Out of the Ordinary

This morning was a little out of the ordinary. Every weekday morning my routine is pretty much the same:

  • Gym
  • Walk Sadie
  • Shower
  • Work

Today rather than walk Sadie after my workout, I loaded her up into my car for a morning trip to the dog park!

Hello There

The sunrise looked beautiful when we arrived.

Good Morning, Sun

I love how dogs have no idea that mornings are meant to be calm. The small handful of dogs that were at the park were energetic and quite frisky.

"Go Ahead... Just Trrrry To Take It"

"Hi Mama!"

Sadie seemed to thoroughly enjoy her morning trip to the park. It’s good to change things up a bit!


I took that same mentality to my workout today and made sure to change the speed frequently during my cardio session.

My 40 minutes on the treadmill looked like this:

  • 4 min. – 7.5 incline, 4.0 pace
  • 5 min. – 1.0 incline, 6.5 pace
  • 4 min. – 7.5 incline, 4.0 pace
  • 5 min. – 1.0 incline, 6.5 pace
  • 3 min. – 2.0 incline, 6.5 pace
  • 3 min. – 1.0 incline, 7.0 pace
  • 1 min. – 1.0 incline, 8.0 pace
  • 1 min. – 1.0 incline, 6.0 pace
  • 1 min. – 1.0 incline, 8.0 pace
  • 1 min. – 1.0 incline, 7.0 pace
  • 3 min. – 1.0 incline, 6.5 pace
  • 9 min. – 7.5 incline, 4.0 pace

I finished up with 15 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical. I rocked out to “Giddy On Up,” a super fun song by Laura Bell Bundy (aka Elle from Legally Blonde the Musical).


Since I was changin’ things up left and right this morning, I changed up my typical bowl of oats with All the Whey cupcake batter protein powder by adding a bunch of frozen strawberries to the mix before microwaving everything.

Strawberry Cupcake Batter Oats

The mixture was hot, delicious and thick.

Thursday's Breakfast

EarthGrains Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Lauren24, winner of the EarthGrains bread giveaway!

Lauren said, “I love my crunchy peanut butter & whole wheat bread sandwich, which is the snack I have pre-workout at work! I have been looking for a new 100% natural bread β€” EarthGrains would be perfect!”

Lauren, please email me (pbfingers@gmail.com) with your address and EarthGrains will send you your free bread very soon. πŸ™‚

12 Responses

  1. I know you gave us a rundown of your morning routine a month or so ago but Im still amazed at how much time/how much you can do in the morning!

  2. Um, can I please move in? That sunset is unreal!

  3. That’s an awesome workout, Julie!!

  4. Beautiful pic!! What an amazing way to start the day!

  5. Nice change up to your morning routine and what a view.
    Hope your days continues as nicely as it started.
    Ohh and great workout:)

  6. Oh my goshh I love your dog- he makes me miss my family’s new puppy so much!

  7. Your camera is amazing! Sadie looks so pretty! Can’t wait for Wicked and dress browsing this weekend! Love you!

  8. What a beautiful sunrise picture!! That is a heck of a way to start the day!

  9. Sadie always brings a smile to my face πŸ™‚

  10. Sounds like a fun morning!! I like to break things up sometimes too. Your workout looks great too. Yeah intervals!

  11. I love how you decided to spice things up this morning! I am still AMAZED by how you manage to workout, walk Sadie, and shower all before work! I also don’t understand how you have so much energy before you take a bite of breakfast! lol

    P.S. I never noticed your doggie mousepad before! Super cute

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