Salad and Save the Date

I finally got some long lost vegetables into my belly at lunch today.

Lots o' Veggie Salad

I enjoyed a big salad with a variety of nutritious toppings.

  • Romaine lettuce
  • Beets
  • Artichoke hearts
  • Feta cheese
  • Carrots
  • Mushrooms

I topped the salad with Annie’s Naturals light raspberry vinaigrette.

Annie's Naturals

Monday's Lunch

It feels good to have some good-for-you-foods in my body again.

Save the Date Question

I have a question for all of you wedding experts out there.

How far in advance are you supposed to send out save the dates to wedding guests?

We’re getting married at the end of October, but most of our guests will have to travel to St. Pete for the wedding. I read that sending out save the dates six to nine months in advance is ideal, and I figured we should probably send them out closer to the nine-month end of that estimate since the majority of people will have to travel to attend. If that’s the case, we gotta get on those bad boys! 😀

23 Responses

  1. Well, we just rec’d a save the date card for a wedding in August last week….so maybe send yours in March or early April?

    Love October weddings! Our anniversary is Oct. 21st!

  2. I say anywhere from 6-9 is good. We sent ours out about 8 months in advance and people were thankful we did. My wedding was also in October (10/18/08) – such a gorgeous month!

  3. I’d 6-9 is good – I’ve seen them sent over a year in advance!!

  4. In the past couple of weeks, we have gotten save the dates for a May, a June, and an August wedding, all of which we have to travel for, and I haven’t booked a thing!

    I sent mine about 6 months in advance, but only about half our guests had to travel. I think it may not register with some people if they are sent too early, but I’m not sure what too early is!

  5. I’m no expert, but I’d say to send them sooner rather than later, especially if there’s going to be travelling involved! Out of curiously, are your “save the dates” fridge magnets?

    • i’m not sure yet… probably not though. i have a creative idea that i’m hoping might work out… we’ll see!

  6. Everyone coming to our wedding pretty much had to travel. We sent them 6 1/2 months in advance and I think that was perfect. It’s a good reminder but not so far in advance that it’s not quite relevant yet.

  7. Yay, October! We got married on October 27th.

    What kind of save the dates are you doing? We did magnets with our picture on it. We sent ours out at about 4 1/2 months…but that was because we had a 5 month engagement! 🙂 If people are having to travel, then I’d definately say closer to the 9 month time frame. That why they can start making travel plans and things shouldn’t be too expensive.

  8. We sent ours out 6 months before the wedding.
    I really recommend magnets. We didn’t use them but friends ours did. It was a great way to be reminded.

  9. I have no ideaon the save the dates. I would think if there is traveling involved, the sooner, the better. I got married in Vegas and we send out save the dates to those that we knew were already going to be traveling to it, which was obviousley not everyone that cam eto our formal reception at home.

    i have a question about your salad, do you use canned beets?

  10. We sent our save the days about 8 months in advance because everyone was traveling from the north to NC!! We went with magnets 🙂 (I still have like 30 left.. hmmm??!) lol

    Your salad looks fabulous!!!

  11. We sent ours yesterday so 6 months before. Sooner is better than later.
    yaa wedding all around:)

  12. I didn’t do save the date cards but of all the ones I have seen they usually come about 9-12 months prior. I am not sure what your plans are but the cutest ones I saw was actually a magnent with the couples picture…pretty cute!!

  13. love big salads!!


  14. I sent mine out 8 months before our wedding – November for a June wedding. I think you may still have a month or two, especially if people are traveling. It’s fun looking at all the Save the Date stuff!

  15. As a wedding planner, I would suggest around 7-8 months. You want to get it there with plenty of time, but not so far in advance that they put it on the “I’ll do that later pile.” I would also agree with the other comments about the magnets. This way they can stick it on the fridge and remember they need to book that hotel! If you contact me, I can also show you how to save a little on magnets. Enjoy your wedding planning!

  16. I think what you’re thinking is correct. You can always send out formal save the dates around 6 or 7 months out, but go ahead and let people know that are traveling and you know you want there ahead of time too. Then, they can get the formal save the date card closer as more of a reminder.

  17. We sent our 6 months in advance – ours was a holiday weekend and ppl had to travel… If you have blocked off hotel rooms, I would put that info in the save-the-dates as well. Too far in advance may cause ppl to over look the date or lose it….

  18. We sent our save the dates out about 6 months before the wedding. But if you have people traveling, you will definitely want to let them know now so they can make all of the necessary arrangements.

  19. We got married in July and sent them at the first of the year. Our wedding was about an hour from each family’s hometown. I would send it out closer to 9 months out. Enjoy the process. Wedding planning is fun!

  20. I live in MA and got married this past November in upstate NY. As most of our guests were traveling quite a distance to our wedding, I sent the “save the dates” out in May of 09.

    Whatever you decide is fine, no one gets mad over an early save the date!

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