Artichokes, Good. Pasta, Good.

As I was prepping my lunch last night, I asked Ryan whether or not he thought artichokes would taste good in pasta. I’ve never had artichokes in my pasta before and wasn’t sure if the flavors would mesh well.

Ryan’s reply? “Artichokes, good. Pasta, good.”

How Joey Tribbiani of him! 🙂

“It tastes like feet!” Hahaha!

For those of you counting, that’s two references to Friends in two posts so far today… let’s see if I can include another during my dinner post tonight. 😉

Who is your favorite Friends character?

I love Ross. I think he is hysterical and I love smart, nerdy guys.

Back to lunch…

I took Ryan’s reasoning to heart, and included several artichoke hearts in my pasta bowl.

Artichoke Pasta Bowl

I also included portobello mushrooms, marinara meat sauce and Parmesan cheese.

Stirred Up

Wednesday's Lunch

The verdict? Success! Artichokes do work well in pasta.

Morning Snack

Since I had leftover cream cheese from the cream cheese apple dip I made for my friend’s Super Bowl party on Sunday, I incorporated it into my mid-morning snack.

Cream Cheese and Apple Tortilla

I topped a Joseph’s tortilla with a big smear of cream cheese and a slice Fuji apple.

I folded it over and ate it quesadilla-style.

Morning Snack

This was my first time trying a Joseph’s tortilla and boy-oh-boy was it good! I will officially be switching from Joseph’s pitas to Joesph’s tortillas.

Tonight’s Plans

Right after work I am heading to Something Blue, a bridal boutique in Orlando to meet with my mom. I will be trying on my top two wedding dresses.

I’m very excited because the dress from Saturday that I think might be the one is at this shop. I love it and can’t wait to put it on again. The two dresses I will be trying on are 100 percent different. One is a big ballgown with lots of pick-ups, while the other is a romantic dress with lace and a more classic look. I’m leaning toward the lace dress at the moment…

After our dress appointment, we’re heading to La Luce, a restaurant in the Hilton Bonnet Creek hotel to meet my dad for dinner since he’s in town on business. The menu looks amazing (even though I can’t understand half of it).

Should be a fun night!

14 Responses

  1. Love love love artichokes in my pasta! Artichokes, mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes work great together with pesto too!

  2. I love Ross too….miss that show! I am collecting the seasons in DVDs, I think I have up to Season 7 so far!

  3. Artichokes are one of my favorite things to put in pasta! They also taste really good with pesto sauce instead of marinera sauce. Oh and my fave part of that episode is when Rachel is describing what went in her trifle – …then raspberries, more ladyfingers, then beef sauteed with peas and onions. Hahaha I’m a Chandler (Chanandler Bong) friend myself. Good luck with your dresses!

  4. “I love Jacques Cousteau!!!!”

    I’m a total Ross girl too 🙂 I even married a professor!

  5. I freaking LOVE friends. I love love love this episode, and I totally remember it. haha, I love re-runs!

  6. That pasta looks amazing. Artichokes are good at any time, in my opinion. Oh Friends…Rachel is my fav!

  7. My favorite Friend’s character is Monica…mainly because I can relate the most to her! haha!

  8. Friends is one of my favorite shows! My favorite is Phoebe…you can’t not like her, she’s just so silly.

  9. Artichokes and pasta are so yummy! And that has to be my favorite episode of Friends! It tastes like feet!!!

  10. so exciting about the dress!! i love the name of that bridal shop too! so cute!

    LOVE FRIENDS OMG that made my day!

    • i thought it was such a cute name, too! now i just gotta figure out what my “something blue” will be. 🙂

  11. Sounds like a fun night!! Enjoy it!

  12. haha that episode of Friends with the shepards pie is one of my favorite episodes ever! We quote it often:)

  13. Have fun tonight with your mom! I can’t wait for you to find YOUR dress. 🙂

    And my favorite is Chandler or Phoebe. Heck, I can’t really choose!! I ADORE Friends!

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