Old Standby

Lunch today was the old standby: a ham ‘n’ swiss sandwich.

Ham + Swiss Bagelwich

Thursday's Lunch

I melted a slice of Alpine Lace Swiss cheese on a whole wheat Thomas’ bagel thin before adding honey roasted ham and romaine lettuce to the mix.

Open-Faced Sandwich

On the side I enjoyed beets and carrot sticks. An odd combination, I’ll admit, but it was tasty!

Beets & Carrots

Tomorrow’s Lunch Plans

Tomorrow I’m hoping to meet up with Ryan for a hot lunch date.

We’re debating between the following lunch hot-spots:

Where should we go?

Right now I’m really craving Chipotle… but that restaurant is the farthest from my work. It may be a game time decision. Feel free to weigh in and offer menu suggestions!

6 Responses

  1. Ooh! I haven’t been to Jimmy Johns in so long! Reminds me of my first year of grad school– I ate their All the time!

    Are those just canned beets?

  2. I would go with either Jimmy Johns or Pita Pit…but I am a sucker for sandwiches!

  3. personally i lOVE pita pit– soo good!! omg the bagelwich looks so good..i’ve never seen those bagel thins they look so good!


  4. PITA PIT!!!!

  5. I’ve never been to ANY of those places :/ I’ve heard a lot about Pita Pit and Chipotle, so I’m dying to try them. But I’ve got to say that I’m a total SUSHI freak…so that’s probably what I’d choose =)

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