Fresh Out of the Freezer

Tonight’s dinner was fresh out of the freezer! How’s that for an oxymoron?

Salmon Dinner

Before heading to work this morning, I took a couple of salmon filets out of the freezer and let them thaw in the fridge so they’d be ready for bakin’ for dinner tonight.

What’s your favorite kind of fish?

My favorite fish is salmon, followed closely by grouper.

Our salmon dinner came together quickly. After sprinkling the filets with dill, salt, pepper and lemon juice, I put them in the oven at 375 degrees and let them bake for about 10 minutes.

(For some reason Ryan finds the “Dill Weed” spice label unusually funny. :D)


The fish was moist and flaky.

On the side we enjoyed roasted zucchini sprinkled with garlic salt and portobello mushrooms. Can’t forget the veggies!

On our evening walk with Sadie we snagged two oranges off a neighbor’s orange tree and they were a juicy and delicious addition to our meal.

Freshly Picked Orange

Am I a Runner?

I don’t consider myself a runner. Even when I was training for a half marathon, I didn’t consider myself a runner.

I’m intimidated by the people I think are “runners.” The people who run in several races a month and have completed marathon after marathon… I can’t keep up with the big guys!

I like to run for fun. I run in races because I love the atmosphere and the enthusiasm of so many people gathered to do something great for their bodies.

I started signing up for running races after I graduated college. I’ve never tried to improve my time (though it has improved a bit naturally), and always set out to enjoy the race experience.

I don’t know what criteria I have in my head that qualifies someone as a “runner.” I think anyone who runs regularly for fun or to improve their ability is a runner… so wouldn’t that make me one of them? Maybe… Right now I think I’m just a “worker-outer.” 😉

What do you think makes someone a “runner?”

13 Responses

  1. Salmon is most definitely my favorite kind of fish!

    I used to run ALL the time and still never thought of myself as a runner really… but I guess I was… still am?

  2. I think it sounds like you are a runner, for sure!!

    My fave fish before I went veg was salmon…although I loved ALL fish 🙂 I miss seafood!

  3. My fav fish is probably salmon, too, because I’m one of those “I like fish that doesn’t taste like fish” kinda girls. Some of the freshest-tasting salmons I have had are from the freezer…how nuts! I also tried flounder recently and it was gooood!

  4. mmm love fresh salmon! my fav fish, well I go through phases, sometimes I LOVE salmon and other times I crave scallops and shrimp! its all good with meee

  5. I love Salmon 🙂 We usually eat it out of the freezer too!!

    I don’t qualify myself as a runner by any of those terms. But I am starting to ENJOY it, which is way more than I thought I would ever feel. So maybe?? Just not in hardcore terms. But hobby-ish.

  6. I just posted a super easy SUPER fantastic salmon recipe..

    Marinate salmon in soya sauce, olive oil and WAY to much pepper… cook and enjoy… best salmon you’ll eat!! 🙂

    Your’s looks great too!

    I think a runner is someone who get’s out there.. that’s it.. simple enough!

    • thanks for the idea! this sounds awesome!!! i have a couple extra filets in he freezer & will try this the next chance i get. 🙂

  7. salmon is my fav fish- i love it 🙂 and idk what classifies a “runner”… good question!


  8. My fav is definitely chilean sea bass. It is the lightest and most “buttery” fish ever!

  9. You are a runner even if you don’t consider yourself to be one. 🙂 Runner is a person who will go out there to run. There are all sorts of runners – someone likes to run for fun, someone to be fit, someone to lose weight, and someone keeps on running as it makes him/her sane… different reasons, different levels yet all of them are runners. My running perspective has changed over the years. I also like the races for the buzz and great atmosphere they provide. I’ll be doing a 5km one in April – can’t wait. 🙂

  10. I am trying to become more of a runner, but I’m starting slow! Its fun and motivating to have a specific exercise to improve on…now if only I could hit 3 miles =)

    Also, I am definitely more of a seafood person than a fish person — I love scallops!

  11. My favorite fish is Orange Ruffy! I love it because it is a white fish that is juicy and is hard to overcook! haha!

    Want to hear something funny? I don’t consider myself a runner either. I have issues..obviously! haha!

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