The Ugly Truth

Last night Ryan and I finished watching The Ugly Truth.

I think Katherine Heigl is beautiful in such a natural way.

In honor of the movie, I figured I would share some of my own ugly truths with you.

  • I bite my nails. I’ve gotten better about this ever since I started Invisalign (mainly because I can’t bite them when I have my aligners in), but I’ve had this horrible habit for as long as I can remember.
  • I eat whipped cream straight out of the can, just like this guy:

Whipped Cream Can Eater

  • I make Ryan hide jars of peanut butter from me so I won’t eat the whole thing.
  • I rarely floss. I asked my dentist if he could get his wife to floss and he said “no.” I told him that if he can’t even convince his wife to floss, his chances with me don’t look so good. (Tip: If you floss for three days before your dentist appointment, they actually think you do floss.)
  • I’m weird about dirty feet. I can’t stand when my feet are dirty and have to wash them off immediately.
  • I can’t stand eye drops. When I’ve needed them in the past, Ryan has literally chased me around to put them in my eye (Rachel Green style).

What’s one of your ugly truths??? C’mon, share!!!

I love learning more about you guys and always laugh at the random fun facts you share with me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Workout + Breakfast

Today was a typical Wednesday morning. I took a BodyPump class (I added 5 lbs. during the squat track – Yay!), and followed it up with 25 minutes on the elliptical reading Woman’s Day. Yes, I love Woman’s Day. I am a 60-year-old woman at heart.

After my workout, I took Sadie on a walk and we froze our little patooties off. The wind is whippin’ in Central Florida today! The chilly walk was worth it though because I snagged another fresh grapefruit off a neighbor’s tree. It took a good three to four jump attempts to get it, but I persevered!

For breakfast I made a bowl of my healthified brownie batter hot cereal.

Brownie Batter Oats

Wednesday's Breakfast

I โค chocolate!!!

I also enjoyed a hot tumbler full of a mix ofย  Barnie’s cinnamon butter cookie and French vanilla coffee.

Happy Hump Day everyone!

17 Responses

  1. Oh I HATE dirty feet, too – but I also hate feet in general. I bite my nails, too…such a bad habit.

  2. Love the ugly truths post! I don’t think you want me to share the ugly truth that came to my mind…it has to do with knowing your body VERY well in the whole trying to get pregnant process. Yea, trying for babies ain’t as easy as it sounds. You’ll learn eventually. ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL

    And I love the reference to Friends!!

  3. I want to see that movie! I love Katherine Heigl. She’s so pretty and funny.

    You’re ugly truths are pretty funny. I”m the same way with eye drops! I had pink eye twice as a kid and my parents would have to pin me down to get the drops in. ๐Ÿ™‚ My ugly truth is kinda sick…but I love popping pimples! Maybe I should have been a dermatologist?

    • i’m right there with ya! i don’t know why, but i find it so cool. blood & guts gross me out… but not zits!

  4. Cute post…thanks for sharing your ugly truths! Here is one from me: It grosses me out to hear people blow their noses. There is just something about that noise that makes me gag! Keith literally has to leave the room to go blow…weird I know!

  5. lol– I love that Friends episode with the eye drop “tackles” ๐Ÿ™‚

    I make my hub hide certain foods from me too…I just can’t be trusted with cookies in the house ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Ugly truth….I am so deathly scared to walk outside in the dark when I can’t see where I’m stepping. Whether it be a dip in the grass, on a cracked sidewalk where I might trip, I hate it! And my hubby hates it too, b/c I hold on to him!

  7. First off I wanted to comment on yesterday’s post but I was so tired. Your dinner (salmon) looked amamzing and I am so excited for you that you signed up for another 1/2er. I would love to do one but still so chicken…one day though.

    I have a few “ugly truths”-worst one, I like to eat with little cutlery (i actually have child spoons for my cereal) ya i’m weird.
    have a great day

  8. All of these are so funny! A few of mine-

    -I have to sleep in close proximity to the door, so if we were to move furniture around I would need to switch sides to make sure I was closest.

    – My food can not touch, ever. Ex- people who mix mashed potatoes and corn freak me out.

    -Messiness makes me uncomfortable, my house is almost always very very clean

  9. Alright, here’s mine. And it’s gross. And I’m pretty afraid to admit it.

    1. I like picking at Sean’s dandruff. There. I said it, it feels better.

    2. I hate the noise of people eating cereal.

  10. omgosh…that healthified brownie batter looks unbelievably good…

    Okay, so my ugly truths:
    1. I often double dip in the peanut butter jar
    2. I enjoy popping pimples
    3. I generally cannot stand little children
    4. sometimes I turn my phone off so I don’t have to talk to anyone <— that's not THAT bad, right? =)

  11. I’m a nail biter as well – so tough to stop. I also don’t like walking around in barefeet and it’s more weird that neither does my husband. We both have to have slippers on.

    I was receiving Redbook for free for a few months and I secretly loved getting it. Ha!

  12. love that movie- i think your ugly truths are adorable!


  13. my ugly truth? I workout with no underwear on I always wear spandex so I don’t want panty lines… people tell me they think it;s disgusting, lol

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