10 Hours

Ryan and I got 10 hours of sleep last night… 10 hours! I truly believe it’s been at least a year since I’ve slept for that long and it felt amazing. Clearly my body needed the rest.


Sometimes when I sleep for too long, I wake up feeling lethargic and sleepy for the rest of the day. Today I woke up feeling rejuvenated! 

How many hours of sleep do you need to feel your best?

I think I function best on 7 – 8 hours of sleep.

Almost immediately after waking up, Ryan and I went to the gym for a Saturday morning workout. I did 20 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical while flipping back and forth between watching puppies play on the Animal Planet and Sandra Lee make a fabulous looking peanut butter mousse pie. I then took a BodyPump class that killed my legs.

After BodyPump, I joined Ryan on the basketball courts for a game of around the world. I held my own, but he still beat me. Ryan was on his game today. The boy wasn’t missing a shot!


Ryan and I came home two hungry people! I made us a filling breakfast of dippy eggs, Canadian bacon, whole wheat toast and sautéed mushrooms.

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Yummy Breakfast

I ended up topping half of my whole wheat toast with peanut butter to satisfy my peanut butter craving after watching Sandra Lee make that delicious looking pie at the gym. 🙂

Dog Park

After breakfast, we took Sadie to the dog park to enjoy the sunny weather.

I rescued this lil’ guy from the doggie madness right when we arrived.

Ribbit, Ribbit

To show is appreciation for me saving his life, the little toad decided to pee on me. How sweet.

While I was placing the toad outside the dog park fence, Sadie was scouring  the area for the perfect stick.

Sadie and Her Stick

Sadie loves playing with sticks. For some reason she is not a good sharer when it comes to sticks. Balls and other toys she’ll share, but sticks? Oh no.

Eventually Sadie found an abandoned ball to play with and coerced us into throwing it for her a million times.

Catchin' the Ball

"Gimme, Gimme"

Ryan and I ended up lying in the grass soakin’ up the sun for a while. Since we’re both basically iridescent from the lack of sun we’ve been getting, it felt great. Sadie opted to relax in the shade.


We’re about to dig into some lunch before running a few errands.


Tonight we have a date night planned! January is my month to plan a special date and I’m taking Ryan on a boat tour of Winter Park. Winter Park is a cute little city right outside of Orlando.  After the boat tour we have plans to go to Luma, a restaurant on Park Avenue in Winter Park for a romantic dinner. Ryan and I have never been and people rave about this restaurant so we’re excited to give it a go.

Happy weekend! 😀

15 Responses

  1. Your dog is such an athlete! I used to be able to rock and roll on 6 hours of sleep, but now if I get any less than 7 hours I am a mess! Have a wonderful date night!

  2. I went to a wedding in Winter Park last year and fell in love. Such a cute area…loved the shops and restaurants!

  3. So jealous of your sleep!!

    I’m the type of person who can sleep until someone wakes me up… I started waking up with hubby at around 6:30 in the morning, so I get about 7 1/2 hours of sleep. THIS IS PERFECT FOR ME. My body actually wakes me up around 6, but then I lounge for a while 😉

    So jealous of dog park time. I can’t wait to get our little Piper!! (yes, I already have the name)

  4. morning Julie!! yummy breakfast post body pump!! I hope you have a great realxing energized day (bc of all the sleep you got of course ;))

  5. Awesome Day! It sounds perfect! Question…I have never heard of dippy eggs..what are they?!?

  6. Breakfast looks yummy!!! Haven’t had dippy eggs since I was a kid, might have to cook up a batch tomorrow morning.
    Have a great weekend:)

  7. Woohoo, Sadie is an athlete! 🙂 You can see her happy smile on that chilling picture…
    I slept for nearly 12 hours last night, I kid you not. I woke up, saw it was nearly 10am and almost had a heart attack. I guess I also needed it as I did not feel lethargic either. I also sleep normally around 7-8 hours..

  8. Have a lovely date tonight!! Sounds like fun!! 🙂

  9. 10 hours of sleep sounds so good & your breakfast looks amazing! have a great night tonight


  10. I usually sleep like 8 hours a night.. never less, usually I feel worse when I get more than like 9 but, like you said, your bod clearly needed it!!

    Have fun on date night !! 😉

  11. lol– our cattledog loves sticks too! She pretty much loves ANYTHING she can chew on and retrieve, actually.

    I usually aim for about 8 hours…less than that, and I can be a little unpleasant to be around 🙂

  12. Weird.. I was just telling Austin I wanted to try Luma and telling my mom about the boat tour! I’m tellin ya, you’re my idol! lol

  13. I haven’t slept that long in YEARS! I am good with 6-8 hours.

  14. That sounds like a perfect date! I can’t wait to hear more about it 🙂

    I DVR Sandra Lee’s shows bec I love her and how easy her recipes are…and that they can usually be adapted to healthier versions. I can’t wait to see this pb pie! 😀

  15. Ya’ll should definately visit the Tiffany Museum in Winter Park. The artistry is gorgous! So wonderful!

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