ones. Ryan’s family is generously contributing toward the rehearsal dinner and honeymoon, which we are very thankful for as well.

What are some good, relatively cheap foods to keep on hand for snacking that don’t ruin your whole day of healthy eating/exercise? Here’s the tricky part: no fridge, no stove/oven… Only a microwave to work with. (Gotta love living in KD, huh?) I find myself eating a lot of sugary, high carb granola bars and would like to steer away from them.

Yay for Kappa Delta love! I love this question and the limiting parameters because they’re applicable for many people and create healthy eating challenges. Here are my initial suggestions: apples or whole wheat crackers with peanut butter, nuts, whole wheat tortillas with light jelly and nut butter, trail mix (low-sugar cereal, chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit), oranges, 100 calorie packs of popcorn and oatmeal.  

Where did you get that brown purse in your driving range pictures? I LOVE it.

Ah, I love it too! It is a Michael Kors purse and I received it as a Christmas present from my family. You can see a close up of it here.

Have you ever been interested in doing a Fitness or Figure competition?

No. I admire the women who are dedicated enough to compete but I do not personally have the desire.

 I’m sorta new to this blog and I love it! I’m sure you answered this already but when is your actual wedding date?  Also can we see a picture of your ring?

Yay for a newbie! I am getting married October 30, 2010. A picture of my ring may be seen here.

On the weekends do you ever feel “guilty” for eating foods that you may not eat during the regular work week? Are you ever afraid that indulging here and there will lead to binge eating?

I soooo wish I could answer this question “no,” but that would be a flat-out lie. Yes, I sometimes do feel guilty after a weekend filled with unhealthy eating. I’m not talking just one meal of unhealthy food, but rather a Friday night, Saturday and Sunday comprised of sugary baked goods, greasy restaurant fare and unlimited snacking. If it’s just one night of indulgence I really don’t let that get to me, but if I’ve abandoned my healthy eating habits for the entire weekend, I do feel slightly disappointed in myself though I know it’s totally normal to indulge every once in a while. I brush it off though because I know that it’s not something that happens all the time and I try to return to my healthy habits on Monday morning.

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  1. Another great round of Q&A. How sweet that Ryan remembered the ring you mentioned liking from so early on in your relationship!

    Have a great Monday!

  2. Great Q&A!!

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