“Exercise Gives You Endorphins”

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”

Elle Woods knows what she’s talkin’ about!

I woke up this morning feeling sleepy and blah. On my way to the gym I thought “I really don’t feel like working out today” a couple of times.

I repeated my motivating exercise mantra “I’ve never regretted a work out,” and headed off to BodyPump. Before I knew it, I was in the groove and feeling happier. Gotta love those endorphins!

After BodyPump, I did 25 minutes of light cardio while reading the latest issue of Oxygen magazine.


Today’s breakfast gets two thumbs up!

After last night’s eggplant lasagna, we have a big ol’ tub of ricotta cheese that we need to plow through before it goes bad.

When I popped open the lid on the ricotta cheese container, Sadie went into instant begging mode.

Cheese, Please

After giving her a couple spoonfuls, I scooped out about a quarter of a cup of ricotta cheese before adding a bit of Splenda and cinnamon to make it s a lil’ sweeter.

I spread the mixture on top of two toasted waffles before topping them with syrup.

Cinnamon Ricotta Waffles

Loved this breakfast!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. πŸ˜€

13 Responses

  1. I always remind myself how great I am going to feel AFTER the workout when I am finding it hard to get motivated…and I am always right!! πŸ™‚ Glad you got a good one in and I loved the Legally Blonde clip…love that movie!! πŸ™‚

  2. LOVE Legally Blonde, LOVE Body Pump, LOVE Oxygen Magazine!

  3. That’s a great workout mantra…I need to keep it in mind!

  4. nice mantra! i love legally blonde.. reese is adorable in it.

    ricotta cheese is so tasty! nice idea to pair it with syrup and cinnamon, perfection (as chandler would say haha)!

  5. ElleΒ΄s SO right!
    And I simply LOVE ricotta cheese… IΒ΄m sure it was DELICIOUS on the top of your waffles… YUM!

  6. I love all your post I really do! Do you know why I secretly come here and no it’s not to lick the PB spoon to the right…Sadie makes me smile everytime!!

  7. Loving the waffle posts…never realised how much you could do with a waffle!
    Love the workout mantra…always use this on myself as well as my clients.

    have a great Wednesday to Julie:)

  8. i dont think its healthy to give your dog human food. We also have a vizsla but we make sure she sticks with her own food and dog treats and the odd tbsp of PB smeared in her toys.

  9. I always think of that Legally Blonde quote whenever people talk about exercise endorphins!

    O man Daisy has never met a cheese she didn’t like…I’m sure ricotta would be no different!

  10. I love that quote from Legally Blonde…it is soo true! Sometimes it’s hard for me to motivate myself to work out, but once I do, I feel 100 times happier! Gotta love those endorphins! πŸ™‚

    Your waffle breakfast is so creative and nutritious! Does it keep you as satisfied as oatmeal?

    • surprisingly it was pretty filling! i think the ricotta cheese may have helped a bit. i still think my combo of oats w/ a scoop of protein powder is the most filling breakfast for me.

  11. Wow those waffles look SO GOOD! I gotta get me some Eggos SOON! πŸ˜€

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